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1 May 2010, 05:56 PM   #1
Guest Poster
I sat back and closed my eyes. It was what I always did before facing a major trial. With
total darkness surrounding me, I took an imaginary step forward. Then another. I
visualized taking so many that I was aching just after five minutes. I shut my eyes even
tighter. I drew back to my imaginary path and resumed the walking. I knew I had to find
something, get somewhere, but what? I had no idea where I was going, only blackness
guiding me. I stumbled many times and had to stop frequently before continuing. An
unexpected feeling of abandonment washed over me, with such force I could hardly breathe.
But I had to keep going. There was no other choice.
My breath grew more labored and I started to sway. I could faintly hear a buzzing noise in
the background, almost as if time was running out. I began to sprint. I had to get there.
Then suddenly, I collapsed. It felt like I had been running for hours, day, weeks, months,
and even years. Which was exactly why I couldn’t stop now. I couldn’t endure so long,
and then give up so quickly. I needed to get there. But where? I was completely lost,
totally blinded. I had no idea where I was going. It felt as if I were in a black hole,
every ounce of energy being sucked in so rapidly I felt as though I myself were beginning
to slip away. I struggled with all my might. I fought every temptation grinding me for as
long as I could hold out. I fought the urge to curl up in a ball and die. I moved slowly,
though I knew I was losing time. I flexed my leg. Then my other. I forced myself up with
my hands.
As I stood up, a bright light replaced the utter darkness I had just been surrounded by.
All my energy was restored, and I felt as though I could lift the tallest mountain on
earth. A soft singing filled the room that I now clearly saw. I hadn’t been running in a
pit, but a long passageway that opened up into the grandest hall I had ever seen. The
entire room, though it was large enough to fit two football fields, was lined entirely in
gold. The walls themselves were white, but it was hard to tell exactly what color they
were, because there were messages everywhere, each left by a different visitor. There was
a roofless ceiling, displaying my favorite star, Pegasus. Roses crowded the sides, but
they weren’t like any rose I’d ever seen. They had the most vibrant shades of every
color imaginable. There were neon green, bright blue, hot pink, every stunning color I had
and hadn’t seen. I drew away from the flowers, and walked leisurely down three or four
white marble stairs to a miniature waterfall in the corner. It was obviously enchanted,
for the waters constantly switched to the colors of the roses. First purple, then green,
and so on. I was transfixed by the striking shades for a long while, and I ached to just
scoop my hands into the water and drink, but something held me back. There was something
about this room that seemed… doomed somehow, and I didn’t want to ruin my miracle as
it unfolded.
But it was so tempting. I turned to see if anyone was silently watching, but as I turned
my head back to the water, something caught my eye. It was black. A black rose with red
tips. I hadn’t seen that one before. I felt a sudden sense of foreboding; I had seen
enough of black today, and surely such a miracle couldn’t be another black pit in
disguise, could it? I reached down to pick it up, but I was caught in a large thorn. There
were no thorns before. What was happening? The air suddenly began to get colder and it
began to snow above. It was ending, my miracle was ending! I had ruined it! No! I ran
towards the two golden doors that lay open before me, but then I remembered something. The
water! I sprinted back, and put my lips to the stream, not even bothering to use my
The stream water tasted wonderful! I bent down, aching to drink more. I had to get more,
but the waterfall had been cut off by a heavy stone and was slowly draining. No! I need
more! I had to get more! I would die without it! I lunged for the rock that was holding my
treasure in and gave it the hardest tug I could muster, but to no prevail. Nothing.
I turned to see if there were other streams somewhere, but instead found those beautiful
doors closing, locking me in. “NO!” I cried, pounding my fists on the ground. “I
need more water!” my voice was barely above a whisper now, the sound quickly draining.
But there it was! The sound of rushing water! “Yes! Finally!” I ran to the small
waterfall that had before given me such wonderful blessings, but still none came. I then
realized that the water was coming from another source, somewhere much larger. But where?
And then it hit me. Literally. The water hit me with such a force, that I almost wished I
was back in the darkness on the dreary path. Almost. I began to feel myself drowning under
what had once been my life saver. What had happened?
And then my dream shattered. I slowly opened each eye, one at a time, and saw that I was
back in my bedroom, soaking wet. Evidence that it was a prophecy. There was always
something like that. Something that traveled with me back to reality. And this time it was
a small portion of water.
I knew better not to touch it this time; I had learned what had happened when my lips even
barely touched the substance. But this seemed like normal water, nothing enchanted about
it. Still, I got a towel and soaked it up, wondering vaguely if I should tell Ami.
I crawled off my hard mattress, landing with a heavy thud on the floor below. Ami squirmed
on her own bed, but kept snoring lightly. I took a deep breath and moved forward,
shuffling my feet as quietly as I could, though it wouldn’t matter much. Ami slept like
father’s pet hog, Snort. The ancient wood creaked beneath my feet as I reached out with
a shaking hand to touch the doorknob. If father found out I was awake at this hour, he
would be bristling like a cactus.
The door slid open with relative ease, and I heaved a sigh of relief. My next task was to
make my way past his bedroom. I tiptoed down the hall and around to the back yard, where
my beautiful black stallion, Nightmare, was snoozing. He was like a god in animal form, I
thought. Nothing looked more graceful than my beloved stallion.
	Everything was silent as I lay by Nightmare, who looked as if he were in heaven. I was
just nodding off to sleep when a strong beam of light surrounded me. I barely stirred,
turning over onto my side with a grunt of irritation. It was then that I noticed my horse,
looking up at me with those intelligent gray eyes of his. I turned in his direction and
gasped. Father had seen me! He stood over me, tapping his foot without any particular
rhythm. His grizzled beard looked mangy and unshaven, and his green eyes flashed with
anger. I knew I was in for it this time.

3 May 2010, 08:53 PM   #2
Guest Poster
Please comment and rate! Sorry it was so long, i forgot to break it down...

4 May 2010, 10:05 PM    #3
Guest Poster
Come on guys! 9 views and no comments?

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