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Writing: Poetry: On Underage Drinking

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25 March 2015, 11:24 PM   #1
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Two words repeating over and over
rock bottom rock bottom rock bottom
it’s my eighth shot of crown in half an hour,
tell me baby, do you feel dangerous, reckless,
do you feel like the whole world is turning against you
underneath the stars as you throw back another shot
laughter all around but only silence ringing through your ears
Chocolate and whiskey lingering on my tongue
from the night I tried to drink away my demons
the night I broke down and told you I loved you, the night you just said “I know”
all I could think was “I am in love with you, 
you are going to break me and I am going to let you”
Baby, drunk tongues speak sober thoughts
It burned my mouth the first time you kissed me
fireball and rum and your lips against mine
it felt like heaven but hurt like hell
because I knew it was just alcohol and loneliness
but my god, I’ll never forget your hand on the back of my neck
and the love story your tongue told mine

26 March 2015, 06:53 PM    #2
Guest Poster
Bottles of rum cover the carpet floor
I know your drunk as you say I'm a whore
I wonder why you wont just love me like you use to
I know it's just the liquor, as you say fuck you
We fight night after night
But leaving you now just wouldn't seem right
That mind of yours has gone toxic
I know it's just intoxication, as you've lost it

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