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The Roleplay Club

28 May 2007, 03:19 PM   #1
Wil Ohmsford
Joined: 14 Mar 2007
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Wil Ohmsford breached the podium and gazed out over the mass of members that had gathered
around the stage.

"My fellow members," he uttered out sharply, his voice raising out like a match in a pitch
black dark room. "I Wil Ohmsford promise you all a wonderful stay around here with your
fellow members."

"Look out amongst your crowd members," he started once more. "These are your family
members, your enemies, your best friends, your bosses, your future. Use each other wisely
to make sure your adventures take you further than you can imagine. Make them all happy to
also be there with you on this journey."

And with that he walked to a board, it was solid wooden oak and had letters engraved upon
it in the Elven tongue. "Dost Not Thou Who Durst Deny Thy Rules" the board had written as
a titile. 

Wil moved over to the board and lit a flame under it, taking the board ito blaze. Moments
later a blood red writing floating amid the air was all that was left. "The Rules!" he

And the rules read like this:

1.) All Characters Are Equal. No one is to be any better than another.
2.) No Characters have powerful attributes. You are all human, unless noticed otherwise.
3.) No Characters are to have sexual relations on here. Our adventured may go as far as
4.) No Characters shall spam their adventures.

And that was all that was needed to be read.

Wil stared out above the crowd and shouted. "Ye have heard thy rules. Now, go forth! Go on
your adventures!"

And that was how the Roleplay Club became.
~You Think Your Miserable? Well look at me. I am blind, deaf, and alone. Now leave me be so I can
die in peace.~

17 November 2007, 07:23 PM    #2
Joined: 13 Nov 2007
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ok! lets get this thing started!

*asuma jumped from branch to branch landing lightly on each one. he sat in the night
listening to everything*

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