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Title: The Star Quarterback's Sister

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27 November 2011, 01:07 AM   #1
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Hola. I've started a new story. I know I have way too many of those. But lately I've been
thinking of starting this one. Today, I wrote the first chapter and made a cover for it.
I'm working on the second chapter and I'm half way done with it. :D

It's about a girl named Jennifer Moss. She lost her brother, Jack Moss, to a car accident
after he won the third championship game in a row, a year ago. Even though he would be in
college, Lincoln High School has a curse. The curse is that every single quarterback get
injured badly. So far they used all five quarterbacks, and now they were on the hunt for a
new quarterback. Jennifer decides to be that new quarterback. She's a girl playing on a
boy's football team. Jennifer is having the hardest senior year, and it just begun.

Anyways, that's a short quick summary about the book. I'll make it better later. And now
what you all have been waiting for...

Comment and enjoy!

Chapter One 	
Lincoln High School Has a Curse
	In the last five football games, each quarterback has been seriously injured. Dan
Barrington, the fifth quarterback, got a knee injury during the fourth quarter so bad that
Coach P. already said he was out for the whole season. This would not be unusual, but it
already happened to four previous quarterbacks.
	Coach P. didn’t say anything about it. He says, “It’s just the other teams are
playing hard, too hard.” But is it really a curse or the teams getting revenge? Let’s
not forget that they have won three state championship games in a row. However, some with
argue that was only because of Jack Moss, the greatest quarterback to enter that school.
Last year, Jack Moss was only a senior when he lost his life in a terrible car accident.
He went out partying after winning his third championship game. Some say it’s the ghost
that’s haunting the football team. 
	However the staff hasn’t been the same since then, either. They are pushing the kid’s
way too hard. They keep stressing about not partying and drinking alcohol. There are even
rumors that everybody on the team now has to have one random drug test.
	All the quarterbacks are out for the season, and if Lincoln doesn’t find a new one in a
few days they just might have to forfeit for the whole season. Coach P. says he is
currently solving this issue, and says he is desperate. “I just want someone who could
throw the ball decent. I’m not looking for a star.” 
	Lincoln has won four games out of five. Some people say this is a miracle within it’s
self. But one thing is for sure, if they don’t find a quarterback soon there is going to
be no football for them. Who knows maybe they could be the new Jack Moss.

	I had tears in my eyes after I finished reading the article. How dare they mention my
brother’s name! They didn’t even know him. Jack was more than the star quarterback, he
was my brother. He was there for me whenever I needed him. He was the sweetest guy in the
world, and even planned on marrying his high school sweetheart. Average guys just don’t
do that. 
	I heard my front door open, but I ignored it. I wasn’t in the mood to have any company
over. Besides I was still wondering how in the world did Lincoln get in this mess.
Obviously, the football team doesn’t have a curse nor a ghost is haunting them. The
other teams are hitting the team while they are down. Anyone would have known that.
	“I see you read it,” said a guy’s voice. I looked up from the article, and I saw
Brad Hunter.
	“They had no right to mention his name,” I said. Brad was my neighbor, and knew me
for my whole life. He was the same age as me, eighteen. We were both seniors, and ready to
get out of town. However, he was looking forward to his football career. I was looking
forward to getting out of town. I couldn’t deal with another sad face look at me with
	“I know, Jennifer,” said Brad. I then noticed that Brad looked like he had just been
working out, and came over to see me before he took a shower. That was very unusual. Brad
and I were close, but I still didn’t want to smell his BO. 
	“Did you just come from football practice?” I asked. Yesterday was Friday, and they
played a game. Usually, they had Saturday off to rest and then practice again on Sunday.
	“It was an emergency meeting,” he said. I was glade that I just tricked him into
changing the subject. I didn’t like talking about my brother to other people, even if I
am really close to them.
	“For the new quarterback,” I said. Brad nodded.
	Lincoln was known for its football program. The school was founded in the mid nineteen
hundred, and won about thirty state championship games. Most schools don’t even make it
to the playoffs. Since I came from a big football family, they were excited for Jack to go
to Lincoln. I think that’s why my dad even picked this spot to live. 
	“You should have seen the guys. They were horrible,” said Brad. I laughed. “I
chased the ball a thousand times.”
	“Could they even throw the ball?” I asked. Brad shook his head.
	“It’s really sad to see our football program like this. The school is going to
suffer. I’m going to suffer. Colleges are supposed to watch me play, but it looks like
they are never going to see me,” said Brad. I felt bad for him. The only chance he had
to go to college was to get a scholarship. His parents were well off, but he hated asking
for money.
	“I’m sorry, but I’m sure there’s someone out there that can throw the ball
properly,” I said. Brad laughed.
	“You would be surprised. Jennifer, you were even better than all the guys there,”
said Brad. I laughed. Yeah, right. “God, I miss the good old days.”
	“You sound like my grandparents,” I said. Brad laughed.
	“But seriously. Remember when we used to play backyard football?” asked Brad. I
	Jack had always been a really well quarterback. It was like he was born to be a
quarterback. Anyways, Jack would get bored so one day he taught me how to throw a
football. I got pretty good. That’s when we started to get the neighborhood kids to play
touch football. Jack would be one quarterback, and I would be the other. His team always
won, but I thought it was mostly because he had the older kids.
	“Yeah, you always caught my throws,” I said. Brad smiled.
	“We need someone like you to be our new quarterback,” said Brad. 
	I laughed. He didn’t really mean it. I mean I was a girl. I would be playing on a
guy’s team. That’s just crazy. Not to mention it would be painful. Besides I haven’t
thrown a football since Jack died. I was way out of practice and I was never as good as
	“Jennifer,” said Brad, “I have the perfect idea.”
	“No,” I said. By then I realized that he wasn’t joking around. He was serious about
me playing for the football team. I wouldn’t do it though. The team had a curse,
	“But Jennifer, don’t do it for the school do it for the team,” said Brad. I
snorted. “They really need to play for colleges to accept them.”
	“Brad,” I started slowly, “I gave up football, forever. Besides I’m a girl,
football is for guys.” Brad sighed.
	“Your brother would be proud of you,” he stated quietly. I cracked. Brad and Jack
were close, too. One thing I knew for certain, though, was that Jack never would want me
to play a man’s sport. It’s different when I was little and invisible. Now, I know I
could never play on a man’s team.
	“Don’t ever say that again,” I said through gritted teeth. Brad looked up, since he
was looking at the floor. He nodded once.
	“Just think about it,” he said, and then he turned around and left. I bet he was
going to go take a shower. 
	I thought about it for five more minutes, and came up with one conclusion. I would never
be a quarterback for the football team. Again, it was crazy. But one thought haunted me;
would Jack be proud of me?

27 November 2011, 12:53 PM   #2
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Chapter two.

Comment and enjoy!

Chapter Two
	“Of course you have to,” said my other best friend, Nat. It was lunch on Monday and I
just told her the whole story of how Brad wanted me to play on the football team. I left
out the part of Brad saying that Jack would be proud of me though. She being herself
thought that it was a great idea. Not only do I actually get involved in this school, but
I get to show all the guys what girls are really made of.
	“Hell no,” I said. Nat rolled her eyes.
	“Okay, then why don’t you do it for the boys who actually need a scholarship?”
asked Nat. I looked at her like crazy.
	“I owe nothing to those guys,” I said. Nat shrugged. She knew it was true. The guys
respected me, because of my brother. None of them really got to know me, besides Brad, but
that’s only because we were childhood friends. 
	“Look, Jennifer, when are you going to wake up and realize that you are an amazing
quarterback? You have a chance to show all those guys on the football team what you are
really made of. Take a chance for once in your life and do something for yourself,” said
	Her little speech really made me think. She knew what she was talking about. I never took
a risk. Not once. Even Jack used to tell me sometimes I had to take a risk. I took a deep
breath. I should really do something for myself anyways and maybe for the football team. 
	“Fine, I’ll do it, but you better be with me the whole way,” I said. Nat smiled and
then she jumped up from her seat. She hugged me. I hugged her back.
	“Deal,” she said. “Now let’s go find Brad and tell him the great news.”

	It was after school; Brad was dragging me down to the football field. I noticed that
there were a lot of guys on the field already, and I even suspected that Brad was late. It
wouldn’t surprise me, since I was holding him up pretty good. We finally hit the field,
and a lot of guys were giving me weird looks. Some girls actually game to watch their
boyfriends practice. Just wait until they find out the real reason why I’m here.
	“Coach P!” yelled Brad. Coach P slowly turned around. Then he saw me, he frowned a
little bit. I stopped walking completely. I couldn’t go through this. What was I
	“Brad you’re late,” said Coach P. Brad sighed, and then tried to pull me closer,
but I wouldn’t move. “What the hell is she doing here?” Now it was my turn to frown.
He said she like it was a disgrace to be a female.
	“Hear me out, before you say anything. Her name is Jennifer Moss,” started Brad,
“and she is here to be the new quarterback.” Coach P got angry. And this is the exact
reason why I didn’t want to join the football team. I loved Brad, he was like a brother
to me, but I did not want to spend my senior year playing a man’s sport. Not my fault
that the football team clearly has a curse on them.
	“Hell no,” said Coach P. I wanted to jump up for joy, but I didn’t. Deep down I
still kind of still wanted to play the game. “She’s a girl; a girl can’t play a
man’s sport.” Now, I had a whole different view on this situation. I should join just
to show the world that girls can actually play a man’s sport.
	“But she can actually throw the ball, really well, I mean her own brother taught
her,” said Brad to defend me. Coach P took one long look at me, this time.
	“What’s your last name again?” asked Coach P.
	“Moss,” I stated. 
	“Jack Moss’s sister?” Coach P said. 
	He looked surprised now. I nodded my head. Coach P looked back at Brad and then back at
me. He couldn’t believe it. After my brother died everybody knew who I was. And this
caused them to give me pity looks. I hated it when people pitied me. I just wanted
everybody to treat me like normal.
	“Can you actually throw?” asked Coach P. 
	“What do you think? If my own brother, your star quarterback, taught me then
shouldn’t I know how to throw just like him?” I asked. I was kind of mad at Coach P.
at this point. Coach P. took a deep breath. I hit a nerve.
	“Let’s see what you can do,” said Coach P.
	“Bring it,” I said. I heard a few laughs from the guys and I smiled. This should be

	First, Coach P. had me just throw the ball to the receiver. The receiver was wide open,
and he was just testing me on my technique. Then he had the receiver being cover. This was
supposed to test how well I could throw the ball while he was being covered. I did okay at
this. Finally, he had me do a little miny game. 
	This little game would consist of the defense covering the receivers, and trying to sack
me. Meanwhile I was supposed to just keep my calm and make a complete throw to the
receiver, or pass. He would also give me the details of the game. For example, if we were
winning or losing, or what down it was. It was supposed to put pressure on me, and see how
well I did under pressure.
	For the most part I did well. I wasn’t perfect, but no quarterback was. I only got
sacked once, and it was partly my fault. I could have thrown it, but I decided not to, and
I paid the price for it.
	I was done, finally. Coach P. pulled me aside. I saw him talking to the other staff
members and it looked like they were all thinking the same thing. I was the best
quarterback they would get in such a short time. The only thing was if they should make it
public or private, and how well the team would handle it.
	Personally, I think the guys would be fine with it. Like I said before they respected me,
and I respected them. We never really fought, but that’s just for this team. The other
teams would probably hate me, especially if they found out that I was Jack’s sister. I
was hoping that Coach P. would keep it a secret as long as possible.
	“Jennifer, you are in,” he said. I smiled. “But we have to keep you a secret. No
one is going to know that you are a girl for as long as possible. Is that clear?” 
	“Crystal clear,” I said. 
	“And you have to be here for every practice. You can not tell anyone what you are. Only
the team and the staff will know. The first game you are a man. I also want you to gain
some muscle,” said Coach P.
	“I understand,” I said. 
	“Good,” Coach P. said. “Let’s go get your real uniform. I have a little surprise
for you anyways.”
	I followed Coach P. off the field and into his office to get my uniform, and I couldn’t
help but be a little curious on what that little surprise was for me. I wonder if it had
something to do with my brother. No scratch that I already know it has something to do
with my brother.

	When I got home, I dumped all my stuff for football on the ground of my bedroom. Yet, I
still held the surprise in my hands. Coach P. handed it to me, and it was wrapped. I
muttered thanks, and then I rushed home. I wanted to open it up when I was at home. 
	It was a small box, and I couldn’t imagine what was inside of it. There was a little
letter on top of the box, so I ripped that open. I already had tears in my eyes, as I
tried very hard to read his hand writing.

Dear Jennifer,
	Coach P. was supposed to give you this after you graduate, but I’m guessing he
didn’t. It’s okay though. By now I’m long gone at college, and if I couldn’t come
to your graduation I’m really sorry. I can only imagine how college life is (since I’m
writing this right after I won the third championship game), but it’s probably going
good for me.
	Inside the box is stuff is for you. I know you’ll like it.
	By now my tears were falling down my face, but I wiped them away. I tore the tape off of
the box. My hands were shaking. Jack never did get to go to college, but even he knew that
he would enjoy it. I held in my sob and opened up the box.
	Inside the box was a football. Just a football. Why the hell would Jack give me a
football? We clearly had enough of those out in the shed. I picked the football up, and I
noticed that there was a signature on it. It was my brother’s. My brother gave me a
football that he signed? What the fuck was he thinking?
	I held the ball in my hand; I was so confused at the moment I didn’t know either to
throw the ball away or to cry. Why would Jack give me a football with his signature on it?
I knew that the only other person to know why he would do this was Coach P.
	I made it my mission to talk to him right after practice tomorrow.

29 November 2011, 05:27 PM   #3
Guest Poster
I'm loving this one! Scratch that, I always love your stories. I'm totally jealous, but
will be eagerly waiting for updates. =)

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Oh, thank you. >.<. I'm hoping that I can update this one tomorrow or very soon.

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