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Writing: Epic/Narrartive Poem: Confession

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24 April 2010, 02:31 PM   #1
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(Fans of a certain book series should recognize the ending)
Death’s shadow was cast over the world, disguised as the night sky.
	As the two lie motionless on the rock,
	The waves splashing up against the sides of the mound,
	The moon finally revealed itself 
	From behind the clouds
	And cast down its brilliancy 
	Upon the man and woman. 
	They lie beaten, bruised, and bloodied
	With the full weight of their own bodies preventing them from moving.
	So together,
	The lied on their backs,
	And stared up at the brilliance and intensity
	Of the moon’s light.
		The moon,
	It finally shows its face after twenty, long years.
		So said the man,
	Lying to the right of his female acquaintance.
		As we lie here this night,
	Naked and beaten,
	I do believe that I have had a sudden realization
	And the reason for our battle,
	And my stupidity,
	Has become dreadfully clear.
		The woman lie silent,
	Her face grimacing
	And her eyes stern as they stare up at the sky.
	She did not so much as look over to the man.
	I do understand your anger towards me,
	As I am the reason for all of this.
	But please listen
	As I speak to you.
	Hear my words for what they are
	And take my words,
	This time,
	As the truth.
	For the longest time,
	I have been in search of power.
	Power that could destroy God
	And whither the heavens down to dust
	Is the power I sought.
	But faced with the obstruction of a deathly wall,
	The humans.
	My journey began to grow longer
	And my destination was more distant.
	As my need for power grew stronger
	And my will for something greater than humanity grew as well,
	I admit tonight,
	That I did become corrupt.
	My ambition quickly turned to anger toward the humans,
	An unbreakable wall of will that stood before me,
	And I grew stronger purely on my rage.
	Using that rage, I convinced myself
	That I was powerful enough 
	To defeat mankind. 
	Many years ago,
	A single man from Pannonia sat atop a vicious steed
	And conquered nearly half of the earth.
	This man slashed and tore his way to power
	Through waves of blood and gore.
	Eventually, he met his end on his wedding night in four-fifty-three.  
		A harsh wind blew from the north
	And the waters were thrown atop the couple.
	Neither of them cringed nor moved at all 
	As the waters engulfed them.
	 The cold water washed them of their blood
	And they lie fresh again on the rock.
	The dark-skinned man opened his eyes
	And spread out the wings that sprouted from his scalp.
	The woman still lie motionless, unaffected by the waters or cold breeze.
		In the coldness of the fourteen hundreds,
	Another man did rise to power through bloodshed and conflict,
	and using that power he gained,
	He only created more chaos
	Until his death on the battlefield in fourteen-seventy-six.
	What these men had in common was simple,
	Yet more destructive than most anything else:
	They both sought power and achieved their goals through bloodshed.
	It is only human nature to use violence and war
	To gain power.
	Humanity has been alive for a very short time
	And yet the amount of blood that has been spilt
	Is undeniably great.
	And for what reason
	Is all this innocent blood being shed?
	By pure habit
	Do humans feel the need to kill each other
	Because they feel insecure about themselves.
	Humans are naturally insecure about their existence
	And to prove that they exist,
	They must destroy anything that threatens them.
	An incredibly foolish decision is then made:
	One faction of humans decides to kill another 
	Through warfare and destruction 
	To gain some sort of subconscious prize:
	Pride, the sign of corruption.
	As well do they acquire a thing far worse than pride:
	Power, the corruption itself.
	If it is true what they say:
	Power leads to corruption,
	Then why do people feel the need to gain it?
	Are humans naturally prone to war, bloodshed, and corruption as well?
	Or are humans just too daft to realize 
	That they’re over-efforts to gain such power
	Are worthless if they are just going to walk away
	With tainted minds and souls?
	The purity of one human being compared to another,
	If purity is in fact counted as a matter of opinion,
	May be a debatable concept,
	But a true act of evil shall always be visible in the dark.
	Or is evil truly the darkness itself, 
	Which would be why they cannot see it
	And prevent it before they engage in a heinous act
	Like war?
	Of course, this is not to say that only humans
	Can fault in such a way.
	As we’ve been seeing with our own eyes
	And experiencing ourselves,
	A creature, perhaps even greater than a human,
	Is able to fault as well.
	Hellish creatures from below have been doing war
	With humans for twenty years now.
	And here, 
	At the bitter end,
	Am I the only one who saw this hostility for what it is?
	No, I am not.
	For surely you have seen it as well,
	Miss Olivia. 
	Was not the whole point of your words
	That sought to cast out the truth
	To prove that this war was indeed unneeded?
	Did you not state at more than one interval
	That there is no dispute that words cannot settle?
	Your words have clearly stated that under no circumstances
	Does violence have to be the answer.
	Billions of years ago,
	When the Earth was still young
	And humanity was yet to be born on Earth’s soil,
	There was a great dispute between two great figures:
	Jehovah, the God of Gods,
	And Satan, now the Lord of Demons.
	Satan had wanted to become God himself.
	He sought praise and worship, like his Father before him.
	So through much persuasion and words of wisdom
	That opposed those of the God’s,
	Satan began a campaign of rebellion against the Army of Heaven. 
	Two opposing sides,
	One thought to be the quintessence of Good
	And the other thought to be the embodiment of Evil,
	Did gruesome battle until the final judgment of Fate was cast down.
	Satan and his army of rebellious angels was cast down to Earth from Heaven
	And forced to float forever on the burning sea in Hell.
	Satan believed he had been cheated, 
	That he did deserve the same praise and gratitude that his Father received.
	His feelings were so strong in his mind and heart
	That he felt that war was the only means of gaining what he deserved.
	What he truly believed he deserved was power.
	Even the brightest angel of Heaven had believed at one point
	That the path of war was the only path open before him.
	Not only had he spoken out against his own Father,
	His Creator,
	But he did bring the carnage of what would soon be human nature
	To the land of ultimate peace and harmony.
	Feeling distraught and dismayed about his loss in the War in Heaven,
	Satan did vow vengeance against his Father and brother, Jesus Christ.
	As he did disguise himself and slip in through the gates 
	Of the Garden of Eden,
	Unknown to him that his plan was all but secret,
	And he did tempt Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil,
	Who in turn gave her husband the Fruit to feast upon as well,
	Satan did then condemn all of humanity in the eyes of Heaven
	to be sinners for all time and to be without redemption 
	Did he believe he had made them.
	A jealous disposition that corrupted the mind,
	A great war in the land of eternal peace,	
	Being cast down to Earth, soon Hell, to burn forever,
	And cursing all of humanity to damnation,
	All for the sake of gaining power,
	Just as I have done…
		As the man did take in a deep breath,
	His eyes closing slowly as his heart did the opposite,
	His fingers slithered over to the woman’s hand
	And took hold of it gingerly. 
		In the midst of my search for power,
	I did threaten to oppose such a powerful force that I caused unneeded warfare
	And endangered the lives of many, and took the lives of many more.
	Like many great dictators and corrupted innocents before me,
	I too was tainted with the need for greater power.
	And merely that was enough to drive me to madness.
	Using the power of the Devil to make myself grow stronger,
	I fell back on my demonic nature and background, 
	And created an army bent on beheading the army of humanity and goodness.
	I did not once stop to think about the possibility
	Of humans that were not deserving of death,
	Much like yourself.
	Nor did I consider the possibility of a rebellion
	That threatened my rule.
	In retaliation,
	You created your own army of humans and devilmen 
	Who fought for their life and liberty.
	In my quest to simply grow stronger,
	To gain power for my own self and nothing more,
	I eventually sought power that would completely contradict my own views.
	At the beginning, I saw such evil people,
	As those who truly deserved to die.
	But upon realizing that my efforts to grow more powerful 
	Would eventually be proven wasted,
	My anger caused me to believe that all humans 
	Were the same as them,
	And that they all deserved to die.
	In your rebellion,
	Through your efforts to prove me wrong,
	I do realize that I was indeed the very same.
	Please, Olivia,
	Forgive me. 
	I was a fool.
		The man finally rose,
	Having lied still long enough to gain the strength to move.
	He looked over to his left, 
	And gasped.
		Had he remembered before he had seen her body,
	Perhaps his expression would not now be so grave.
	In the finale of the war, 
	As a desperate, final attempt at victory,
	The man had thrown a mighty kick, 
	That had easily torn the body of the girl in two.
	As a mysterious light from the north began to show,
	The remainder of the woman’s body was revealed.
	The un-washable stains of innocent blood
	Covered her abdomen.
	Her brow stayed furrowed
	And her eyes stayed stern.
	Even in death, 
	Did her anger and disappointment
	Toward her enemy remain.
		So you sleep now, Olivia?
	An eternal sleep…
		The man looked back to the north,
	Eyed the light that showed.
	And upon seeing the light,
	He scoffed
	And turned his wing over his eye.
	He unhanded the woman’s fingers
	And slid his palm over her eyes,
	Closing them forever.
		Do not let that light bother you, dear Olivia.
	Sleep well.
		His right wing extended 
	And casted a shadow over the woman’s face.
	He brought in his limbs,
	Cradling himself,
	And closed his eyes.
		Goodnight, sweet human Olivia.
	I love you.

31 May 2010, 01:04 AM    #2
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My heart hurts.

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