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19 January 2012, 10:25 PM   #1
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So for a long time I have wondered this.Why are so many movies based off books~?Yes,they are good ideas but... every time the film just butchers the ideas. Like as I just got done with this,the Inheritance Cycle.I loved the movie as a kid. Now that I have read the books.....it's so..*shudder* For one, the characters were NOTHING like they were in the books.Brom looked sorta..eh..but overall,the character was pretty much the same even though..events were quickened and a-many things were forgotten and the plot was completely and utterly ruined~! BUT the way books were written....they needed effects ahead of their time, like the stuff we have now. Many people are asking Christopher Paolini*Author~!* to make movies off the books.Notice the plural:Movies.It's because things need to go naturally. And with books as thick as those....things have to get cut~!So,they want to make a movie per book.See~?I have no problem with that. It's also like the Percy Jackson series.They were going to make another movie.Going to.But things happened to quickly(Once again~!) and the plot got destroyed.

19 January 2012, 10:55 PM   #2
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I don't know. I, for one, will murder all movie producers every where, and by everywhere,
I mean, everywhere, if they don't make a good hunger games movie, honest to god. The
avatar movie was a let down and I was only going on my brief knowledge from when I was a
small child and didn't even finish all the seasons... They did pretty good on Twilight,
but I ahve to say, the movies made me realize Twilight's stupidity. Well, no offense, but
when watching the movie, they actually made Edwards actor look ugly, and Jacobs actor look
hot, now, what's wrong with that picture? Everything. You want the hot guy YOU WANT THE
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19 January 2012, 10:58 PM    #3
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Oh man Silky...you make me smile XD and all your points are valid.
Especially with twilight and Avatar.
I mean it was filmed beautifully, but it just could not compare to the original series~!
And with Twilight....not even gonna say how bad that was~!

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