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2 January 2012, 08:16 PM   #1
I am God - Jack Natural (King, Aneats), Emilea Natural (Princess, Aneats)
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This is basically the staff explanation, and the lounge room for those of us who are
Guest posters may not post in this topic.
Members may not post in this topic
Admins, Co-Founders, and I can post in this topic.

Founder - BeautifulLikeRoses
Co-Founder(s) - ‹<>Lets^Take^Time<>›, SecretlySawyer
Admin(s) - Derpina, Derp, Derpus, Derpette, Blahh
^ Troll words signal positions not filled in by people. 

Founder (BeautifulLikeRoses) - All powerful leader that can do and say anything.
Co Founder #1 (‹<>Lets^Take^Time<>›) - Second Powerful Leader that can basically do
what they want, but cannot deny the POWAH of the founder. Takes over the club if Founder
has to leave for long periods of time. Co-Founder 1 is the most trusted person in the
world. Yes, Taylor, I'm talking to you. C:
Co Founder #2 (SecretlySawyer) - Third in the tri-force, they are allowed to do anything
the admins can do, but aren't above the ultimates.
Trash Admin - What it implies. Takes out "trash" (needless OOC in roleplay topics, can
delete senseless or meaningless topics)
Character Admin - Can accept characters and don't have to have their characters accepted.
Warning Admin - Can issue warnings, and must tell me they have done so!!!
Edit Admin - Can edit posts and topics of mistakes (mostly important ones, not normal
posts) as well as edit out things, and edit in things (anywhere).
Member Admin - This basically just means you're staff and you're worth something.

Anyone can apply for these positions, but there must be a reason, you can post here or PM
me about it.

This is sort of like a board room for important plot stuff and the like. Probably will
contain spoilers.
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2 January 2012, 08:21 PM    #2
Guest Poster
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NALJHFDMNAGFG!!! Softie ima die of bashfulness!! ^///w///^ <333

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