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Rules (All rules that apply to the club, RPing, etc.)

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I make this look good.
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Before Applying 

1. Make sure you have a character to RP with! The character has to be at least partially
developed. Characters aren't something you complete in a matter of minutes. Sometimes it
can take hours, days, weeks, or longer to fully develop your character. But for this club,
you must have the very basic information down(name, age, gender, rank, basic

Discussion Rules

1. Don't spam the boards! If it's informational topics, it's undertstandable. But if
you're posting useless info or advertising multiple times in a few minutes, THIS is spam.

2. All content must be suitable for all audiences. In other words, no swearing, no sexual
content, nothing. It is possible to make this child-safe. If you want more violent or
adult RP, keep it on another site, or do it over an IM. This rule is set in place out of
courtesy. Were it not for Kupika being somewhat child-safe, it would not be here.  XD 

3. Stay on-topic! In the middle of an RP, don't jump in and talk about how much you love

4. Respect your staff! Now, this doesn't mean you have to wait on us hand and foot or be
terrified of us, but it does mean that you have to keep in mind that we -can- remove you
from the club, and if necessary, have more disciplinary action.

5. Common sense. If you have ANY experience with forums, you know what's expected. The
same applies here. 

RP Rules

1. There is no post limit for RP posts; however, if someone posts a detailed paragraph and
obviously put effort into it, then it would be rude of you to reply with a one-line,
asterisk-flooded post. Don't belittle the other RPer who posts two lines, by posting a
novel-length post. Try to keep them reasonably similar. You don't have to follow specific

2. I prefer that, if you post in paragraph form, keep them third person, past-tense. (He
grabbed his kunai and held it tightly.) If you're still not sure, get a grammar book. If
you've ever read a book, then this is the basic style for most novels. Use it. 

3. Fighting is encouraged, but only in-character. Don't go around killing everyone for the
sake of killing(unless of course, this is in-character.) and don't create a character
specifically for killing off someone you don't like. Also, powerplaying(the controlling of
someone else's character - {He grabbed her by the throat and squeezed, making her choke.}
- is not allowed. God-modding, or basically being invincible, dodging every attack, etc.
is forbidden. Fighting is done in paragraph form, not with dice, not with numbers -
paragraph ONLY. No stats. 

4. Unless you're a canon character, you are limited in the jutsus you may have. For
example, you can't have Rasengan or Chidori unless you ICly get training from Kakashi or
Jiraiya. Notice those characters aren't here? O: Well, you don't get that jutsu. You
cannot have sand-controlling abilities unless ICly, Gaara teaches you them. 

5. Uchiha clan members are not allowed. Why? Because the clan is EXTINCT. Got it? Good.
The only Uchihas are Itachi and Sasuke, and they probably wouldn't be caught dead out

6. Be reasonable in the climate and weather. It almost -never- rains in the desert.
There's not much plant-life, save for scrub bushes and cacti. You wouldn't find a platypus
out here either. USE COMMON SENSE. 

7. S-ranked missing-nin are not allowed. I've been through many, many forums and almost
every other character is an S-ranked missing-nin. So, no super-powerful characters AT ALL.
No ten-year-old Jounin, either, no child prodigies(unless you have a VERY good reason).
It's OKAY to be NORMAL. 

8. Remember that the majority of the cast characters probably can beat the crud out of
your fan-character. Why? They're stronger, faster, and they're CANON. So choose your
fights wisely. 

9. You can RP cast-characters if you want. But if the cast character is already being RP'd
you must ask permission before using them in your character's history or future. This also
means you can't join as Naruto's long-lost brother unless you ask permission. (Some
exceptions will be made, however - if you're VERY good at convincing me.) 

10. You can RP up to four different characters. But you must keep up with them and each of
them must have a profile in the Character thread.

Disciplinary Action

1. If you break any one rule - it's an automatic warning. We'll note you and what you did
- and we won't forget.

2. Do it again and(if it's minor, or an accident) you'll get a second warning. But if we
plainly see your actions were deliberate, you'll be removed from the members list for a
few days. 

3. A third rule breaking results in a ban. No exceptions. But you are permitted after a
week or so(to give us time to cool off) to ask to re-join, and you must give your reasons.
We might let you back in, provided you prove yourself worthy.

More rules will be added and they are subject to change. It is your responsibility to know
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Can you add another rule that when a person is attacking another person, they don't put
it in really gore like details? Just nothing really PG-13, please.

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