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Christmas day in the death part one

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23 December 2009, 08:52 AM   #1
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Mari walked around the big Christmas tree in town square and frowned.
"Maybe he's late..."She thought.
She waited more and stared at the Christmas tree. She paced around and noticed it was an
hour. Mari frowned and tried calling a taxi driver only she was ignored. She gave up and
walked toward a subway station. She watched the subways in their fast movements. She
looked more and noticed a slow at time and saw "him".
Mari opened her eyes and noticed the girl with him snuggling him.
"N-no,"She yelled.
She shrieked falling off her feet. A crowd of people didn't notice but only their
business. Mari stood as fast as she could and ran toward the subway he was in. She ran but
didn't notice the subway getting behind her. She noticed a horn behind her back. She
looked a slight bit  behind her and freaked out.
"NO, I don't want to die!"She thought.
Only Mari was getting tired and was getting slower but the subway was still going.
"AHH!"She yelled."S-STOP!"
She fell off her feet and freaked out. She closed her eyes in terror. Until the subway's
noises of clicks went far  away. Mari opened her eyes and saw nothing was hurt.She looked
around and noticed a guy holding her body.
"What!"She said."Why are you helping me?"
"Your heart fire is still bright,"He said calmly."I'm Josh..."
"Josh..."She thought.
"Am I dead?"Mari asked.
"Of course not!"Josh laughed.
Josh flew around the railroads and dropped Mari to the platform she should of stayed on.
Her subway arrived and she walked inside.
"I'll just call him..."Mari thought."Nathan..."
Mari dialed on her cellphone and waited until Nathan was going to answer.
"Answer you freak!"Mari yelled.
Mari shut her mouth and waited more. He didn't answer.
"If you don't answer I'm going to your house!"She said quietly on the voice mail.
Mari out her cell phone inside her pocket and frowned.
"He's cheating on me..."
The subway got crowded and the space was getting stuffy. Mari was getting squished around
her body and felt sweaty bodies hovering over her. Mari then felt a hand touch her under
"A groper..."She thought."No space...H-help!"
She tried hitting the hand but she couldn't reach.
"H-help!"She yelled."J-josh!"
Josh walked through the crowds like a ghost and grabbed Mari and smiled.
"I'm here,"He said.
He walked her through the people and helped her to a seat.
"Go ahead,"Josh said.
Mari sat on the seat while Josh sat next to her. She got tired and blinked very few times
until her head dazed onto Josh's shoulder.
"I-I love you...."She whispered only Josh couldn't hear.

To be continued!!!
Go to part two when i make it!

24 December 2009, 03:54 PM   #2
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omg i jsut discovered that i used the same names from that other story i made(in love
with the goth guy) oops lol i just like those name ^w^ srry also for all those errorss...

30 January 2010, 11:43 AM    #3
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I am a little confused.

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