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Full Name: Subject They Teach: Date of Birth: Sex: Sexual orientation: (can be anything, I don’t judge) Appearance: (unless you have a photo, then you can skip this.) Languages spoken: Personality: History: Picture:

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Full Name: Coco Beaulieu Subject They Teach: Headmaster Date of Birth: February 14, 1984 Sex: Female Sexual orientation: Straight Languages spoken: French, English and Japanese Personality: She has a mysterious vibe, and keeps secrets to herself. Usually opens up to staff like teachers or other administrators. When it comes to students, she's strict and very rule oriented, just to help them move forward. Having a helpful personality she is the best person to come to for advice when someone has problems. Even though she enjoys people being open to her, she likes to keep her personal life.. personal. History: Coco had a very simple life growing up. She was born in Paris, France with her parents and five older brothers. Since she was the only girl, her parents spoiled her. When she turned eighteen she moved out and went to collage and earned her bachelor's degree. After teaching for five years, she finally got the opportunity to become a headmaster. When she was the age of twenty four, her youngest brother passed away and took a big toll on her. She decided just to continue her life and start a new one, trying her best to make Hakuo High School the best experience for her students. Picture:

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Full Name: Cedric Sterling Subject They Teach: World History Date of Birth: January 2, 1983 Sex: Male Sexual orientation: Bisexual Languages spoken: English, French, Russian, Welsh, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, German, Italian, and Greek Personality: Cedric is a very calm man. He speaks soft and has a gentle touch. He does not take kindly to bulling, so when he see a student get bullied he takes serious actions. He is always there for those who need to talk and/or open up. Cedric is always there for his student and cares for their education. History: Cedric was in the army quiet some years ago. He does not like to speak of it. When he remembers his past he sometimes has a nervous break down. A tragic incident happened in the army, his lover was caught in an exploitation leaving poor Cedric all alone. This riped love away from Cedric for years. Unable to love Cedric has been all alone for 5 years. His past scares him so much that he is afraid to love anyone or anything. He decided to get his mind off of war and his lost lover he decide to start new again, so he became the one thing his mother did for years and that was teaching history. He is now going into his 2nd year of teaching at Hakuo High. Seeing fresh new faces he is knows this sure will be a good year. Picture:
Yukii/18 Cedric/30 Catherine/18

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Full Name: Ernest Hahn Occupation: Nurse Date of Birth: October 31, 1987 (26 Years old) Sex: Male Sexual orientation: I dunno//yet Languages spoken: German, English, and Polish Personality/Likes: He's a very quite guy and is known for being alone most of his time. On breaks he usually doesn't leave the office and never takes any vacations if offered. Keeping to himself, he's not really a talkative person and is a critic to mostly anything he can give his opinion on. He's not caught eating often but when he is usually vegetables and things around the health pyramid. When it come to students, he tough of them if they strike his nono list.. like unhealthy eating or not taking care of their bodies. His anxiety kicks in if he has friends, worrying about them all the time and does anything in his power to keep them from doing things he appoints "unhealthy". History: As a child, Ernest lived in a all healthy vegetarian family so he always kept the habit and grew up they same way his parents taught. When he grew up, he learned how to control his eating ways and only eats a slice a cake from time to time (usually on his birthday). Throughout his whole life, he never had any real friends and was alone for all his success. Soon after going to school, he worked at Hakuo High School as the only Nurse and still is. Spending time at school is the only thing he has, so when offered to take time off he refuses and has it saved up for something he thinks he needs one day. Not knowing what he wants in life, he just continues and wait for it to come to him. Picture:
Ernest Hahn | 26 | Nurse

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