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Club Guidelines

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24 June 2011, 12:47 PM    #1
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Be polite when speaking to other members. - Treat somebody nice, and in
return they'll be the same to you. 

Don't post anything inappropriate in the club. - No porn, no gore, posting such
will result in getting kicked out of the club.

You're allowed to go a bit off-topic, just don't spam the thread. - Nobody likes it
when people comment on something they've posted only to see it's off-topic and unrelated
to what they're actually saying.

If posting a recipe, make sure the measurements are accurate. - Too much milk or
too much sugar can result in something tasting too sweet or too gooey. Make sure that the
measurements are the correct estimate.

Don't be afraid to ask something you're not sure of. - This is a friendly club, and
if we know the answer, we will try to answer it the best we can. Don't be afraid of asking
anything at all.


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