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26 November 2010, 01:24 PM    #1
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There are a couple of magazines for writers out there, and I wanted to share them with

For 13 and under
Stone Soup is awesome. You can submit poems, and stories that are one page long or
five pages long. You can even illustrate other people's stories (or your own!). All you
have to do is write a letter to them telling them what you like to draw, and you'll
receive a story to illustrate. You can also review books by telling them what you like to
read, and they will send you a book (that you can keep) for you to review. It's for kids
only, which is why there is an age limit. I've been a fan of Stone Soup for years, and I
LOVE reading stories that other kids have written!

For 14 and older
I recently found Cicada, a magazine where you can send in stories, and artwork for the
stories. They have a specific theme for each issue that you write about. They can be poems
or stories. There are no real illustrations, but you can send in a picture or photo and
they may use it. The only thing I don't like is that adults can send in stories as well,
and sometimes those are actual authors or poets. Also, it's a mature magazine. However, if
you get a story published, that must mean you are an extremely talented writer; your story
could get published along with a Mark Twain story!
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