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Ouran RP?

31 May 2008, 05:30 AM   #1
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Why don't RP our characters here? :3 Since nothing has been happening here.


If the person is an original member of the host club, no need to post these stats. Only if
you want an Original Character. ^^

31 May 2008, 10:14 AM    #2
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Well, I guess I'll put my OC down for no reason...

Name: Yunikurae Sakikuro

Age: Sixteen.

Personality: Rae (her nickname) has always been the very yes-business, no-emotion type.
She always puts her brains to use more than her intuition or her heart. When it comes to
sarcasm, she is the overall master and uses it on many occasions. The only people she
really lets loose for are the Hitachiin twins and Kyouya, whom she knows won't judge her
for being herself. Around adults or superiors, she is honey-sweet, but the second they
turn their backs, you can expect her face to show an evil glare or a smirk signifying
she's formulating her plan.

anime girls black hair
Rae, left, and her older sister, Kierton.

 Rae's family was extremely rich for the first ten years of her life. Her parents were
both successful businesspeople, so she had the chance to get everything she wanted.
However, she never took any of it for granted, and never asked for as much as she could

Rae had one older sister, Kierton, who was born in America and adopted into the family. 

Then, both her parents died when they were shot trying to protect their daughters during a
bank robbery. Rae was nine, almost ten, and Kierton was twelve. 

They were both sent to an orphanage to wait until Kierton turned eighteen and inherited
her parents money. Rae grew up in a very different environment, with violence and many
problems coursing through the six years she spent at that place.

Finally, Kierton was able to get the money her parents had left behind. She took legal
custody of Rae, and the two bought back their house with the millions of dollars of
inheritance the parents had made off of business. Suddenly, Rae was back to her old life,
living without much worry. However, she still stayed the same as she was in the orphanage;
she wore black, shabby clothes and talked with sarcasm, as did her sister.

When Rae was almost sixteen, she took an extremely tough final exam at school and passed
with a perfect score. That's when the school board started seeing the business genius that
was coming out of her from her parents. They decided to give her a partial scholarship to
Ouran High due to the high score on the test. Her sister payed the other half of tuition,
and bam! Rae had become a student.

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