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Riverside University (grp #16?)

27 July 2013, 01:33 AM   #1
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Would make a club but not enough kp. XD Oh well.
Add pics later since I'm on my phone but basically RSU is a campus of both demons and
humans but the two are separated. The demons know about the humans but the humans don't
know about the demons. The demons and humans go to different classes and are in different
forms. They aren't aloud to be near each other. A lot of the demons hate this because the
school was originally built for demons and humans to coexist and befriend one another. The
rules bow go against everything the school was suppose to represent. I will make a
separate character sheet for this role play.

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Avery walked into the dorm he will be staying at for the next four years and smiled
lightly. He was already getting so much attention from the girls. Of course he wasn't here
to make friends but he was happy to at least be out of the house. His father and step
mother were a pain in the ass. He let out a light sigh as he started to unpack all of his
stiff. He heard some girls talking about how he was part of the Lionheart house and saying
how he will get the fortune. He let out another sigh. This was going to be a long four

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