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Legend Refilled/ Chapters 1-2

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Profile I am going to tell you a legend where there were 3 different elements of the Time Continuum. There was Zani, Gork, and Leo. Each of those elements had Rulers. The 3 Rulers were. Zelda, Ruler of Zani. Zider, Ruler of Gork. And Zthunder, Ruler of Leo. They were all best friends. They were also brothers and sisters, they were just born from another side of each family. Zelda, 10 years and Female, was the Youngest in all 3, she was also the Wiset and the most Accurate in Training. She uses a Bow and Arrow. She can hit up to 600 Feet. Zider, 12 years and Male, the Middle. He is also the Strongest. He is the most improved, not to mention he uses he hands, because of his strength he does not need a weapon. He can carry up to 1 million lbs. Zthunder, 15 years and Male. He is the Oldest. He is the Fastest. He can reached up to the Speed of Light, when it comes to Running. He using a Flame Dagger. The Dagger can reach up to 12 inches and can come on fire. They have different Weapons. There were all different. They were safe and sound, until a Divi Tornado strikes against the Rulers' Palace. They roamed in different places of the Town. They look everywhere but they were lot, and they were never found ever again. It had happened 197 years ago. And remember, they have powers, they could have been 10, 12, and 15 right. Still! And they were never spotted again, or did they? Chapter 1 One morning during a School day of 2009, the teacher announced, "Hello Class, we have 3 new students! Here is Zelda, Zider, and Zthunder," said Mrs. Lyndi. Everyone was so confused on their names, and it took them about 3 weeks to remember, even for the teacher. But although they found each other during a rainstorm, they were surprised that the playground equipment look like training equipment. Well, the thing that they had hated, was people making fun of their clothing. All least look on the bright side, well I don't think they have a bright side. They are miles away from their home, and they live in a Foster home. Even Zthunder, the fastest, can travel around the world to find their home. They lost their powers. The only way to get them back is to go to the Altar. The Altar was ruled by Divi. There need help, but who? But Who? They thought. Not to mention, they only talk only like 50 words a year! At least they only had 1 power, Reading Minds. They had a feeling there was one thing left to do to Blend in, in time. Just in the Correct Order, they all said, "Just In Time." They 3 headed off into the mall looking everywhere to try to shop, for clothes. Chapter 2 All but the next day, they came to school. With all new fashions. They took some Fashion Magazines of course. They had to fit in. They did. Zelda, had White Sunglasses on the top of her head. A yellow t-shirt with a Vest over it, A mini-skirt with sparkles, and designer flip-flops. Zider had a Hoodie, Blue Jeans, and Red Ecko Black Shoes. Zthunder, had a Jersey, and a Jacket-Hoodie, Black Jeans, and Autographed basketball sneakers. Everybody was so amazed at everything! They had become popular at that single moment. They ruled the school. Then, the teacher announced that tomorrow was Career Day. They were worried. How are they gonna find their parents in 1 day?! Their Parents are not even found yet. They can't bring their foster mom, they don't look exactly alike. Well, what are they gonna Do? They wondered what to do, what to do. They had it! They will bring their uncle. He and the 3 was the only one founded during the tornado. After school they went to their Uncle's house and told him the Problem, his respond; "Sure I would be Delighted." So, the 3 took him to the mall and bought him 2 suits. 3 long sleeved Button up shirts. And about 3-4 Jeans, to fit in. They went to school the next day. There presentation was the best, since their Uncle was a Doctor. Chapters 3-4 5-6 and 7-8 Will be coming Soon!
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