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Want or need a new story idea? Look no further!

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Here is a little game I made up to help you come up with a new idea for a story. You can
play it over and over untill you find something you like.

You will need:
-Piece of paper/pen
-Dice (one piece)
-Your thinking cap!

To Start:
On the paper, write the following.
Six names
*Can be real or made up
*Can be first name only, or a full name (doesn't matter)
*Should be 3 female and 3 male
The 3 time periods
*Past (Would be any time past the year 2000.)
*Present (Would be the year 2010, give or take a few years.)
*Future (Would be far into the future, 30+ years from now.)
A story genre
*General Fiction

*Look at the list of names. Take the die and roll it.
*Whatever number the die lands on, put a check next to the same number name.
Example: Jack Blue is name number 4. The die lands on number 4, so you would put a
check next to Jack Blue.
*Repeat for time periods and story genres.
*Look at what you've checked. The name is your main character, the time period is when
your story will take place, and the story genre is what type of story it will be. From
there, you can add to it and start writing!

*If you don't like what you've come up with, you can simply do it all over again!
*If you don't have dice available, then you could close your eyes and move your finger,
then see what you've landed on, or you could cut up little pieces of paper with number 1-6
on them and choose one. 

So what's the point, you may ask? The point is a) The characters, time setting, and genre
are the three most important parts of a story. Without them.....well, there's really no
story! b) to get your creative juices flowing. Maybe, you've landed on Kelley Black, Past,
and Fantasy. But looking at the name Kelley reminds you of your cousin, Kailey, who loves
fairies. But you're tired of hearing stories of the same old fairies, all pretty and pink
and glittery. So you decide to write about how fairies came to exist. And there you go!
This simple game sparked a new idea. So go and give it a try!
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