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t('_'t) dedrick, duh.
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Rule number one ~ There shall be absolutely NO god modding. Rule number two ~ Character limit is two, if you want more then request so. Rule number three ~ You cannot control others characters. Rule number four ~ There must be at least six lines per post, four at the minimum. If you can't come up with something, warn the person you're rping with that it'll be a while, or just don't post anything until you've come up with at least four lines. Rule number five ~ For the love of GOD, please, none of this "she sat there in her chair", EXPLAIN THE CHAIR. EXPLAIN HER FEELINGS. DESCRIBE THE FUCKING ROOM. There's no reason you can't come up with six to fourteen lines per post. Rule number six ~ Spell properly and use proper grammar. There is always enough time to review something before you submit it. If you do not have a spell checker in your browser, one can be found here. ★ More rules will be added soon. This is a three strikes you're out kind of thing. After those three strikes, you get no warning, you're out and until I've decided you're good to come back in you're out. That is if you want to come back.
Anything else, just, ask or send me your thoughts.
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