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Looking Glass Valley

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9 October 2010, 01:16 AM   #1
The Founder
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Looking Glass Valley, a peaceful place where mostly astronomer works. Inhabit by all kind
of people 
that get along mostly. There are open ranges where the wolfs run and fairies play. Create
your own
story lines.

I'm Marcus Alexander, I walk through these worlds, alone to find the one

10 October 2010, 12:10 PM   #2
The Founder
Joined: 9 Oct 2010
Posts: 1169
Just resting outside and eating some chocolate I looked over and saw some of my friends
just kicking the soccer ball around. We are all carriers and work for Express Carriers.
Yeah this is the life, we take job that we want to and pretty much do what we want to,
just as long as we don't get in trouble and have the sentinels chasing after us. My last
job was carrying a package up to the Citadel where the rich and powerful live at, trust me
they are a bunch of snobs, always looking down at working class people. But I heard that
there was something going on not sure, but it got some people here in the city all in a
uproar. Not really interested in it, just waiting for a posting on the job board for my
next job. 
Saving up for a new scooter.

I'm Marcus Alexander, I walk through these worlds, alone to find the one

10 October 2010, 12:30 PM   #3
Guest Poster
As I walked through the city quietly watching people from behind my blindfold, I know
this place by heart I grew up here and I hope that I can leave soon enough. I look about
feeling someones eyes on me, I do not know why but this has been going on for a while
always feeling watched and starred at. I stop walking to rest against a job board hoping
that I get a call from the BlackKnights for anything new or a mission that needed to be
done, anything to get my mind off the feeling of being watched. Pulling a cigeratt out I
light it and blow a nice circle from my mouth, I picked a habbit and it just so happened
to be smoking.

11 October 2010, 08:04 AM   #4
Guest Poster
I was sitting on the curb of the street, elbows at my knees, while Emory was off inside talking to some guy, I think, named Ciar. I can't necessarily remember who this Ciar was and why Emory wanted to come here, but I could only assume that he probably got his joints from here. But I couldn't be worrying about who this person was or why we were here to see him, I had to be doing what I was told to. My eyes wandered up and scanned the road, trying to seem unsuspicious- I wonder how that worked out? Lexi had told me about some new group of... Officers, although they were nonetheless like little superheroes; she told me not to worry about them but I still should look out, just in case Emory's up to something bad like he usually was. I thought about that for a moment, making small laugh and playing with my sleeves- Emory was a strange, head-strong fellow. He was the tallest, and biggest, out of our little family. Too bad he always looked to be up to no good- which was probably the reason why I had to be outside just 'n case.

11 October 2010, 07:42 PM   #5
Guest Poster
I looked around the street and notice one only one person with a very interesting chakra,
it swirled with confusion and arched twirling about as if this one person was indeed
mixxed about himself. I simply smiled knowing this one was something of a puzzle, and
puzzles were one of my few and fairly fun hobbies. I think about what my moves were going
to be, I start to think of what could happen, but nothing is worse them leaving a soul
like that on the streets.
 I take my last drag of my cigeratt and walk over to him blowing my smoke in the oppisite
direction of him as I spoke calmly and quietly "Hello there... do you mind helping a blind
man find a place to eat?" I used this trickery many of a time, the blind card. My
blindfold coveres my black eyes in hopes not to scare anyone away while I try and help
them. I bite my inner lower lightly in an act of trying to look hungery, but as I did this
I herd my stomach growl wildly only to make my face warm up a bit.

11 October 2010, 07:50 PM   #6
Guest Poster
Time was being lazy. Emory hadn't came out yet with the joints. I was becoming uneasy, but what made it worse- a voice came up from next to me. I couldn't help but let my eyes follow him up, studying his clothing style. I felt my heart pound. That clothing style; it fit the description Lexi had made about the BlackKnights! I was becoming worried- Please, Emory, please, at least have the joints hidden when you come out... I smiled up at him, trying to cast no suspicion. "I'm sorry, stranger, I'm not supposed to go with people I don't know; regardless." Pause. "How'd you know I was here anyways? ...Oh, nevermind that. I'm afraid I cannot help you. Terribly sorry." I told him sweetly, trying to sound like I wasn't in any type of uneasiness- though I was nervous at most.

11 October 2010, 08:00 PM   #7
Guest Poster
I held back a snicker at the boy and faked myself hard to sit next to him, though it was
difficult to some degree but faking it was much more difficult. I looked over at the boy
his chakra seemed to clog lightly at his heart, this signaled that he was indeed nervious
and stressed about something. "I knew... by the sound of your heart and breathing, being
blind helps me hear, see and well you enough the rest..." I made a motion of rolling with
my wrist telling him to fallow down the list of scenes.
I hated this part, I had to act blind to get the person I needed to protect, prehaps this
was not the best time to do this but I felt the need to know. "Well... that ruins my
day.." I quickly thought of a place near-by "I was suppose to meet someone at La Cafe
Favor, but I do not know where it is..." I acted pist at myself and pulled out another
cigeratt. I searched for my pack of cigeratt's, found them only to be empty completly. I
rubbed my forehead in an annoyed manner biting my lower lip craving a cigeratt, or just a
drag of something or another, anything with smoke.

11 October 2010, 08:11 PM   #8
Guest Poster
I began to find myself overreacting so much to the BlackKnight who was now at my side. I could feel beads of sweat run down my face and my heart go wild. I was scared to get caught in these acts, but I had to just hope that Emory would be out in a few moments with hidden joints and coming up with a filthy, yet believable lie to get away from this guy without getting caught. "I'm terribly sorry, sir, I'd help you if I had the time or if I was allowed to- but you know how parents are." He said, scooting away, trying to pay no attention to him. A few moments, I heard the loud slam of a door and turned away. The tall, big black man with braided hair and dark sunglasses came out and looked kind of pissed. "Hey, hey, hey, Cracker! The hell you think you're doing?" He boomed strongly, holding onto the bag that was secretly filled with joints. I jumped up quickly, almost stumbling, but caught myself and turned around to make eye-contact with the man. "Oh, Emory, he's... he's blind and lost... Harmless!" Emory seemed to scoff, "When we get back home, I need to teach ya' somethin', 'D', 'kay?" His eyes switched over to the other male. "You should prolly' scram, cracker." He said to the other male and walking over to me. Man, I was beginning to feel really bad, but I never had the guts to go against Emory's words.

11 October 2010, 08:21 PM   #9
Guest Poster
I looked up at the bigger male, he had chakra flowing from it and it nearly choaked me at
how dark it was. I stood wobbling quietly in my place as I nearly stumbled onto him with a
slight uncosecutive laugh "Sorry mate... I lost my cane, someone stole it from me on my
way here" I said knowing at this moment I looked like a blind fool who could berle do
anything. I tried my best to stand with a wobbile allowing myself to blush at how easily
it was to fool this guy. 
I smelt something, something off, but it was such a great smell I just could not help but
to ask "You got a smoke on you?" this question was probible odd coming from a blind guy,
but it was an obession I could not stop myself from doing. I pulled out my lighter and my
empty packet of cig's "I ran out... I even have money to pay, how is fifty?" I asked
quietly knowing no thug could resist taking from a blind guy.

11 October 2010, 08:53 PM   #10
Guest Poster
Emory had almost been dragging me away before he stopped and spun around at the words- I knew this couldn't be good and gave a look of deep worry over. "Fifty?" He repeated, smiling a big grin, "Hm, I'd say a deal." A gave up a look at him- I was astonished! "Bu-but Emory... do you think... giving him," Gulp, "one of those would be wise...?" He put his hand in front of me, made a quick snarl to tell me to shut up before he leaned over and explained, though it wasn't anything like what I was trying to get through into his head, "I bought seven for us... for 100 dollars even- we'll have enough too, considering you detest this stuff. Fifty for just one? I'd like to say that's a purty goo' deal, dontcha' say?" It was in a whisper, but his voice was always loud, and I knew he could be heard. I let a sweat drop from my face as he reached out to hand a joint to him, but didn't show any signs to give it to the stranger until he showed him the money. I couldn't say anything. I stood there feeling bare naked, unable to stop him now that he was practically waving it around. Did Emory not know this guy was a BlackKnight? They were just... protectors though, right? Not like police officers. I could only hope though...

11 October 2010, 09:22 PM   #11
Guest Poster
I looked at him with a tilted head, and reached for my wallet quickly and shuffled
through the bills in my pocket. I ran them acrossed as if trying to read the number, when
I found a fifty I pulled it out "Uhhh... sorry if I ask such an awkward question, but
uhh.. weres your hand?" I knew where it was of course, but the one named Emory did not
know I knew. I felt a sudden shock, my phone was viabrating but it was just berle
noticable as it was in my left back pocket, I just stood there hoping it did not beep.
I sniffed the air as if detecting something different with my nose, but I actually did
with my eyes "Looks like the young one has never done this before, it is only a smoke
nothing to litterally sweat over~" I chimmed quietly knowing the poor kid was nearly
sweating up a stream. I felt as if I was going to faint if I did not have  this smoke, it
was right infront of me, right in my grasp, but to get it I would have to pay the price.

11 October 2010, 09:30 PM   #12
Guest Poster
Emory, without any hesitation, snatched the fifty-dollars and exchanged it for the joint, slapping it cooly into his hand before smiling down at me with that oblivious grin. "Nope, child never went to watch the exchange of smokes. See, D? Just a few puffs." I cupped my face, shaking my head. I knew the stupidity of Emory was greatly outnumbered by his lack of sense- which just made it even worse. He didn't realize that one that joint hit the others' lips, he was going to be able to tell it wasn't just or usual Marbel Red or anything like that- but something much worse. "E-...Emmy, we should probably leave. Lex is waiting for us..." I told him, nervously, wanting to get out of here before the other was to notice anything suspicious about it. Emory escaped a laugh, as though agreeing though. "Alright, Shawty. Thanks for the trade, cracker." He said, waving and walking away. I clenched to his jacket, trying not to look book. I was expecting something bad.

11 October 2010, 09:45 PM   #13
Guest Poster
I felt around the outside of it, it was indeed a joint but I did not care. I was soon
behind both of them my hands swiftly moving over both their bodies hitting multiple chakra
points to shut down their bodies, my blinfold had fallen in this small furry but it was
worth it. I light the join and stuck it in my mouth just as I watched the two fall quietly
to the ground "And that my dear friends, is why you never trust a blind guy...." I sounded
like an actual teacher for a second, but laughed quietly at this.
I felt bad only for one of them, the one that the one named Emory had called 'D'. I felt
only sorry for this guy because he was not as dark souled at the other one, but he was
indeed dark. I know what I had just done was wrong, but these two did just sell a joint
which I myself did not care for but just for the hecks of it I wanted to see then fall
down crippled just to see if the could recover quickly.

11 October 2010, 09:54 PM   #14
Guest Poster
Emory had passed out with a grunt. I heard it myself, and to be honest, I knew I wasn't far after. I don't even remember hitting the ground. All I felt was the throbbing of my head that must've banged into the concrete and the light skin at my knee, yet it hadn't broken into my jeans. Everything was dark and hazy for a moment. Everything slowly came back to me though, but at a snails-pace. A minute passed before I could feel even my eyes open to meet with the street-lights, road, and side walk. A few blinks helped me psuh my body back up, but it was so painful, it felt like needles were stabbing me everywhere. Yet, once I saw Emory unconcious, I quickly crawled over, trying to shake his body up. No luck. My eyes were brought back to the so-called 'blind man'; I knew he immedaitely did this. I couldn't find my voice, but once I was able to grasp it, anger swept in, "Wh-what'd you do?! You... You bastard!" I stumbled to my feet, about ready to throw a bunch, but I ended up falling again onto my stomach, I still had no feeling there... It was terrible. The sense of worthlessness was overpowering- I couldn't even help a fallen brother... "You... you stupid bastard..."

11 October 2010, 10:09 PM    #15
Guest Poster
I tapped my foot watching the boy struggle to fight and held his fallen man. To me this
was just another part of chakra points, but for some reason this one boys just would not
shut down as easily as the other males, this intreged me greatly but I did not say a thing
about it just listened to the boys rambling "Well.... first off, I wanted my money back,
it is the only fifty I have, and as you have found out so easily I am not blind.." I waved
my hands over face fallowing the small points it. "But I can only see chakra, so as you
can see I have known were you are for a while now.."
After giving my little speech about myself I reached over to the bigger male, checked his
vitals and took my money back. I did not know why I did this but I helped the big idiot
up, I put him around my shoulder still watching the skinnier male wobbile to his feet "I
may have done this, but I am not a complete brute, so I will help you get home and that is
all... after that I will bid my ado's" I said quietly. I felt as if I had lost my manners
and quickly added "Oh, by the way my name is Todd Conor..." I did not care if he knew my
name, it was just a name that no one could or would trace.

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