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WRITING: Poetry: My poems :/ b/c i almost always dont hav time to post

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26 June 2010, 09:27 PM   #1
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The pleasure engulfs me ,
eating away at my heart,
if only you could see,
you've suffocated me from the start,

my roses are red,
with violet tear drops,
i love you so much,
that nothing is enough,
a sweet song calls
lulling me to forever sleep
counting blood red sheep

Empty mind
Empty house
wish you could be find
and not yell and fight
all night

My yellow giraffe
with fur as soft as nyx's love
and gentle brown eyes

when you wait for me
so patiently to come home
into your arms

with tears in my eyes
and bruises on my sad soul
along with pale scars

but if they all disappeared 
i would be empty and sad
for I'm without you

so i intertwined
the two of us together
and one day be free

and with you my friend
for all you have done for me
my giraffe that i love

Excitement runs through my veins
it flows through my like drugs
so much better than coke cane
just like little kids and hugs

i wish i could drown in it
this feeling the pool of pleasure
i fel this is fit for me
and i hope there is no cure

i pray it never ends 
or my heart will be diminished
and then i will have to be mend
and my suicide forever finished

i'm scared for i know you leaving
words are not needed
to decipher
that pitying look
in your blue eyes

i know
you know
the blood in my veins
the beat of my heart
my very soul 
isn't mine
but ours 
even if you aren't mine
even though you never will be

i love you,
those forbidden words
that plead to flow
from these lips
but never will

i fear 
when you leave
this life will 
have no meaning
that the blood in these veins 
will die
this heart
will stop beating 
these lungs
will stop breathing
my soul 
will stop living

there are people around me
buzzing around my
pointless existence

there lives haven't stopped
mine had
i am eternally stuck
watching them live
their precious lives
while i am all alone
as punishment 
for my existence
in this world

how can we loose track so fast
one minuet we're first 
the next we are last
it continues, over and over as if we are cursed

we used to know one another so well 
i thought everything was fine
till the day deep down we fell
nothing i thought was mine, is mine

it feels so strange in my body
but in another it feels fine

this probably doesn't make sense
but to me
it doesn't
if i am crazy
so be it
my crazy body will rot
while i lay in another

You are my sun
with you everything is fun

My once faded life
is now as bright as the light glint on a knife

Friends forever
lovers? Never

Your are my light
my shiny knight
with you I'll fight
with all my might
so lets hold on tight

Heading for the stars
or maybe even mars

Forever you are the only one
i love you so much Hun,
You are my bright bright sun

My Insides are heavy
Am i really ready?

My heart is racing
my head is spacing

a broken heart
a brand new start

spinning,shaking,my minds reeling
i am done with shielding

either way it wont last long
for its not very strong

so i am giving up
because i'll never be enough

You always talk about choices and life,
and my decision with the knife

always telling me i have to decide
and then abide

so don't but in now
when it really matters

I'll have to make my own choices one day
so its up to me to say

If you care about me
let me go
And in the end you'll see
it'll be really helpful so,

let me decide
i will abide

And i will face the consequence
so please plead in my defense

I never want our love to fade
is that okay?

To always be by your side
For our love is something i don't wish to bide

It's love I feel for sure
I hope there isn't a cure

I'd rather die
Than our love be a lie

I would be long gone
if it wasn't for you
even abuse cant destroy
my love for you

You break me down
without a sound

for your personal enjoyment
which is why you
are the opposite of heavens sent
but what is heaven and who

We'll never know, and if we do
It wont show, for me or you

What would you say if i left?
would it be better to take my last breath?

Would i be happy else where
I wonder if you'd care
But i guess nothing is fair

Would i go to residential
or is foster care more essential

Both will be hell
that i can tell

Which should i choose
with both i shall loose

Poetry is my whole,
My horcurx; my human soul

My one escape
from this brutal fate

That is everything but fair
but still something i must bare

So I let it take me over; my inner poet
consuming me before i know it

if i could
live without you i would

But your love is like a drug
so addicted my grave is being dug

After all has been cut i will be bitten
And with crimson blood i had written

"To all who hate me
you can see
what you've done to me
from what i have become"

  I could disappear
  Be forgotten
  To stop breathing
Better Yet
  To dream forever
  To the goddess
  That its all over soon
  That its simply a nightmare
  Your impulse
  The first thing
  That comes to mind, and
  Shout it to the world
  Your emotions
  Your common sense

Screams submit soundly
echoing off the bare white walls
darkness cloaks the street

A little girl squirms
she's terrorized and shaking
taking every hit

When the stranger leaves
the girl is bruised and broken
crying silently

Her mother comes in
She's drunk high and with a man
she leaves her daughter

The girl shakes and Sobs
she has been violated
Her innocence gone

She tries to get up
but her body is too weak
and her mind is worse

And then he walks in
HER very special teddy;
Teddy protects her

Onyx button eyes
Dark brown fur, and his voice
A Deep caring voice

She hugs her teddy
And he whispers in her ear
Putting her to sleep

Because of that bear
That little girl still believes
The end will be bright

Is it possible to hate someone but to still love them?
Is it possible to love someone but to still hate them?

It runs through our veins
Pumping through our boy
It never ends
Has many different kinds
But it usually ends in pain
Pains turns to hate

HATE Overrides love
Overrides all emotions
taking control of every
word spoken

For you i always smile
even if my worries are as long as miles

i say "as long as your happy"
and i know that's more than sappy

But if i do not
everyone will be out sought
Belts will fly
Bruises will appear
only content if we're high
For your angers always near

School is a place of communists;
the adults are there for show alone
you only survive if you raise your fist
or put on a show

you left me here
consumed by fear
but i wont shed a tear

i wont be here when you get back
and that is definitely a fact

i`ll hurt you so much that it kills
enough to make your mind reel

I hate you and the heart you stole
for my love for you can make anyone feel like a foul

I`ll never give up,on this hate you`ve inspired
so my time here has expired

This is the last time my feelings on you i`ll waste
and I'm leaving here before i change my mind in haste

if i love you for all that i am
so much that it touches your space
even from my lonely land
Forever you are my one and only Ace
But you don't notice
you doubt my very existence
i wish you were a camera i could focus
while i pray to Venus for assistance
My heart to you i tried to share
but you took it all and left without a care
You just lied
when you knew for you i cried
and know I've died
And i want to feel hate
but,sadly its too late
your already my mate
what a disturbingly cruel fate
Its all i think about
like a song stuck in my head
the pain i feel makes me want to shout
an invisible wound i can never mend
So,i am thrilled this is my last breath
and this poem I've written is all you`ll have left
a letter opener will be my bloody knife
that just happened to take my life

I remember it so well
the night my life fell
that man's screams and violent abuse
constantly threatening me to be used
Heart beating hard in fear
my pale cheeks stained with tears
blood upon my door
broken vase upon the floor
your angers like hide and seek
lashing cuts so deep
Belt in your hand
i am unable to stand
you screed my tainted soul
along with the innocence you stole
Now all i`ll see is the monster you are
One day i`ll leave you behind and go far


reviews please *bat bat of eyelashes*

30 June 2010, 04:37 PM   #2
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i like....VERY Good!!!!!

30 June 2010, 04:39 PM   #3
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thanks Victoria 

30 June 2010, 07:25 PM   #4
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its a downfall to your mind on how crappy and nice things can be! AWSOME  ........

30 June 2010, 08:01 PM   #5
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Thanks abunch starla :D

1 July 2010, 09:38 PM   #6
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ur a good poet

1 July 2010, 09:41 PM    #7
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thanks you >///>

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