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2 September 2012, 07:29 PM   #1
Nyappy // Hakruyuu Ren, Ja'far, Rin and Len
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EXAMPLE Name of Character from Manga; Hakruyuu Ren. Age; Sixteen years old. Sex; Male. Occupation/Scenary; A Magi/Dungeon Capturer History; Hakuryuu had two brothers, a older sister and his two parents who he loved dearly. As the fourth Prince, he always believed to himself that everything was okay and his life was ahead of him. Until when he was younger the "Organization" had made a fire at the Palace, causing the death of his family besides himself and his older sister who soon became his most important person, as his only last kin. Likes; Cooking, fighting, using his spear and enjoys reading. Weakness; Jokes, his family/Sister and fire that reminds him of the fire. Powers; Royal Spear Training Hakuryuu is an extremely strong and talented spear user. At a very young age, Hakuryuu was trained in Royal Spear Handling. Magoi Manipulation He was taught the ability to entrust his Ki (Magoi) into his spear by training with the Yanbara Tribe, thus making it strong enough to pierce something even Morgiana's kicks couldn't damage. He has also learned how to combine his magoi manipulation with Zagan's powers, including when using Djinn Equip. Wooden Arm Hakuryuu can make his arm grow at an exponential rate. Djinn Hakuryuu's Djinn is Zagan. Zagan is the Djinn of Loyalty and Purity. He uses his Djinn to control earth and life. It awakens the power of plants from any thing the metal vessel touches. After losing his left arm to Isnan he uses the replacement artificial arm to fight by turning it into vines and trees he uses it like a tentacle whip projectile. He is also able to create a small wood dragon out of the arm Hakuryuu's Household is made up of creatures that he made into his servants with Zagan’s power. His Metal Vessel is his spear, which he always has around him. Zaug Mobarzo (Fallen Dragon Wooden Lotus Shock) This attack originates from his artificial arm, it releases several wooden projectile dragons able to bite an opponent. Zaug Aluazura (Manipulated Life Bow) He can also fire his monsters off by holiding his spear like a bow and arrow, firing off multiple monsters at once. Combination Move It is a combination between Zagan’s powers and Hakuryuu's Magoi Manipulation. Zagan can only manipulate the plants that are in contact with his Metal Vessel, but by sending Zagan’s Magic inside of the plant seeds, thanks to Hakuryuu's Magoi Manipulation, he is able to manipulate the plant as long as the Magoi he sent inside of the seed doesn’t run out. Djinn Equip Hakuryuu is able to perform a half body Djinn Equip complete with his weapon. In this form, he is able to equip exactly half of his body, with the right side being normal and the left side being that of his Djinn. Once he has equipped half of his body with Zagan’s power, he can become a being more close to a Djinn and his abilities are not limited only to controlling plants his metal vessel has touched anymore. The Djinn of life, Zagan, not only controls plants, but also several other creatures he can also send his Magoi to like the microscopic fungus that exists in the atmosphere make them grow, turning them into his servants. These monsters are very similar to the ones in the Dungeon, Zagan. These monsters come out every time he swings his weapon. These monsters are very acidic and can easily melt Aladdin's Bolg. After six months has passed he is now capable of doing a full body Djinn Equip. Personality; He has a serious personality and worries over little things. He has an inferiority complex, in which he always puts himself down. Because of his sister, Hakuei Ren, taking over his mother’s position, he treasures her a lot, as she is his last of kin. Hakuryuu has a giant crush on Morgiana, and he will never give up until she loves him back. It was revealed that he has an intense hatred for his mother. Appearance; Hakuryuu is short, with blue hair and wears a long drab that shows his royalty. His eyes are two different shades of blue. He always carries around his spear, and has a large burn scar on the left side of his face. He has a wooden prosthetic arm. Why you chose this character/ Explanation of why this person is important; I chose Harkuryuu Ren as one of my characters because he is a flawless, masterpiece to me who has definately caught my eye from this manga. The way he expresses his motives, and actions fascinate me in many ways as he can once change from time to time depending on others around him. Despite this, he has moved me in many ways possible, teaching me things as others do about friendship and trust issues. I believe without him, there would be no real ideal of the story other than those who help him out. There isn't really much I can say but, he's one of my favorites and made an impact on my life. // Name of Character from Manga; Ja'far. Age; Eighteen years old. Sex; Male. Occupation/Scenary; Magi. King of Sindria History; He once tried to kill Sinbad, but failed. ( . Editing . ) Likes; Working. Weakness; Children. Powers; According to Sinbad, Jafar is a trained assassin knowing a very particular skill. Wire Jafar is proficient in using his wires to ensnare and stab with the bladed tip an opponent. DjinnEdit Jafar uses the powers of Sinbad's Djinn, Baal. Baal lends his power to his Household Vessel, Balalark Sei. Household Vessel Balalark Sei (Twin Snakes Rope Darts) It takes the form of the wire that he changes into the form of twin snakes to ensnare and bite the opponent. [i]Appearance; Jafar is an average sized man with white hair. He wears a long drabe that covers his entire body, and an Arabian keffiyeh on his head. He has short white hair and has freckles around his nose. In the manga his eyes are black, but in the anime, his eyes are blue. When enraged, Jafar's eyes change into eyes that resemble those of a snake. Personality; Jafar is a serious person, who gets angry easily. He is most often the voice of reason when Sinbad is doing something outrageous. He tends to scold Sinbad a lot, despite Sinbad being his King, older, and stronger than him. When provoked or angered, Jafar shows a whole different side to himself. He was easily willing to kill Kassim, when Kassim opposed Sinbad. Another time when this happened is when Judal called Jafar small fry and told him to step aside, because he had some business with Sinbad, Jafar was going to use his Household Vessel, Balalark Sei with his full strength. One of the eight generals, he uses the weapon household's vessel 'Valalark Sei'. His loyalty towards Sinbad is so high that he will approach with a murderous intent to anyone who insults him. However, when Sinbad always does things as he pleases, it will cause him endless worry, and he sometimes will feel faint. He usually only wears official clothing as he only has one set of normal clothing he received from Sinbad when he was 14.(It became too small and he could not wear it anymore). He is easily irritable. Why you chose this character/ Explanation of why this person is important; I have chosen Ja'far because to me he reminds me of a older Shota boy who makes me realise some things about treating others mut knowing what to do and how to fix things. He has the power to do what he wants, but also the knowledge to see what's going on around him. I will fix this later. // Name; Rin and Len Holmes Age; Fifteen. Sex; Male and Female Occupation/Scenary; Magi History; Rin and Len were born and raised in the country of Aosis, good ol' friends of Sinbad and Jafar who had come in contact with their parents. With this it was only time that they had become very poor that their parents had become sick, and were sold off for physical labor using their powers for money. Because of this, Sinbad had made a special offer that Jafar and himself would take care of these two inside the Palace for as long as they live and become healthy again. With this, the four had a special relationship with each other, depsite being that they aren't well seen anywhere but inside the palace. Likes; Rin and Len are easily alike, but in many ways different. For instance; Rin likes fruit, sleeping, hanging around with her brother, practicing her magic and going around the town secretly with Jafar to take care of thieves. On the other hand, Len likes to read, cook, hang out with his sister and Jafar, and most likely to anything... read and solve math problems. Dislikes; As well as they are alike, they are also different in many ways. The two of them dislikes being treated as kids, being underestimated and being thrown around by orders. For one, Rin doesn't like it when they say Len is the smarter one and compare them two which often gets them in fights. And Len, he doesn't like being looked upon as a girl or just a doll used for others. Because of this, there are many obstacles they have to face with each other. Weakness; Rin and Len have a weakness over their enslaved parents, but also have trouble making friends so they are very gullible. Powers; Rin and Len share a very strong power, but because of their weakness and stubility they have it hard to control it and sometimes are able to mess up the town or cause trouble. But when they are all serious and together with magic, they are very powerful and can do anything as long as they try. Links Links is a very powerful attack, allowing them to use chains that are wrapped around their hands to attack their enemy and squeeze them to their death. Or atleast, make cuts and bruises over the opponents arms until they are numb and unable to work anymore. Nullification Rin and Len have a special Nullification Alice that allows one to lose their Magi powers for a short run so they are unable to attack with any special forces. Baal Other than Jafar and Sinbad, the two are always allowed to use Sinbad's Djinn Baal to higher up end their powers, to grow them stronger. Sakura Tenjou "Cherry Attack" is when Rin and Len combine their powers together, or share their power in all one person the two can create a very special new attack they make in one go, meaning that they can create new powers whenever they are strong and trained and their spiritual Magi power are at high ends. Because of this, they get tired easily and can black out. Personality; Rin and Len are very good kids who look out for each other, and care for others safety. But because of their differences many people often lead them into a fight, causing great trouble when they get angry and attack each other with power, destroying the land around them. Now because of their past, they have very unhealthy stabalisms that disallow them to go outside much, but when they do it's for grabbing food or training. Len has a critical sickenss that when he works too hard, he collapses and doesn't wake up for three days to a week. Depsite all of this, they are very quiet and soft people who despite their misgivings, have very strong power and independance. Appearance; Rin and Len have very bright but light blond wavy hair. Len's hair reaches below his ears that curve in more, but because of his soft complexion and gullible personality he is given off as a girly doll that can be manipulated. Rin has long wavy hair like her brothers, reaching below her shoulder just like her brother as they come off as twins. One can never tell who is who, but now that Rin's hair is grown out, people can tell which is who. They often where a bright yellow school uniform jacket with a tie and white collar shirt under with a logo showing that they are from a Magi training school for the ellite. Len wears his orange plaid pants that reach his feet, and Rin has a skirt that matches and goes above her knees shortly.
Prince Ren Hakuryu; Sixteen; Magoi Ja'far | King of Sindria | Eighteen http://i46.tinypic.com/9axx5h Rin and Len Holmes | Fifteen | Magi | Live with Ja'far and Sinbad http://i49.tinypic.com/2iaznrk

3 September 2012, 11:23 PM   #2
Guest Poster
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Name: Miranda Rosalind Sheni { Mira }

Age: 13

Sex: Female

Magi slave ( Owned by Hakuryuu )

History: Mira was born in a rich family and became a Magi when she was 8. She had a
lonely, boring childhood and never did much. A large wildfire had been spreading ever
since the day she was born and the day it goes out she believes she will die. She is the
only survivor of the wild fire which struck their home when she was 10. Some men found her
in the wreckage and promised her they would care for her like she was their daughter. The
men made her a slave though she has not been sold yet and she is on the market for 3 years
now working for nobleman after nobleman but always returning to the men. she has two dogs
that started following her one day named Cato and Nikita she has two concealed swords
under her long dress's skirt

•Cato and Nikita  
•the color teal 
•sharp objects

•being a slave her captors 
•her last name 
•her full name[which is Miranda Rosalind Sheni]

•her dogs getting hurt 
•Cute Boys
•a good deal
•blunt objects


Double Sword Slash:
She uses both swords

Attack Dog: 
makes Cato attack

she boxes

Double Ice Sword:
her swords get covered in a thin layer of frost and freezes opponent on contact

A blizzard appears and pelts opponent with ice

Mira has trust issues but is very friendly and loyal once you get to know her. Mira is
irritable at first glance but nearly always quiet. She becomes practically mute around
cute boys and is terrified of blunt objects because her many masters would beat her when
she misbehaved. Fire and immense heat remind her of the fire that killed her family and
cased her slavery. She cant stand it if Cato or Nikita get hurt because of her friendship
with them. One thing Mira cant resist is a good deal. Mira has an afinity for sharp
objects and loves the color teal.

Mira has long, thin, limp, black hair that she wears in a braid she has unnaturally bright
blue eyes and a creamy, light, skin color. She has a broken chain around her right arm and
shackles on her feet. She always wears an old frilly teal dress and brown bodice with
brown shoes.

other: She is severely color blind and sees in black white and gray. The only colors she
sees are teal and brown

4 September 2012, 05:31 PM   #3
Nyappy // Hakruyuu Ren, Ja'far, Rin and Len
Joined: 2 Sep 2012
Posts: 40
Prince Ren Hakuryu; Sixteen; Magoi Ja'far | King of Sindria | Eighteen http://i46.tinypic.com/9axx5h Rin and Len Holmes | Fifteen | Magi | Live with Ja'far and Sinbad http://i49.tinypic.com/2iaznrk

7 September 2012, 07:30 PM   #4
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Name: Jezebel Anila Sheni

Age: 9

Sex: Female

Occupation: Slave (so far unowned)

History: Jezebel's name means impure and to her late father that is all she was. Jezebel
was born from an affair her late mother had with another man and her father disowned her
as soon as she was born. She was only three when her mother and biological father {whom
she was living with after her and her sister ,Mira's mother and  fake 'father' were
killed in the fire}was assassinated. A man found her nearly dead underneath the rotting
corpse of her father who died protecting her. The man nursed her back to health and put
her on the market. She has never been sold.

•friendly people
•her imaginary friends
[she hasn't experienced enough to like or dislike much]

•Mean people
•being sick

•nearly everything

She always talks to her imaginary friends Timmy and Talia she is very curious and is
miserable when she is sick. Jezebel is strong willed bu she is also very shy even if she
had a chance she would never speak to other children unless forced to. She is stubborn and
once she has her mind set she will do as she pleases

She is an albino with white hair white skin and pure white eyes. She wears a pink and
purple dress like her sister's.

Other: Even though she has pure white eyes she can still see but she is deaf and only
speaks and knows sign language

8 September 2012, 09:35 AM   #5
Nyappy // Hakruyuu Ren, Ja'far, Rin and Len
Joined: 2 Sep 2012
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- She cannot have powers if she is not a Djinn or Magi, she is simply a slave like you have setted. - More personality, I have told you this before - I would love for stories to stop adding up to fires, it's getting very tiring and used too much. - I would love to accept it, but she is too young to be wandering around alone.
Prince Ren Hakuryu; Sixteen; Magoi Ja'far | King of Sindria | Eighteen http://i46.tinypic.com/9axx5h Rin and Len Holmes | Fifteen | Magi | Live with Ja'far and Sinbad http://i49.tinypic.com/2iaznrk

8 September 2012, 09:58 AM   #6
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Is that better?

8 September 2012, 10:00 AM   #7
Nyappy // Hakruyuu Ren, Ja'far, Rin and Len
Joined: 2 Sep 2012
Posts: 40
I was hoping you'd also change the personality like I said above, but I guess I can say your accepted. I am hoping for better next time.
Prince Ren Hakuryu; Sixteen; Magoi Ja'far | King of Sindria | Eighteen http://i46.tinypic.com/9axx5h Rin and Len Holmes | Fifteen | Magi | Live with Ja'far and Sinbad http://i49.tinypic.com/2iaznrk

8 September 2012, 10:07 AM   #8
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I just edited the personality

8 September 2012, 10:10 AM   #9
Nyappy // Hakruyuu Ren, Ja'far, Rin and Len
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Posts: 40
It's a lot better, but always check your spelling. I really don't feel like saying anything rude or strong to you, but I explained on the front page it is a LITERATE club like the rules say. I must go for now. Over think your writing and traits.
Prince Ren Hakuryu; Sixteen; Magoi Ja'far | King of Sindria | Eighteen http://i46.tinypic.com/9axx5h Rin and Len Holmes | Fifteen | Magi | Live with Ja'far and Sinbad http://i49.tinypic.com/2iaznrk

8 September 2012, 10:22 AM    #10
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Alright will do!

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