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James' Cottage; 164 n. Aussa street

12 December 2010, 02:36 PM   #1
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James lives in a small house just a few streets away from Downtown. He usually
spends his time here, or at the park, watching ducks and painting. So, come visit, if you
feel like an adventure.

28 December 2010, 02:41 AM   #2
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James opened his door, slamming it shut with his foot. He walked straight to the
bedroom, closing the door behind them, though no one was there. It was habit. He began
unbuttoning his shirt, desperately trying, but his fingers wouldn't comprehend. 
It was infuriating. He was just so worked up right now, he barely knew what was going on.
He barely knew anything other than Lilith. He wanted her, but what? He barely knew the
mechanics of sex, let alone performing it himself. He finally gave up, sitting on the bed
with a groan. "I- god. Sorry." he stopped, rubbing his temples. The growing heat and
tightening in his groin was not helping at all. He took a pillow, setting it over his lap,
trying to look nonchalant, and failing horribly. 
He fidgeted, refusing to look at Lilith. "Je te veux- ...mais je ne sais pas quoi faire."
he groaned once more, flopping back on the bed, mumbling, "God, help me do I want you."

28 December 2010, 02:55 AM   #3
Guest Poster
It was a completely inappropriate time to do it, but Lilith chuckled. His
frustration was adorable, and a little amusing. She pulled the pillow from his lap and
threw it to another spot on his bed. He was refusing to look at her. She shook her head,
sighing. "Vous n'avez pas à essayer si fort."

A slim hand reached for his chin, and turned his head towards her. Planting light kisses
on his lips, Lilith slowly put her other hand on his chest, feeling for the line of
buttons. One by one, each button became undone as Lilith's hand moved lower and lower down
James' chest.

(My eyes! My virgin frickin' eyes!)

28 December 2010, 03:00 AM   #4
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lol, this made me blush, for no reason.

James looked up, returning the kisses with shy attentiveness. When Lilith got to the last
button, he put his hand over hers, feeling her fingers pull the button through the little
hole, and then let his shirt release. He kissed her once more, lightly, carefully, nipping
her lip. He pulled away, shrugging off the shirt, and aching for the pillow to be back on
his lap. The bulge was painfully obvious in his tight jeans, and he smiled sheepishly,
pulling her over him and layed/lied/whatever back. His arms went around her waist, and he
nuzzled her neck, trailing kisses up to her mouth, before kissing her, soft and slow,
until his lungs screamed at him for air.
"Ce que je vais faire avec vous"?

28 December 2010, 03:21 AM   #5
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Lilith's hands wrapped themselves around warm shoulders, melting like ice as his
warm body pressed against her cold one. Her face flushed a bright pink as she felt warm
arms around her waist. She kissed back until her lungs were so deprived of oxygen that she
pulled away with a light gasp. She breathed in, and let it out. She looked at him as he
asked the question. 
In a hoarse whisper, she responded,"Faites ce que vous voulez, tant que vous ne vous
arrêtez pas." She closed her eyes lightly, admiring the surrealism of her situation. A
light smile graced her lips.

( /cheeseball/cheeseball/cheeseball I'm n00bt00bin', wassup.)

28 December 2010, 03:32 AM   #6
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James smiled slightly, kissing her cheek. He slipped his hands under her shirt,
pulling it off in one quick tug. "Comment pourrais Je arrêter?" he mumbled into her hair,
pulling her closer to him. They could never be too close. Her hands, like ice on his
flushed back, were like a small shock of reality. His teeth, unusually sharp, found their
way to Lilith's shoulder, biting down hard, until he could taste a bit of copper in his
mouth. He shivered once more, an involuntary reaction whenever her skin brushed his
exposed hips. 
He guided her hands to his pants button, his breath hitching slightly. "Aide? Veuillez?"
he breathed into her ear, blowing a few strands of hair. He needed her, needed something.
He didn't know. Could barely remember his own name. What was his name? Oh well. Her
hands, light, soft, were brushing his hips, as he awaited her answer, to help get these
damned pants off.

28 December 2010, 03:48 AM   #7
Guest Poster
Lilith bit back a small moan as teeth dug into her shoulder. It came out more as a
strangled hiss, the sting electrifying her weak body. A warm hand led her trembling one
towards another button. Lilith could not think. Her mind went numb. Her ears went numb.
There was nothing there but her and James. She slowly undid the button, hand slightly
shaking and pausing as she did it. Once she was done, Lilith tugged the hem of the jeans
downward as much as she could.

Like being hit by a train, Lilith remembered that she had no experience in this field
either. Her hand grabbed his again, unsure as of what to do afterwards. "Ffffuck," She
muttered into his shoulder, at an extremely low volume. She hope that he did not hear her
frustration, and laugh at her, or stop. God, the last thing she wanted to happen
was for it to stop. His hand was still in hers, and she led it to her jeans. 

(fwmnototoltweorkewo;doaorwrow. terrible. just terrible. /sob)

28 December 2010, 12:25 PM   #8
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James fumbled with the button, finally getting it un-done. He tugged her pants
off, letting them slip to the ground, doing the same with his. He kisses her jaw, sucking
a bit to leave a mark. Then he nipped it, for good measure.
"Gémissement pour moi." he breathed against her skin, hooking his thumbs into her panties
(I feel so dirty using that word, but underwear doesn't seem good enough. >: ) and tugging
His boxers were painfully tight, and her hips kept brushing his, and it was driving him
crazy. He ground his hips up into hers, sending red hot electricity coursing through him,
making him gasp softly.

28 December 2010, 01:03 PM   #9
Guest Poster
Lilith shuddered as their hips ground together. Her body was aching for something,
something that she was missing.  She kissed him slowly until her lungs were begging for
precious air. A hand dragged itself down his chest, to the hem of his boxers. She ran her
fingers around the edge slowly, feeling the last wall of clothing between them. She
grabbed the hem and slowly pulled downwards. She closed her eyes, biting her lip until she
felt a sting and a metallic taste on her tongue. She refused to open her eyes, scared to
do anything because of the risk that she might screw up. The air felt extremely heavy and
dense, and Lilith took deep breaths to gather what air she could.

(fnwfgiowneifneriodm;;;. I suck. /shameshameshame Wife is not wifetastic.)

28 December 2010, 01:19 PM   #10
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"Calm down, Sweet, relax." James purred, tugging her underwear completely off.
"I've never done this either." he mumbled, wrapping his arms around her waist and lifting
her so that her hips rested against his. 
-sick little fucks.
-Oh, shut up.
And, for once, she did. She simply stalked off, mane of hair twitching in her wake.
"Juste- n'arrête pas." he moaned, hips grinding up once more into hers.

pitifully short.

28 December 2010, 02:22 PM   #11
Guest Poster
Lilith gasped and bit her lip when their hips met. Her mind was thinking,
analyzing the situation, cogwheels spinning up random lines of thought. A light bulb went
up in Lilith's head. Wait a second. She could use this to her advantage. She kept
grind her hips, enjoying the small gasps and moans that erupted from James' lips. "Plaider
pour moi," She said, kissing him lightly on the lips. She felt that presence once more,
the aura of her mother. Came to see the show? Lilith mentally laughed, ignoring the
presence that was watching over her and James like a hawk. She ground her hips more,
enjoying the frustration in the air.  She muttered, in Swedish, "Jag måste vara sjuk. . .
eller galen." 

(still very pitiful. pfgtnghier.)

28 December 2010, 02:36 PM    #12
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James moaned, breathy, impatient sounds. His hips ached, but he continued to grind
against her. "Veuillez! Oh, dieu veuillez-" he whined, back arching to meet her every
movement. His arousal kept brushing her skin, and he shivered. "Veuillez..." he breathed,
burying his face in her hair and gasping, nails digging into her back. "V-veuill-ah!
veuillez," every fiber of his being wanted this girl. Wanted whatever it was that she
could give him. His toes curled and his groin ached. "Lilith, oh, please. Veuillez."

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