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THIS A NOT TWILIGHT CLUB. Please be detailed. :D Full name: Age Full date of Birth: Family? (Don't give me a sob story and say, 'There's no one left in their family' Full History (Try from birth till death) Financial status: (Rich, Poor) Height: (Don't put 'I dunno") Weight(optional) Hair color: Eye color: Appearance: (What they wear, Pimples, Tattoos Ect) Picture?: (make it look like you description)

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need more time

4 June 2010, 11:46 PM   #3
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I need to read the god damn books. I have been wanting to forever

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Your mommy has them. And the library has the latest two. 

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Full name: Kale Terrence
Age: 17
Full date of Birth: November 22
Family: His sister Vivienne and his wife Jessica
Full History: Well, when he was a mere child he was always protective over his sister and
his family. He was always fighting with his dad, playfully. They would have wrestling
matches. They always had fun. His father told him one day, that Kale and Vivienne were
vampires. They were born vampires. He didn't understand. But he knew that this meant.
That's why he was always over protective. When he was about ten years old his mom came
down with cancer. They were trying their hardest to help her. SHe never died, but she
never healed. She disappeared out of nowhere. They tried looking for her forever but
couldn't find her. This tore up Kale and Vivienne. His father took it the hardest. His
father was in deep depression. When he was fifteen his father left them. He was left to
raise Vivienne on his own. Soon her memory disappeared and she couldn't remember anything.
He had to come up with lies about their parents. It kills him to lie to her, but he had to
do it. And he never told Vivienne she was a vampire. 
He met a girl named Jessica Adilyn. He fell in love with her. He married her soon after
they graduated. It was his best year EVAR!
Financial status: Rich
Height: Six foot two inches
Weight: Thin man
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Red
Appearance: HE'S COMMANDO! Hahaa, kidding. He wears a white button up shirt with a black
button jacket. He wears black gloves and pants. OH AND UNDIES TOO! The rest of the stuff
is in the picture. ANd shoes and socks

Full name: Vivienne Terrence
Age: 14
Full date of Birth: July 21
Family? Kale
Full History: SHe doens't remember. But Kale told her that their parents had left to do
some work to help the family. He told her that they would be home soon and they never have
to worry. 
Financial status: Rich
Height: five foot
Weight: skinny
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Appearance: BLack and white dress. Black and white knee-socks. with black shoes. black and
white pig-tail holders. And a necklace with a red heart 
Kale Terrence

Vivienne Terrence

6 November 2010, 09:46 PM    #6
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Full name:  Jessica Adilyn
Age: 17
 Full date of Birth: March 8th, 1993. (SHE'S A HUMAN)
 Family?: Her mother and father are happily divorced and she lives with her hilarious dad
and his new Wife, Stella.  
 Full History: When Jessica was born. she was born three days before the actual due date.
So, She grew up with uncanny acceleration in motor skills and intelligence. So, She grew
up rather beautiful and was discovered by an acting company and is sort of an actress. SO,
She went into school with lots of 'friends', who just really wanted a slice of fame. So,
she grew up with really no friends and a loner. When she finally entered high school, she
got a gig for a big movie and took it and came back with this star classification. When
she graduated she was so relieved. Then she met Kale and .. Everything changed and she
found out he was 'The one'  and married him fresh out of high school. 
 Financial status: Rich in her own. 
Height: 6'
Weight: Actress skinny but has curves.
 Hair color:  PINK.
Eye color: Pink-ish
Appearance: She'll wear usually pants or andor skirt, depending on her mood that day. And
then she'll usually wear something, well, normal. Like a plain t-shirt, or som button up
shirt with a tie.
Picture?: (make it look like you description)
Hot pink haired anime girl with Deep Purple Eyes Pictures, Images and

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