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20 February 2011, 03:39 PM    #1
Captain;; Noah Bernard
Joined: 20 Feb 2011
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I should have made this first. ;o;

Welcome to this new roleplay club~
There's nothing really special about it. No storyline, no setting, no big adventures.
We'll see what happens as the roleplay progresses. 
Don't be shy, and don't hold back. Feel free to make friends and have fun. Please don't
make enemies. If people fight seriously, I might just have to chuck them out. >:D

There are no rules. If I feel rules need to be added, I'll add them. For now, it's just a
nice bit of fun.
As I've said in the characters page, it might be best if there are no sad people that hate
life that create a character in their mirror image. I've seen that before. It's kinda
annoying. -3-"

Try not to overflow the roleplay with:
OOC - It's allowed, but if no roleplay is going on, and it's taking up pages, you might as
well send messages. Or, create a room for OOC, if there isn't already one.
POSTS - I've had a roleplay where one topic had over 1000 pages. It got a bit annoying. If
a place gets over crowded, I'll lock it, and create a new place that is the same. 
PLACES THAT ARE THE SAME - If someone has created a park, don't create a new one. -o-

I think that's about it.
See you later! I hope you enjoy.

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