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19 October 2010, 07:17 AM   #1
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Yikes, first post! 8O Hope it's okay, help with a title would be very much appreciated.

“This is NOT a good idea!” 
Rune shivered in the cold, and zipped up her jacket. Her brother, Kaito, had already run
ahead into the forest, leaving her to catch up with him. Unsure of what to do, she plodded
reluctantly down the path, trying her best to shrug off the feeling that she was being

Kaito’s breath made clouds of white vapour as he ran down the trail, which was getting
rougher with every step. There was a reason why he was here, of course- he wouldn’t run
through a forest at midnight for nothing! Just like every person in his villiage, he’d
heard about the legendary gemstone; that supposedly granted amazing elemental powers.
No-one knew for sure where it was located, but Kaito had been feeling a sort of strange
power eminating from this forest. So surely, it must be here?

He tapped his foot impatiently. If only he’d been more careful as to not wake her! Now
she’d insisted on coming with him, claiming that it was ‘unsafe to go alone’.
Irritated, he kicked a stone on the ground, watching it bounce down the track with a soft
thud. As Rune ran at full speed towards him, her face red with the effort, Kaito watched
her with cold indifference, pulling his beanie over his ears. Within a few minutes, both
siblings were on their way, into the unknown.  
Delicate snowflakes tumbled from the sky as they walked, creating a soft white blanket
over the forest floor, silencing their steps. Rune’s legs were beginning to ache, and
Kaito was getting increasedly determined to find the stone- crazed, almost!

 With bated breath, the pair approached a cave, which seemed to be glowing with a ghostly
blue light. 
“I’ve FOUND it!” Kaito shouted maniacally, not trying to hide his glee.
“Found what?” Rune stuttered nervously, not liking the obsessive note in his voice.
Not listening to her, Kaito ran into the cave, laughing at his immense luck. But a few
moments, a blood-curdling scream rang out. Rune, terrified, backed away from the figure
emerging from the shadows.  

 Her heart skipped a beat and she almost falling over with shock.
This couldn’t be real, Rune thought frantically, edging away from him, what had he
become? Kaito gave a maniacal laugh, throwing his head back. This power felt great; he
knew that he was the only one truly worthy of wielding them. No-one would dare stop him
Now,he thought to himself to test them out...  
By now, his sister's face had turned almost as white as the snow, and the look on her
brother’s face was scaring her…

19 October 2010, 03:54 PM   #2
Guest Poster
Oooh, eager to read more. C: I'm sure I'll probably read more as the story
progresses. Are you planning to do any more?

19 October 2010, 03:59 PM    #3
Guest Poster
 Thank you~ C; I'm definitely going to write more, but I have no ideas for the
plot as of yet. Hopefully I won't spoil it, orz.

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