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Here is the basic plot:
Certain Apocryphal and Gnostic texts speak of a being created by God, in His own image,
before the creation of Adam and Eve; according to legend, this being was abandoned by its
own Creator. Called the Firstborn, the creature was a singular being neither male nor
female, dark nor light, both beautiful and terrible to behold. God was so disturbed by
what He created that He banished it into the Abyss to be forever forsaken, forgotten and
unloved. God then started anew and went on to create mankind, giving the species two
sexes, intellect, feelings, and love (not to mention a soul).

The Firstborn, too powerful for even God to keep from breaking into the mortal world,
would make seven attempts to escape, each time taking back a piece of the earth to add to
its domain and each time sent back to the Abyss. Fragments of time and space would form
layers around this domain, linked to this world in the city Al Khali. These layers would
entrap pieces of history within its walls, from the time of the ancient Sumerians to World
War II. Over time, other great conquerors and civilizations would arrive to claim the city
as their own. Eventually, the city was forgotten and buried by the sands of time.

The Department of Occult Warfare was created in the 1930s to combat the supernatural and
unexplained. Another purpose was to meet Nazi Germany's own research into the paranormal.
One of their most brilliant members, Arnold Leach, was recruited in 1962. However, his
unscrupulous behavior and nature would eventually have him expelled. He was marked for
assassination, and although the operation appeared to be successful, it seems that he may
have survived.

The Jericho Squad is sent to Al-Khali to prevent Leach from opening the breach and
unleashing the Firstborn upon mankind once again

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