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Mostly unnamed short stories

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Yea, I'm going to bend the rules and just make one topic for all my short stories, since
that's all I've been writing that's finished, and there's only four so far. But I'll tell
you what my common theme/idea is. I tend to write modern-day paranormal romance. Yepp. I
know I'm weird. Especially since I'm not exactly a fan of the modern average day teen girl
books. I like to go lean towards the heartbrake factor, so my stories, most often, will
NOT bring you up, they aren't here to get you warm and fuzzy, they're here to be read and
thought about, anyway, off I go!

Unnamed, We'll call it Ian as it's the main character's name. VERY ROUGHLY EDITED. There
are bound to be mistakes, I promise you that! Even though I don't want there to be any, I
just know there's a typo somewhere!

“Hello,” The house seemed quieter than normal. “Dad, Mom? I’m home…” I dropped
my bag to the floor; the echo of the heavy books gave me a chill.
	“Hey, Daisy.” I said to the yellow lab, her eyes looked up at me, imploring me to
understand something. “What’s the matter, girl?” She was cowering in the corner, her
tail tucked between her legs, whimpering. I knelt down to pet her when I saw her eyes dart
to my dad’s office; I knew something was wrong.
	I ran to the dark room calling, “Dad, Dad, where are you?” I hesitated before I
turned on the light. What I saw forced me against the wall behind me, sliding to the
floor, my hand pressed to my mouth. The dark puddle of blood seemed to swell around me,
suffocate me.
	I wished I could have been like Daisy, that I could crawl into the corner and just cry,
and try to forget the image ingrained in my mind.
	I was only gone a week before I returned to school, pretending like life could just go on
without him. I was doing fine until Rebecca Harvey came up to me and wrapped her arms
across my body, whispering sweet words to me. I broke down at that moment and I knew she
would always be there for me.
	Rebecca held my hand that day in class, rubbing her thumb across my skin.
	“Ian,” She looked at me with her hazel eyes, “The bell rang.”
	“Thanks…” I stood up slowly. “Oh god-“A sharp pain entered my forehead, like a
nail being screwed into my brain and the room went dark.
	And as quick as it had started, the pain was gone. I was no longer surrounded by dusty
chalkboards and tired students, but instead I was in a cold, dark room. An eerie light
shown up in the center of the room. I took a cautious step and plummeted into freezing
water, my ankle jarred against the edge of what I considered to be a pool.  Terror gripped
me as I reached out to gain stability and practically hyperventilated. 
	I shouted in surprise as a hand grasped my ankle, pulling me downward. I kicked hard, but
when it wouldn’t release I held onto the ledge for dear life. Slowly I felt it loosen
then the fingers unclasped and sank below. I closed my eyes and tried to get my head
	When I opened my eyes I was surprised to see Rebecca staring down at me, her eyes
reflecting worry.
	“Oh thank god…” She breathed out. She grabbed my hand and helped lift me into a
sitting position. My head throbbed and I fell back onto the cold tile.
	“Ian?!” Rebecca shouted.
	“What happened?” I shut my eyes and listened to Miss Becker, my teacher, speaking
frantically on the phone.
	“You fainted; you hit your head pretty hard on the floor.” She said. I could still
feel her hand in mine. 
	“Took out a desk too,” Miss Becker sat down beside me. “Ian, are you alright? What
	“My head hurts, bad. And I honestly don’t know. It just… happened.” I sighed and
rubbed my eyes.
	“Rebecca, can you walk him down to the nurse?” She nodded and I stood up. In the
process I realized that my ankle was throbbing and sore, which I figured must have been
from my fall.
	The nurse sent me home and told me to get some sleep. I dismissed my mother by saying I
hadn’t eaten that morning. I shook it off and instead thought about Rebecca, with her
brown hair and bright eyes.
	The next morning I got up and went running. As I reached the park one of my closest
friends, Josh, jogged up to me. 
	“You heard.” I said rolling my eyes.
	“Who hasn’t heard?” He said sarcastically. “But seriously, what happened?”
	“Everyone keeps asking me that. I honestly have no idea. I blacked out and when I woke
up I was somewhere…oh…” There it was again, that excruciating pain that ripped my
brain in half. I shut my eyes tight and then it stopped. I could hear the squeak of a
rusty wheel and slowly opened my eyes to see myself standing on my sidewalk, watching my
five-year-old neighbor Roger riding his tricycle in the middle of the street. 
	A whir passed by my ear and my hands grew numb in fear as I watched the red car speed
down the road.
	“R-R-Roger!” My mouth had trouble making the name. He looked up at me and stopped.
The car did not. 
	There, in the front of my head, was the pounding sensation that berated my brain. I
looked down with horror at the mangled body. I closed my eyes, ready to be sick. I turned
on my side and lost the contents of my previous meal.
	“Ian!” I opened my eyes and let lose a cry of hysteria. Here I was, lying in the
grass at the park, Josh sitting next to me, scared.
	I huddled into a ball, crying and screaming. “There was so much blood, Josh, so
much.” I felt his hands on my shoulders.
	“It’s ok, it’s just a dream. Only a hallucination. It’s ok Ian.” He said.
	“No…” I cried. When I was finally able to control myself we walked home.
	“Don’t tell anyone about that” I said.
	“Yeah… Just…Just what was that about?” He said quietly.
	“Oh… Crap! Roger!” I took off running home as he followed behind me. We were
welcomed by an ambulance and the sobs of Mrs. Cartwell, Roger’s mother.
	“What’s going on?” Josh said, sounding anxious. “What happened to him?”
	“He was hit, he shouldn’t be alive…” I whispered to her. 
	“How do you know that?”
	“Well…” And so I told him what really happened that day in school and what I saw at
the park that morning. Of course he didn’t believe me until he heard about a girl named
Sam Patrell, who had drowned the other day in her indoor pool. 
	He called me and said simply, “What now?”
	“I honestly don’t know. I mean, I can talk to the people, but it all happens so fast
I’m not exactly sure I can help.” 
	“Well… You wouldn’t be given this just to be tortured into watching people die.
There has to be something you can do.” He paused. “Do you see it before it happens, or
right as?”
	“I don’t know. Right as I would guess or else why would I be able to talk to them?”

	“Why would I know? You need to figure this out.”
	“Thanks Josh, I hadn’t gotten that far yet.” I hung up the phone and tried to
sleep, but every time I closed my eyes I could see my father’s body lying on the floor.
There was no logical reason for what was happening to me, no sane answer to save me from
this nightmarish world. 
	“Ian?” I lifted my head from my desk to see Rebecca standing in front of me, smiling.
“Oh god, you look tired.”
	“I couldn’t sleep.” I groaned and shut my eyes for a moment and in those few
seconds my head began to throb and I could feel myself falling into another place, I tried
to block out the vision coming to me.
	“Um, Ian? Are you alright?” Rebecca’s voice called to me and I looked up. She was
holding my head, rubbing the spot above my ears.
	“I love you Rebecca.” I said without thinking. She looked at me, surprised and maybe
even a little scared. I felt like an idiot.
	“Ian, I think… I think I love you too.” She smiled softly. We sat there, looking at
each other, smiling like fools.
*	*	*
	As I sat at my table, I thought about that day and about how much had changed in such a
short time. The unwelcome torture if my mind immediately brought me to an alley. I shrunk
against the wall as a large man lumbered past me. Closer to the light, I saw a small girl
with brown hair standing near the entrance of the alley.
	“Excuse me, miss…” The man said in a gruff voice. He was pressed closely to the
girl and was holding something at her back, what I guessed to be a knife.
	“Oh my god.” I heard Rebecca’s voice.
	“It’s Rebecca. No, it can’t be!” If I was right, she didn’t have much time.
	“Give me your money and no one gets hurt.” He said as I silently implored Rebecca to
just give everything to him.
	“I don’t have anything.” Her breath became ragged.
	“Don’t lie to me. I’ll slide this right into your back.”
	“I swear I don’t have anything!” All rationalizations gone, I ran out and jumped on
the man’s back. In the absence of the knife Rebecca darted away. Our eyes met and she
	I felt the pavement meet my back at the same time my head exploded into agonizing pain. I
felt the knife slice into my body and heard the man ran off. Rebecca was soon beside me,
her hands on my chest, crying.
	“Ian, what’s happening?” She sobbed.
	“It’s ok, don’t cry…” But I couldn’t stop my own tears from running down my
face. “Come here…” She leaned her face towards mine and our lips met just as I faded
into my own reality. I found myself lying on the kitchen floor, bleeding out. The knife
was nowhere to be seen but the injury was real. 
I could feel myself falling, but this time was different. This time I knew I wasn’t
coming back.

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