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I Hate My Life

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16 March 2010, 08:29 PM   #1
Guest Poster
I am just a simple fourteen year old girl, who enjoys living a normal life but no seems I
have to bend over to save my hometown.You see, where I live weird things are happening all
the time my name is Ella Livingston.

Crap, I would be so happy if things could be normal for once.Yesterday, I had to freaking
destroy a giant crab with a bomb, and shoot up a bunch of crab people.

Currently, I am living in Staten Island.I wonder what weird thing is going to happen

I honestly, prefer things that are nice and boring.I hate my life, my friends think i'm a
sociopath just because I can't show any remorse let alone any sort of emotion.

Why I was born like this I don't know.I am always speaking in a monotone, with an empty
expression on my face but I swear I can feel a little emotion every now and than.

I sometimes think sadistic thoughts, I think about things like puppies being kicked and
everyone dieing around me but that is normal right?I asked my friends, they got freaked
out by me asking if this was normal suddenly.

They all said no but I personally think nothing is wrong with such thoughts.In my mind,
nobody understands me because I am loosing more and more friends fewer people are staying
by my side because they deem me weird.

Well, they can all just go to heck!Want to know why?It's because, I have a pet hamster
that understands me it loves being on my shoulder, and it actually trust me.

When I first got my hamster back in the 5th grade I was so happy it actually took a quick
liking to me.Our bond grew more and more, each day.

I am in the 8th grade, and the school I go to is called ''Northwood Community School'' the
kids who attend this school are very unique in retarded ways.I know what you are thinking,
using the word retarded isn't a good thing but obviously I don't care!

Now that I have made an introduction for myself the next chapter shall feature some of the
many students who attend Northwood Community School.

Note:Yes, I know there are some grammar errors.

17 March 2010, 11:45 PM    #2
Guest Poster
I stole the keys to the front door of the school yesterday, and now I am inside it is
6:00am.Why am I here so early?Truth of the matter is no reason I just wanted to try, and
see what it is like to do such a thing such as this.

I am going to be in so much trouble, but that is what makes me so cool amongst some of the
other kids at this school they admire how I do what ever I want.I don't worry about what I
have to do because of my actions when I get in trouble.I used to always say if I could do
these things, and not get in trouble I would be so happy i've realized I will have to just
let loose and break rules.

There are a few cigarettes, in my pocket so I take one out light it up, and take a drag.I
breath out the smoke as I simply look down at the floor sitting down against a wall.I have
a bored expression, I wondered what it would be like to break into the school but now

There is nothing else to be done do I really just sit here with the keys wanting to get in
trouble?The fact that I have the keys is enough to get me in trouble, yet for some reason
I still don't leave.I thought I was the only one here but I hear foot steps from down the
hall on my left.

I am trying to stay calm but panicing a lot on the inside, I don't know what to do well if
i'm here to get in trouble why does it matter?Either way, I still feel the need to hide
somehow just as I thought I was busted it is a girl from my class.I realize immediately it
is a girl in my class named Erika Theodore.

All the kids, in this school consider her one of the biggest assholes.She has slightly
long slightly short, hair that is brown and curly.She has green eyes and is a little
chubby, she is wearing a pink shirt,blue jeans,white sneakers, and has on a golden
necklace.She flips her hair, and shoots me a mean glare I wonder to myself does she have a
problem with me?

''So why are you here, Ella?'' asked Erika.

I stare at her for a moment before answering.

''I decided to sneak into the school, sit around get in trouble and have people think i'm
cool for pulling a stunt again with the principal''

''Seriously?Is that all?'', she asked.

''Yup'', I answered.



''So what are YOU doing here?'' I asked monotonously.

''Sleep walking, somehow I managed to get out of my pajamas too''

''Weird''I said looking bored out of my mind.

I decided to stop the conversation, and just flip Erika off she is immature so that pissed
her off and made her stump off mumbling angry words.

I am a little tired I stayed up until 1:00am last night playing computer games.I soon end
up dosing off for an hour when I wake up, and look at my watch it is 7:00am.A little
longer, and the teachers and the principal will be here.

A few kids come inside the school building for early school programs, most of them stare
at me probably wondering why I am here so early.Few more minutes the principal is, right
infront of me staring down at me her name is Principal Victoria

She has short straight brown hair,brown eyes that watch you like a hawk,she is average in
height,she is wearing a black shirt, and skirt.A small smile grows on my face as I get
ready to make a smartass comment.

''So, principal are you pregnant now?Wait, i'm sorry you just gained a little weight
didn't you?Try laying off the brownies i'm worried about you, I see you becoming fatter
everyday''I said with a small smile still on my face.

She looked, boiling mad she was shaking what with anger.

''In to my office now you little trouble maker!'' she screeched.

Wow, I was so happy I managed to piss her off so I went to go sent in her office she was
sitting in her chair facing the other way.I wondered what she was thinking what did she
have to say to me exactly now?Hmm, wonder if she is going to just lecture, me and give me
detention how original.

''I want you to cease all these childish games of yours.I also want you to-''

The rest I didn't pay attention to I just sat in the chair thinking all sorts of
thoughts.After she was finished lecturing me saying the same stuff she always did, she
gave me a detention slip my teacher had to sign.After that, I decided to walk off to my
homeroom a kid stopped me right in my tracks though by walking infront of me.

It was a girl her name was Lenda Ivy, she was the most innocent and polite kid in this
school she was still naive about sex and had angelic blue eyes,her hair was long and
blond,she had on a blue shirt.She also had on a green skirt,black stockings on, and had on
white sneakers.

''H-hello Ella.W-what happened I saw you got in trouble.''Ivy stuttered out with a look of
hesitation in her eyes.

I wondered for a moment why she wanted to know but decided to answer her anyway.

''I got in trouble with the principal, because I was a smartass'' I answered.

I decided not to tell Lenda the intire story of what happened.

''Oh I see...''she said looking at the floor.She than turned around, and walked around

I knew, nothing was wrong with Lenda she was just shy typical of her.I than continued to
my homeroom my book bag was on my back, and I was stopped by another person.What, is with
everyone wanting to speak to me today?

It was a boy named Max he was about 5'6 in height.He had short dark brown hair,a gray
jacket,blue sweat pants, and white sneakers with red in the front.

''Hey, Ella so how about me and you go on a date?'' he asked.

I simply flipped him off, and continued to walk into the classroom.Max, was nothing more
than a manwhore wanting a one night stand.He was known to break girls hearts, by trying to
get into a temporary relantionship with them, fucking them, and than breaking up.

I sat at my desk, and the teacher was writing out what we had to do on the chalk
board.Someone at that very moment, threw something that was on fire at the front of the
classroom.The teacher screamed, and her eyes widened she ran out the classroom like she
had super speed.

We all watched as the front of the classroom was on fire everyone rushed, to the door
before the fire covered that part of the classroom.Everyone left, the building and it
seemed we wouldn't be having school today.According to the fire fighters for atleast a

I was so happy, this meant we wouldn't have school for a whole month!But I was bored, what
was I going to do now?

Note:I think this was crappy, should have used more detail.

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