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Neville Longottom (Matthew Lewis)

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Neville is described in the books as a round faced boy with light brown hair. He is not
all that bright, but he managed to pass his O.W.L.s. He is forgetful and clumsy. He was
one of the first to join the D.A., and made considerable progress in his dueling skills,
which were greatly needed at the Battle at the Department of Mysteries. His best subject
is Herbology, in which he received an Outstanding O.W.L., and he ends up teaching. He has
a Mimbulus Mimbletonia, which he got from his great-uncle Algie. He treasures it, tending
to it carefully. His old wand (formerly his father's) broke during the Department of
Mysteries battle, but he bought a new one, made of cherry wood with a unicorn hair core.
This new wand may have been one of the last ones Ollivander sold before he disappeared.
Neville revealed that his family thought he was a Squib until Neville was eight years old,
when his Uncle Algie dropped him from a window and he bounced. 

Neville Longbottom 

Biographical information 

Gender Male 
Born July 30th, 1980 
Family Frank Longbottom (father)
Alice Longbottom (mother)
Augusta Longbottom (grandmother)
Algie Longbottom (great uncle) 
Blood Status Pure-blood 
Wand Father's wand (formerly)
Cherry wood, unicorn hair core 
Boggart Severus Snape 
Occupation Professor of Herbology 
Affiliation Dumbledore's Army
Harry Potter

23 February 2008, 10:25 AM    #2
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hes a good charactar in hp

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