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11 April 2010, 02:22 PM   #1
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I wrote this story last year when I was in 6th grade. I think it's really really good, so
tell me what you think! I'm just copying this exactly from my notebook.

Hi, my name is Julie. I'm going to tell you about a girl I met when I was in 6th grade.

Now, I'm not very popular. I'm very shy. I only have one friend. Everyone else always
teases me. Even my best friend teases me sometimes. One day she sticks up for me, the next
day I have no one to sit next to at lunch.

One day in science class, when we were learning about atoms, a girl appears in the
doorway. There's no adult or anything- she just comes in.

"I'm Rose!" she said. 'Where's my seat? Can I sit there?" She pointed to an empty seat in
the front row, next to Eli Shen.

"Um, excuse me, but what are you doing here?" The way my teacher, Ms. Chi, said it, made
her seem rude.

"I'm your new student. Mr. Fisher, said I'm in Mrs. Creats's class, but that her class in
in here right now. So I came here. So, can I sit here or what?" answered Rose. She didn't
seem affected by what Ms. Chi said.

"Uh, yeah, sure, that's fine," said Ms. Chi.

At recess that day, Rose was handing out flyers. What is she doing? I wondered. I
casually strode over.

"Help save the animals! Think of those poor defensless animals. Help stop the whaling in
Japan! Stop monkey and chimpanzee testing! Help now!" she was yelling. I was shocked by
how the kids reacted. Some grabbed the flyers, crumbled them, and thre them at her. Some
laughed at her. A couple started helping her pass them out, but mostly, afte Rose stuffed
them in kids' hands, they just thre them in recycling bins. And Rose didn't even care!

I walked up to her. Sha gave me a flyer and said, "Hi, Julie!" How did she know my name?
She smiled at me.

I looked around the playground and spotted my sometimes-somtimes not best friend Ellie.
She was with a group of popular kids. They were teasing a little boy on the swings.

"Hey, wimp," said Ellie when I came over.

"I am not a wimp," I said, and to prove it I joined in the teaseing. I couldn't afford to
not have a best friend. Ellie had avoided me for three days straight, and I was
desperately lonely.

When recess was over, Ellie gave me a high five and said, "Come over today?"

"Sure," I answered, thankful I had a lunch buddy. At least for now.

Two weeks went by. Rose continued to hand out flyers to people, but it was something
different every day.

Rose dressed differently, too. She didn't care about styles like everyone else did. She
wore what she felt was comfortable, not the latest fashion. And when people teased her,
she completely ignored them. Rose was definitely different.

Then one day she asked me to come over to her house. I was with Ellie, and I knew Ellie
didn't like Rose, so I said no. But Rose kept asking me every time she got. She really
wanted to be my friend! So one day when I was alone, and Rose asked me for, like, the
fiftieth time, I said yes.

I went over to her house on Saturday. She was really fun to hang out with! I found out
that when she was in third grade, her teacher told her that if she feels so strongly about
certain things that she should do something about it. So she did. But I also learned that
her parents were divorced, and making flyers and things helped keep her occupied so she
wouldn't have to think about it.

I went over to Rose's house many, many time after that. I never told anyone, though. No
one liked Rose, so I learned that if I told anyone, I would lose my slowly gaining
popularity that I won by teasing other kids.

I kind of felt like my life was all a lie, though. I never told Ellie Rose was my friend,
and I never told Rose that I tease people to be cool. And I never hung out with Rose at
school or help her pass out flyers. I didn't sit with her at lunch or class. I pretended I
didn't see her if she was walking in the halls. But I was lucky. Rose didn't notice. She
passed out flyers by herself and usually ate lunch in the library so she could read. If
she was in the hall, she was-you guessed it-passing out flyers.

But one day my life crumbled. It just comepletly fell apart becuase one day, Rose started
protesting against bullying.

And that is exactly what I was doing.

"Don't tease those innoccent kids! Help get those bullies on a straight path! Say no to
bullying!" is what she would yell. All the kids who teases ignored her, but I couldn't.
How could I? I really felt bad about bullying, and now my friend was protesting against
it, and I still wouldn't stop! All this for a little popularity! I was caving under peer
pressue, and my own pressue, too. I was so bad.

Then, Rose cought me in the act. She was walking by when I was teasing a girl pretty bad.
She just stopped and watched me. I didn't know she was there so I kept going on and on
about this girl's hair. But then I hear a whispered, "How could you." And when I turned
around Rose was standing there, looking like she was about to cry. She realized what I had
been doing. The teasing, the lying, why I never talked to her at school. She knew it all.

After school I found Ellie and her group of friends. I expected her to laugh at me when I
confessed, but she didn't. Unfortunately, the others just wandered away so they didn't
hear her confession. That's right. Ellie confessed.

"I didn't want to tell you this becuase I thought you would laugh. But I've always
hated teasing, too. I just did it so I could impress you. I started acting all cool and
liking you one minute then ignoring you the next because I realized that's what other kids
were doing. I didn't realize I was hurting your feelings. I'm really sorry, Julie," Ellie
said to me. "Tomorrow we'll tell the others," I said. And I'll apoligize to Rose. But I
didn't say that part out loud. That was personal.

The next day Rose wasn't at school, or the next or the next. I figured it was becuase she
was really mad at me and didn't want to see me. That's what I would have done If it was
the other way around. But on Thursday my teacher, Mrs. Creats said she had something to
tell the class. And that something changed my life in a minute.

"Everyone, I am very, very sad to sya this, but I have been informed that Rose Cummings
was in a car accident and died yesterday and 7:39. We will be having a memorial for her on
Monday." Everyone was completely silent. It was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop.
I am dead serious. It was like time had stopped. No one knew what to say to think. Rose.
Rose. Rose. Had. Died. She was gone. And I never even got a chance to say I was sorry. It
was all I could do to keep myself togehter for the rest of the day. I honestly don't know
how I did it, because the very second I waled through the door in my house I burst into

When I finished crying, I called Ellie. We talked for a long time. When I finished talking
to her, I set to work. I worked for the rest of the day and went to bed late. I had a
restless night. 

The next day at recess, I took out-can you guess?-a bundle of flyers. They were protesting
against bullying. This would be like my way of saying I'm sorry to Rose. I made up my mind
tht I would make sure every single person got a flyer.

One time, a girl walked by and wouldn't take a flyer.

"Please," I said. "Please! Take it." She seemed surprised by how urgent my voice sounded.

"I need you to. Because....It's, it's...."I stopped. I looked up at a clear blue sky. I
swear I saw a rainbow. Then I whispered, "It's for her."
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11 April 2010, 03:56 PM   #2
Guest Poster
Oh my gosh, that's a great story! Really sad,but great!

11 April 2010, 08:50 PM   #3
The Founder
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Thank you! i think it's one of my best^^
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11 April 2010, 09:15 PM    #4
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Sounds like itt!

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