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7 February 2009, 11:20 PM    #1
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Well, my rules are the same as ATTACKS', but I'll be less strict about the apostrophes and such. Oh, and if this page falls off the front page of the topic, please spam then delete your spamming post. =D It's an effective way to bring it to the front page and yet keep it clean. CHARACTER APPLICATION RULES: - You may never use your own name for creating a character, nor may you base your character on yourself or your best friend. You tend to make the character perfect in that way. - No Mary Sue or Gary Stu. We all have weaknesses. - Even out the genders. If the person who posted their Character Application before you was female, at least attempt to create a male character. - I expect proper grammar, but I won't be an apostrophe and comma terror like ATTACKS. Although grammar and spelling is a must. - No porn or anything explicit. It's rated around for 13 years of age, so nothing too dramatic, please. - No super tragic pasts. - Creativity and originality please. :] - Only after 40 posts may you create another character. THE ROLEPLAY IN GENERAL: - This is how it'll work. After a some time of purposeless roleplaying, I declare someone to have found the book. We make attempts to take it. And then, when the roleplay starts becoming boring, I declare someone can now read the book. - All posts must be at least five lines. - Grammar and spelling is a must, once again. - You must attend classes. Sure, you may cut every once a in a while, but please, try to be present for most classes. After all, these are scholars. Grade conscious, intelligent scholars. We all know how to act like them. - Make sure to make them do realistic things. You shouldn't make the character do something you wouldn't in real life. - Keep the arguments out. Fights between characters are fine. - Respect all the MODs and me. :] - Keep active. Every month I'll clean out the members who don't participate. Their characters will no longer be valid for use. - No making new topics without permission from yours truly. I'm the Boss, and what I say goes. - I shall be posting as the school bell, janitor, and teacher. You will know it is one of the minor characters because the entire post shall be in italic. So, these are what I ask of all of you so far. I'll update once in a while. To make sure you've read the rules, please type the name of your favorite book/novel/story at the appropriate area in the Character Application.
"I believe in psychic abilities, and one day I'll conduct an experiment to prove it all to you. And then I'll work on enhancing them, so to hell with those non-believers." - Nico's Life Goal. It is a bit absurd, but he'll do anything to make it come true.

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