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Title: Juliet Searching for Her Romeo

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25 May 2011, 05:29 PM   #1
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Well, one day during English class (ha), I got a brilliant idea. Since we were reading
Romeo and Juliet I got inspired and also the song, She Flies Me Away by Jason Derulo ft
Nemesis. So basically this book is going to be around 25,000 words and aiming for ten
chapters. Yes, I put a limit on it. I did this because I don't want the book to go on
forever and ever. Also, this is actually supposed to be a series. Its going to contain
three books. The first one is called Juliet Searching for Her Romeo, Juliet Finding Her
Romeo, and Juliet and Her Romeo.

So really this book is about Juliet searching for "her" Romeo. I am still trying to put
together the pieces. So I really only just wrote the very first paragraph, and then
decided to post this topic. I will probably be done with the first couple of pages by

Comment if you like.

25 May 2011, 05:57 PM   #2
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I would love to read it(:

~wow..I feel lame >.>

25 May 2011, 08:34 PM   #3
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First page is done, and I thought I would post it. I am currently working on my second
page. I so far have 1,078 words out of 25,000. So I am 4% done with the book. Also, I am
aiming for about 10 chapters, so that would be 2,500 words per chapter. I am 43% done with
chapter one. Woot!

Comment and enjoy!

	When I was a little girl, my mom would tuck me into bed. Then she would sit down on my
bed and tell me the story of Romeo and Juliet. I fell in love with it since the first time
she told me the story. 
	She would always say to me that Romeo and Juliet fell madly in love the first time they
saw each other. She told me that they eventually got married, even though their families
didn’t like that. Yet, she left out one small detail. In the end all of it didn’t
matter. They both killed themselves. 
	But after each time she told the story she would turn her dreaming voice into a very
serious tone. “Juliet, you have to promise me that you will find your Romeo.”
	I promised and since then, well, I’ve been looking for my Romeo. 


	“I want to live and celebrate my life saying ayooooo gotta let go.” I groaned when I
heard the song Dynamite by Taio Cruz. I love the song, but when my radio comes blasting on
during the middle of the night that could only mean one thing, it’s six am. And I
getting up that early in the morning could also mean one thing, school. However I guess if
I was out of school and college I could be getting up for work.
	But hey I am only seventeen. I got out of my bed and turned off my alarm. Then I went
into my closet to pick out the perfect first day of school outfit. I should have done this
last night, but I was still unpacking. I grabbed a navy blue v-neck shirt and white
shorts. I quickly changed into them. Then I went into my bathroom.
	I took one look at my hair and screamed. My normally straight blond hair was a total
mess. My hair did not say first day material. I quickly grabbed my straighter and
straightened my hair. That took me thirty minutes. With that being said I only had fifteen
minutes in order to get to school on time. I still had to eat breakfast, brush my teeth,
and do my makeup. I decided that I could eat breakfast on the way there and just chew a
piece of gum to make my breath smell okay.
	With that being said I quickly grabbed my makeup case and did my makeup. It took me only
ten minutes. I ran into the kitchen and grabbed some toast and put it in the toaster. I
love my toast to come out that golden brown. However I also liked my toast to have no
butter. I heard a pop and my toast was done. I grabbed a napkin and put the toast in it.
Then I went into the hallway and slipped on my white flip flops. I walked to my garage and
opened the door.
	Sitting there on the right was my car. My car was the color of the sky. It had leather
seats that I loved. I quickly opened my door and got in the car. Over night I always leave
my purse in the car. The reason for that is if I am in a hurry, which most of the time I
am, I just need to dig my keys out of there and put them in. Along with my keys I have
money, pen, makeup, and my phone. I also grabbed my phone and its charger and plugged it
in. I also put my folder and notebook in the car; because that’s the only stuff you
needed for the first day of school.
	I finally backed out of the driveway. I was finally on my way to school. Not that I am
that excited or anything. But one thing was for sure, I was ready for all the eyes on me
for being the new girl.

26 May 2011, 09:16 AM   #4
Guest Poster
cool=) i like it so far. i can't wait for more.

26 May 2011, 04:03 PM   #5
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I love it!!

26 May 2011, 05:32 PM   #6
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This is still part of chapter one. This is also not a full page, but whatever.

Comment and enjoy!

	I got out of my car, which lucky me I got the last parking space the farthest away
from the doors. What the hell. The worst part of it was that when I got out of the car
some chick had enough courage to tell me that the school didn’t want any more white
bitches. What the hell again. Did I mention that she was black?
	But other than that I safely made it inside and I was on time. It was a bonus. I quickly
took out my schedule. My first period class was math. I was taking Calc, since somehow I
passed the Pre Calc test. I would rather take Pre Calc, but my counselor insisted on me
taking Calc. I started walking towards the hallway that contained all the math
	I was walking down the hallway looking for room M105 when a flying football out of
nowhere hits me in the head. Normally, this stuff does not happen on the first day of
school. After I felt the bump which was getting bigger, there were two guys standing in
front of me.
	“Hey, are you okay? Romeo didn’t mean to hit you, but he can’t throw a football
worth anything,” said the one boy. He had bright blue eyes and brown hair. His hair was
a buzz cut.
	“Man, seriously? I can throw the ball better than you can. And look she looks perfectly
fine. Just a little bump on her head,” said the other guy, which I guess would be Romeo.
My heart fluttered a little bit, but I calmed it down. No way was this guy who hit me in
the head with a football would be my Romeo. This guy had blond hair and green eyes. I love
green eyes. No calm down Juliet. He hit you with a freaking football and ruined your first
	“I’m fine,” I said.
	“You must be new here. So what’s your name?” asked the other guy. This guy is
diffidently more outgoing than that Romeo guy. “Oh, I’m Seth by the way.”
	“Juliet,” I replied back. Normally, people would move on from my name. Not make a big
deal about it and diffidently not laugh at it. However apparently his friend was Romeo. To
say that I was not prepared for this first day of school would be an understatement. 

28 May 2011, 12:26 PM   #7
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When your done you should get it published.
It is going to be a great book(:
I can't wait for more.

28 May 2011, 09:27 PM   #8
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@Above: Aw...thanks.

I typed some more. This is still part of chapter one.

Comment and enjoy!

	“Ha! Romeo her name is Juliet! Are you guys going to fall in love with each other at
first sight?” asked Seth with a big smirk on his face. Great. I just entered my
nightmare. Apparently, Romeo didn’t think this was funny either. He gave his friend the
dirtiest look ever.
	“And that would be the day that I die,” said Romeo. Then he walked away. I know that
insult shouldn’t have hurt, because I agree with him. How the play goes anyways. Seth
turned to me and shrugged.
	“Don’t mind him; he has been in a bad mood since his ex-girlfriend broke up with him.
What do you have first period?” asked Seth. He took my schedule out of my hand and
looked at it. “Juliet we have the same first period class, along with Romeo. Come on we
are probably going to be late.”
	With that Seth handed back my schedule and turned around. I followed and realized that my
first period class was at the very end of the hallway. I concluded that Seth was very
popular, since we had to stop five times on the way there. I met like ten guys, but not
one single girl. But just as we were going to turn into the class, a girl bumped into me.
This sent my folder flying to the middle of the hallway. What are up with these people at
this school? Can they not walk and look at the same time?
	“Oh, sorry,” said the girl. I smiled back.
	“It’s okay,” I said.
	“Are you new? Oh, Seth I totally need to talk to you!” said the girl while looking
behind me noticing Seth. I went to go pick up my folder while the two talked. They looked
like they knew each other. In fact the girl was waving her hands around like crazy. Seth
just stood there and mostly nodded his head. Finally, he motioned to me to come back over
	“Melanie, this is Juliet,” said Seth when I got back over to him. I shook Melanie’s
hand and she gave me a nice medium smile.
	“So you will tell him right? He won’t even talk to me,” said Melanie.
	“Yeah, sure no problem,” said Seth. Right then the bell rang and Melanie dashed off
without saying another word. Seth and I walked into the classroom.
	Seth went towards the back of the classroom to take the seat next to Romeo. I looked
around and noticed only one seat left. It was the seat in front of Romeo. Inside I
groaned, and sat down.
	The teacher came up to the front of the class and talked about his class, just like every
other freaking teacher does on the first day. I however zoned off.

28 May 2011, 10:32 PM   #9
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2112 / 2500 words. 84% done! ^For chapter one.^

2112 / 25000 words. 8% done! ^For the whole book.^

28 May 2011, 10:47 PM   #10
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I just finished chapter one! Woot! One chapter down nine more to go!

Comment and enjoy!

	The first day was over. I was happy that it was over. Actually, I was in a really good
mood walking to my car. Yeah, sure today was pretty bad. I mean I got a bad parking spot,
a girl said something horrible to me, and everyone was making fun of my name all because
there was a guy named Romeo at this school. Really? Seniors can be really immature some
times. Yet, besides all of those horrible things, there are two upsides. One is that I
made two friends. Seth and Melanie. Melanie is in three of my classes, and she actually
didn’t mind talking to me. She also didn’t make fun of my name. Seth is in two of my
classes and he helped showed me around.
	The other thing is that I learned that my teachers are actually pretty cool. The last
school that I went to the teachers were really mean and didn’t care if you had a life.
They actually didn’t want you to have a life. Yeah, whatever. 
	Anyways, I should have known that my happy mood would come crashing down again. It always
does. I can not be happy for longer than two hours I swear. I almost made it to my car; I
was about five feet away, when the black girl who said that hideous thing to me before
stepped in front of me.
	“Hey, Barbie,” said the girl.
	“I actually have a name, you know,” I said. Yeah, so I stuck up for myself this time.
I actually do that.
	“What did you say to me?” said the girl.
	“My name is Juliet,” I said with a tough voice. She started laughing. I rolled my
eyes. She was probably going to mention Romeo right now. I was prepared for this however
since everyone has been saying that to me lately.
	“Romeo and Juliet. I’m sorry for you know,” said the girl. Whoa, talk about a 360
turn right here.
	“Huh?” I asked. The girl smiled at me.
	“With a name like that and Romeo it takes a real person to survive day one at this
school,” said the girl.
	“Um…okay,” I said. 
	“I am guessing by tomorrow everyone will be trying to get you and Romeo to hook up, and
that’s possible since Melanie and Romeo broke up,” said the girl.
	“Wait what?” I asked.
	“Sorry, don’t listen to me. The name’s Ruth,” said the girl. She just changed the
subject on me when it was getting interesting too.
	“Is it true?” I asked.
	“My name? Well, yes it is. But I will see you around Juliet,” Ruth said and walked
away quickly. I watched her go out of my eyesight dumbfounded. I realized that she never
really explained Romeo and Melanie going out and then breaking up. Oh, well. I am pretty
sure I can get the rest from other people.
	I finally got in the car and started it up. One day down and 179 days to go. This was
going to be a long year. 


	I arrived to a lonely house. Oh well, I am used to it by now. I walked into the kitchen
and poured myself some cereal. Who ever created cereal is my hero. I always had a bowl of
cereal when I got home from school. No matter how late my lunch was. This all started
after my mom died, when she couldn’t make me a snack. At that time I really only knew
how to make a bowl of cereal. Since then it has been a habit of mine. I should really
break that habit some day.
	After I finished eating I walked into my room. I sat down at my chair and booted up my
computer. I checked my Facebook. Unsurprisingly I had twenty new wall posts. The reason? I
always keep in contact with my old friends. Even before Facebook I would use email and
even before I got an email I would use letters.
	Most of the wall posts were about their first day of school, and asking how mine was. I
updated my status with, “With a name like Juliet don’t be surprised to meet Romeo on
the first day of school.” My friends were all going to ask me questions about it, but I
put that to the side. I realized that I also had ten new friend requests. I accepted all
of them, because they were people from my new school. I wasn’t too surprised that
Melanie or Seth were there. I was surprised that Ruth added me as a friend though. She
actually seemed really nice and funny, but I wasn’t sure about her yet.
	I finally logged out after all that and decided that it was time to do something else. I
could not stand Facebook for a long period of time. Most of the time I only went on for
ten minutes. This surprised many people, but I go on like every hour. It bothers some of
my friends, but by now they get used to it.
	I got from my chair and walked into the living room. I sat down on the couch and turned
on the TV with the remote. On the TV was some stupid talk show so I changed it. This time
it landed on some cartoon show. I decided to watch it.
	Halfway through the show I was completely lost and utterly confused. Cartoons are so
stupid now. I remember when I was little they were the best. Now they don’t even make
sense. I decided to change the channel again. It was another talk show, but I decided to
watch this one. It’s not like anything better would be on TV. Five minutes later I heard
the front door open and my dad’s voice.
	“Juliet, can you come in the hallway please?” said my dad. I got up from the couch
and walked to the hallway. I stopped and starred at the women who stood in front of me.

28 May 2011, 11:05 PM   #11
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Your welcome.
And I am loving this!!

28 May 2011, 11:54 PM   #12
Guest Poster
Oh. Em. Gee. THIS IS EPIC! I normally never read these kinds of stories, but this one is
amazing so far!!! Keep up the good work!

29 May 2011, 11:26 AM   #13
Guest Poster
I love it!! It's getting really good, and I can't wait for more.

29 May 2011, 03:23 PM   #14
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@Can_I_Help_U: Aw..thanks.

@queenamida: Thanks. So why don't you read stories like this one?

@Link_13: Thanks. I can't wait for this whole series to be finished. XD

29 May 2011, 03:38 PM    #15
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2509/2500 words. 100% done! ^For Chapter One.^

300/2500 words. 12% done! ^For Chapter Two.^

2809/25000 words. 11% done! ^For Whole Book.^

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