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"Finding Emberlynne" Chapter One

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Finding Emberlynne
(Em-ber-lin) <> My Story- Introduction to
"Finding Emberlynne"

                                  Love {Taylor}
elouai's doll maker 3

      Emberlynne stood, frozen in horrer. The cramped dusty closet smelled of mildew. Her
nose tickled, and she pinched it between her fingers to stop from sneezing. She couldn't
make noise. Her mother had told her not to. She recalled her terrified face as she told
Emberlynne to stay quiet, and keep Marie asleep. She stroked her little sisters silky
golden hair. 
           But she didn't want to be quiet, she didn't want to hide in a tiny closet
space. She wanted to screem, and sob. To make her parents tell her what was happening. But
all she knew was that her parents were in trouble, and she couldn't help them. 
          Suddenly the door knob turned. Emberlynne stiffend. Beads of sweat formed on her
forhead. The door opened, and there stood her fear strickend mother. Emberlynne was filled
with relief. 
                                               "Mama!" She cried as she jumped up with
Maire. But her mothers eyes grew big, and she shoved her back down. She put a finger to
her lips, and croutched down beside her. 
                                               "Emberlynne, I'm going to give you
somthing. Make sure you don't loose it." She handed over a small backpack. It was black,
and torn. Emberlynne took it in surprise. Were they going somwhere? Her mother stared
intentely into her eyes. Her brow was furrowed. Her mouth in a thin line. 
                                              " I love you. Take care of your sister. Keep
her safe." She kissed her forhead, and brushed the hair from her face. 
                                              " And whatever you do, do not trust anyone.
Keep away from strangers on the road, and never tell anyone your name. If you have to,
make up a name. I'm giving you my I.D." Her mother leaned down and kissed the sleeping

                                             " Make me proud Emberlynne. And remember,
your father and I love you very much, and will always be with you." Emberlynne tried to
grab her mothers hand, to make her explain what she meant. But she stood up, and closed
the door before she could do anything. Her mother was gone, and she was left all alone
with Marie. She felt like running after her, but she remembered her mothers words about
keeping quiet and staying hidden. But for how long? Emberlynne slumped against the wall.
She was tired, and hungry. The only light was from the bottom of the door, and it was
                      The sound of a window breaking brought back her overwelming fear.
She herd loud deep voices, and heavy steps a few moments later. Where were her mother and
father?! Emberlynne's breathing quickened, and she held Maire close to her. Her sister
slept on peacfully unaware of the danger around her. 
            Heavy thumps thunderd up the stairs. They sounded like boots. Who were these
people, and why were they breaking into her house? 
       The steps grew closer. Emberlynne shudderd, and squeezed into the corner of the
tiny space. They were in the hallway now. She wimperd and squeezed into a tiny ball with
Maire in her arms. The thumps continued to get closer and closer, and soon they were in
the room. Her chest shudderd and heaved. There wasent enough air. Her heart raced as two
shaddows apperd by the door. The handle jiggled, and turned. Her heart stopped and she
held her breath as the door slowly opend. There was nowhere to hide. Whoever it was, they
would see her. She heard a sharp inhale of breath, and a loud booming voice.
                                         "Well, Wha'dda we got here?" Came a raspy male
voice. His laughter boomed around her. 
                                         "Hey, I found a little brat!" He called. She
didn't dare move, or look up at him. She was frozen with fear. More heavy steps enterd the
                                        "Well, come on! Lets get it to the boss!" A
higher, demending voice spat. She remained unmoving from her spot. Big hands reached down
and grabbed her by her hair. She screamed, and scratched at them. She had to get away! She
had to get to Mama, and Daddy! 
                    She was punched hard in the face, and she cried out in pain. Maire
fell from her arms, and hit the floor. She let out a high pitched wail, and awoke. 
                                       " Holy Shit, there's two!" The deep voice yelled.
She ripped away from the hand, and scooped up Maire. Desperate to get away, she ran twards
the door. It was dark, and she smacked her shoulder against the door frame. Yells, and
swears followed her, along with the thumps. She flew down the stairs with only the wails
from Marie the comfort her. Her bare feet fell hard on the wooden floor, as she raced on.

                                      "Get back 'ere you little shit!" A voice close
behind her shouted. 
                                      " Leave us alone!" She screamed back. Almost running
into the wall again, she flew out the front door, and into the warm night. She ran for the
shelter of the trees. There, at least she would have cover. 
                              She had bairly made it when her foot slipped on the wet
grass, and she fell to the ground, sending Marie sliding across the yard. She was yanked
up by the back of her shirt, and thrown hard on the ground again. Her face smacked the
dirt with a hard thud. She felt her hands being yanked back, and tied with prickly twine.
She was yanked up by her hair once more. She cried out in pain.

                                      "Where are my parents?! What do you want?!" She
screamed. She didn't recieve an answer as the men dragged her across the yard. She looked
back in panic as she watched Marie being yanked up by her hand and held likie a football
as she kicked and screamed. The man smacked her in the mouth. The wailing stopped as if
turned off, and her big blue eyes got round. She had never been hit before. She wailed
even louder but hung limply. Tears of pity rolled down her cheaks. She hated that man for
daring to hit her baby sister. She shouldn't have to deal with this. She was only two
years old. 
                                    "Don't hurt her, please!" Emberlynne pleaded. The man
looked at her with cold eyes, and pulled on Maire's hair, making her claw at his fingers.
Her sobbs grew louder and heavier at the site of her pain. 

                     They rentered the house. Emberlynne looked at the mess on the floor
by the big window. Glass,and wood lay shattered on the floor, and a big brick in thr
middle. She glared at the mess. How dare they!
                     She was thrown onto the coutch. There were large men in black all
around her. They looked poised, and at attention. But her parents were nowhere to be seen.
See watched in horrer as Maire was carlessly thrown into a small dog carrier. They laughed
as she rocked back and forth, knocking it over. Her high wails were followed by coughes,
and weeses. They laughed harder. She was enraged.

                                     "Shut up! She's only two years old! She wouldn't be
like this if you hadn't just thrown here in there!" She screamed.
                                     " So you're the teenage daughter! You'll come in
handy when the boss comes. You'll be a great little present for 'is son. And the little
brat can be gettin' rid of easily." They all laughed as her face turned red in her anger.

                                    " Shut your stupid ugly faces before my father comes
of and shuts it for you!" She screamed. Her fists clenched tight behind her. She felt a
hard smack in the back of the head, and flew off the coutch. Taunting roars of laughter
filled her ears.
                                    "Oh! Whe're so scared! So your big old daddys gonna
kick our asses huh?" A deep voice roared. She herd more footsteps come from the basement.
She looked up and gasped in horrer from the floor as her parents enterd the room, bruised,
and bound. Her mother looked at her with the saddest look she's ever seen. Her father
looked away in pain. Deep heavy sobbs escaped from her chest. 
                                    "Mama, Daddy, whats going on?! What have they done to
you?!" She cried. Fresh tears slid down her face, and plopped onto the wood. Mama shook
her head in sadness. Daddy let out a small shuddering breath.

                                     " Aw, well aint this a happy reuinion!" The man
laughed. I glared at him. His teeth were yellow, and browning. He had a large white scar
than ran down his bristled cheak. He wore a large black leather jaket that hung down past
his waist. His blue jeans were torn and stained. He wore black muddied boots. 
                Suddenly another large man in a black suit stepped into the room. His
shining black shooes clicked on the polished wood. Emberlynne looked down at the floor,
not wanting to see his face, or draw attention to herself. The other men looked big, and
stupid. This man looked intelligent, and powerful. And Emberlynne was fearful of him.
                                     " Well, well Quinton, Saura. Nice to see you again."
His voice eckoed in the room. It was deep, and powerful, but It had a snooty charm to It.

                                     " I see you have finally introduced your little
girls. You know how much I've been wanting to meet them. You remember our deal?" He walked
over to Maire's cadge. 
                                     " Leave them alone Kreagor! I'm the one you want, not
them! Let them go!" Her father boomed. Emberlynne heard a hard slap. A large lump formed
in her throat. 
                                     " Of course I get your children to! How dare you tell
me what I do, and do not want!" Kreagor boomed. She heard the small metal door being
opend. Maire let out a wail, and Emberlynne raised her head. The man had a pale face, with
long dark lashes. His black hair was smoothed down, and he wore his lips in a tight frown.
He was holding Marie under her arms. She squirmed and wiggled to get out of his clutches.

                                     " Hmmm, she's adorible Quinton, why on earth would
you put her to waste? Kepping her at your little house doesnt give her credit! Why, she
would sell for alot! And that blonde hair would do her well." He stared at Marie in
approval. Quinton grunted hard.
                                     " My daughter is not going to be sold into
prostitution! You let them go!" He roared at the tall man. His face was full of radge. I
flinched at his tone, but silentally cheered him on. But Kreagor smiled and made a small
              One of the men had moved in beside Kreagor. He casually reached into his
pocket and pulled out a dull gray hand gun. Before I even had time to be afraide, the
large man pointed the gun tward them, and pulled the trigger. The shot was loud, and
seemed to vibrate the room. Emberlynne watched in horrer as her mother made a soft scream
and fell to the floor. Her eyes grew wide at the sight of the blood pooling around her
mothers head. Her father let out a devistated scream. It filled her ears, and her head as
the puddle of blood slowly grew larger. Her eyes glazed over, and her breathing deeped. 
                                       " It isn't wise to yell at me Quinton. I could kill
them instead. Pity your wife had to go. But she was to old to be sold anyway." He made a
shrugging gesture as he pointed to her mothers crumpled body. Two men dragged her by her
feet outside the house. A long train of crimson left behind. Quitons head hung on his
cheast. His breating was raspy. 
                                    " Well, I must be going. I've stayed alot longer than
I wanted to. Lets get this over with." He made a second gesture to the man. This time
Emberlynne knew what It meant, and her whole body screamed at her to get up and protect
her father. But when she tried, she fell back to the floor. She couldn't get up with her
hands tied behind her back. She struggled to loosen the twine. But it was a failed

                                     " It was nice working with you." Kreagor smiled as
the gun was lifted her fathers head. Quinton turned to Emberlynne. His face was dull and
emotionless. He stared right into her eyes. 
                                      "I'm sorry." It came out muffled, like there was
somthing caught in his throat. She opend her mouth to scream but tears clogged her voice.
Instead it was a small croak. Her eyes widend and she jerked desperately tp free herself.
To do somthing, anything, to save her father. 
                                                           The gun shot filled the world.
It shook Emberlynne's body. Her teeth chatterd. She watched as her father hit the floor.
His head bounced. The blood pooled, and mixed with her mothers leftover trail. 
                                     Finally, her scream came out. It was like the
gunshot. It filled the room, and vibrated her body. It was a long, tragic scream, that
made everyone turn to her. Kreagors eyes widend when he saw her on the floor. 

                                     " Well now, I had forgotten about the eldest!" He
said throwing up his hands like he hadn't just orderd the death of her parents. He walked
over to her, his shoes clicking. She shrank back from him.
                                    " And you're the important one! My mind, I fear, is
clouded! Your sister was a treat, but you my dear are certenly a prize!" He smiled and
lifted her chin. Tears of haterid rolled down her cheaks. Her teath clenched together. 

                                   " Oh, yes indeed! If you werent a present, I'd get
probubly five thousand for you! But, haha, you already have an owner!" He laughed and let
her head fall. Kreagor walked out the door and snapped. Emberlynne was lifted off the
ground by the twine that bound her hands. She grunted and struggled, but the man that
shoved her out of her room jerked her around, and slapped her in the face. 

                                 " Now, now! We want her in good shape for my son! Be
carful with her, Gregorey!" Kreagor called. The man scowled at her, and spun her around
again. She gazed silentally over at Maire in her dog cadge, being carried by a seemingly
identical man. The thought of her murderd parents punched her in the stomach. A fresh wave
of tears poured down her face. She stumbled.
                                " The brat keeps trippen' Boss!" Gregorey called as he
jerked her to her feet. 
                                " Oh, put her out then, the bruise will be gone by the
time we reach Washington." Kreagor answered. Emberlynne gasped as she was spun around. Her
greeting was a fat fist in the side of her head. It seemed to rattle her eyeballs. Her
eyesight flickerd, and everything went black.

            END OF CHAPTER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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