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Okay, here's my thoughts on ELA Classes. They bug the hell out of me! The teachers can be so self-righteous, thinking they know everything. "But where's the symbolisism?" "MAYBE THEY JUST WROTE A DAMN STORY." I mean really, what if Shakespeare really just wrote his play to mean what it looked like ? Why must there be something deeper? He's dead, you don't know if all this shit is for real, you totally made it up. I read an article by some author who previously wrote a bestseller and she said, "I saw an in-depth analysis of my novel and there was some stuff in there that I didn't even know I wrote." Just like buzz off.
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lol first what does ELA stand for? cause i think the terminology changed..

and second i told this exact same thing back in like 9th grade to my english teacher in
middle of the class.

what i basically said is that unless an author specificallly explains his or her story and
what he or she meant or any greater symbolism, that it was simply pure speculation to
claim to know what he or she was meaning or thinking, etc.


ok and to a big extent i do think its true especially when some people sometimes try and
put in way more than the authori intended....


however, having afterward gone on to study, in particular, psychology, symbology, pattern,
archetypes, and so on....

i do think it is possible that all of authors can produce material that reflects things
with greater semantic meaning than they may even be aware or that they intend.

also this is true in our lives when very routine things have deeper associations and
meanings than we even may be aware or know about.

i will give an example: eating a bowl of cereal.

routine enough no one thinks about it. an author could write: 

"Susan ate her bowl of cereal religiously every Saturday morning while she watched

....and maybe the author intend no deep meaning here.

But if we know that Cereal, named after the Roman Goddess Ceres, was a sacred meal of the
first grains of the harvest, eaten with milk and honey in consecration and thanks to the
goddess for the harvest. then you can begin to wonder did the author perhaps, intend a
deeper meaning. maybe she did maybe she didnt, maybe the word "religiously" happens to be
a coincidence, or maybe she was fullly aware of the symbolism and history of Cereal and
deliberately used the word to reinforce that this was a sacred ritual for her character,
something more important than just a mundane activity.

thats the stuff that gets arguable and sometimes an author will say something about it,
but sometimes they dont even realize what they did.

i agree, people can get more carried away when they run off on the most fantastic
interpretations of what seems very straightforward.

but it is the deeper meaning in things which really strikes the chord in the psyche of the
reader,sometimes even when the reader is unaware of it. that is the power of really good
writing to include that deeper meaning and mask it in a way.

ALL truly good stories are more than just a simple plot of characters doing action and
things happening. they have a deeper meaning and impact upon who we are as human beings.
Good Authors intend this but sometimes we do stuff and dont even realize what we do
because its part of our own inner unconscious understanding and heritage and experience.

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ok to much info 4 me to compute

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haha I know Eddie sure does love writing .
x Each night I wish upon a star I'll run and run , oh so far . To get away from this normal place To hide the pain of your taken face . x </3

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