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The Color War

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20 February 2011, 02:37 PM    #1
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I simple story about young friendship.   

Ever since I was little, my color has been yellow. It was sunny and calm and mellow and
bright, just like my personality. I had yellow notebooks, a yellow bedroom, even yellow
clothes. If anyone so much as acknowledged the color, I became angry; yellow was
mine. I was often the topic of kids' conversations. If someone mention my name,
someone else would automatically say, "Oh yeah, that yellow girl."

Then in fifth grade, we had a new student. You could tell right away that her color was
red. She had a fiery temper and always spoke bold opinions. And instead of talking about
me and my yellow, people were talking her and her red.

I hated her. 

Her name was Ryan. She was soon dubbed "Red Ryan" or just "Red", which was so much more
catchy then "Yellow Girl". It wasn't my fault that my name didn't start with a 'y'!

But that wasn't the only thing that got me mad. Now, I wasn't the most popular person in
my grade. I was just noticed by the popular kids. People talked about me a lot, and
tried to get on my good side. Having your own color got you places, if you know
what I mean. It gave you privileges. But now that Ryan was here, I was pushed to the side
and replaced. Ryan sat at a different lunch table everyday, like I used to. Ryan was
always chosen by the teacher to take notes down to the office (therefore skipping class)
like I used to. Kids always let Ryan cut them in line like they used to do for me. 

I tried all I could to let my classmates know how horrible Red was. "Red is the color for
anger. And anger and jealousy are closely related. Green is the color of jealousy, and
green and red so clash," I would say. "There's only one shade of red before it
turns into pink or maroon," I'd tell them. "Who likes maroon? And pink is way too
girly. Ick!" But nobody would listen to me.

I became a bully. I teased Ryan and put her down. I never picked her for my team in gym
class and whispered to other captains that she was too slow or too weak so they wouldn't
pick her either. If I got a better grade on a test than her, I rubbed it in her face. I
loudly told kids how ugly she was when she was nearby so that she could hear me. The more
mean I was, the more popular I became. I was rising back to fame!

For a week or two, Ryan trudged around school with her head down, insults constantly
thrown at her by me and other students. No matter what the game, put-downs were popular
with kids. They think it's funny to kill someone's spirit; that was why I was winning. But
I didn't care. Soon, Ryan would probably leave the school and I could go back to being the
only kid with a color.

But then Ryan started to fight back. She used her temper and loud voice to tell kids that
I was ugly, that I was too slow, that I did bad in school. Everyone
laughed because my strategy was thrown back in my face; my weapons had been stolen. 

The one day my older sister Kristy came to me and said, "Lilly, you're supposed to be
yellow. Yellow people aren't just bright and sunny, they're also nice and kind and
helpful. You used to be like that, but now you're just a bad person. Who cares if someone
else has their own color? Everyone has a color, some people just show it better
than others." I was ashamed. Was I really so jealous that I would verbally hurt someone
like I had? Like Kristy said, why should I be the only one with a color? And then it hit
me. Orange was my second favorite color, and when you combine red and yellow, you get

So I marched straight to Ryan and said, "Ryan, I have something to tell you! It is very
important!" She stared at me, her eyes hard, ready to fight. "I'm sorry I was so mean to
you. I was stupid and jealous, and I shouldn't have done all that stuff. Besides, I guess
it's kinda cool that you have your own color! Do you think we could be friends?"

Ryan was quiet. She appeared to be thinking. Finally, she grinned. "Yeah," she answered.
"I think it would be fan-TAB-ulous to be friends!"

From them on, Ryan and I did everything together. Apart, I was bright and helpful Yellow,
and she was loud and passionate Red. But together, we were comforting and funny Orange. In
other words, best friends.
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