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7 April 2010, 09:19 PM   #1
Kiza Marki
Joined: 29 Nov 2009
Posts: 58
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Here, describe your roleplaying character.

7 April 2010, 09:31 PM   #2
Lunara Tisenga
Joined: 8 Apr 2010
Posts: 41
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Name: Lunara Tisinega 
Gender: Female
Age: 18 (Graduates in a year)

Past: She grew up thinking she had divorced parents, but recently learned (about 5 years
ago) that her dad was a murderer on the run. She decided to find him, and her mother is
helping her from home. She found this school, and needed a place to stay, so she took
adavntage of their dormitories and other hospitable efforts. She came just in time for the
school year to start.
Additude: She loves sports, and frequently plays tackle footbal with the boys, and has a
mean three-pointer in basketball.
Goals: To find her dad, and to get a new boyfriend (her old boyfriend dumped after he
heard about her dad)
Sexuality: Straight

7 April 2010, 09:34 PM   #3
Kiza Marki
Joined: 29 Nov 2009
Posts: 58
Gender: Female
Age: 16 (Second year here)

Past: She learned that she can communicate with the dead when she was 5.
Additude: Emo-dresser, punk-rock personality.
Goals: To get a boyfriend, and get high marks in school
Sexuality: Bi-sexual

11 April 2010, 02:57 PM   #4
Guest Poster
Name: Katelyn White
Gender: Female
Age: 16~
Past: When she was a small child, her parents got caught in a car accident, and they both
died... Katelyn and her brother were the only ones who were left in the family(aside from
their grandparents) so, they enrolled here, and are still trying to get used to living
without their parents.
Additude: Katelyn is a pretty happy girl who loves to sing and dance. She's average at
sports, but she's especially good at badminton, and ice skating. She's most of the times
really clumsy, and she HATES feeling pain, or being frightened, and or surprised.
Goals: She has no specific goal, she just wants to live her life to the fullest.
Sexuality: Straight~

I shall make her brother later~

31 May 2010, 08:16 PM   #5
Guest Poster
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Name: Emili and Aiden Sanders
Gender: Female and Male
Age: 15 and 17
Past: When they were small they witnessed their father kill their mother. They ran to the
basement with their father chasing them. Aiden was fast and locked the basement before
their father got there. Emili clung to Aiden scared. They sat there till their fathers
yells and beating at the door were gone. They walked upstairs. They were all alone. Their
Aunt Cindy came by once a week to give them money for food. But once Aiden was 16 she
disappeared. They raised themselves and did a lot of studying. They turned out to be
really smart kids. Aiden become more sharp and protective over Emili. She never really
spoke to anyone.
Additude: Aiden is just protective over Emili. He doesn't like people talking about her.
Emili is just quiet.
Goals: Aiden's goal is to kill their father. EMili wants to learn to trust people again. 
Sexuality: Aiden is bi and Emili is straight.



31 May 2010, 09:19 PM   #6
Guest Poster
name: Raven Drake
gender: female
age: 15

past: her parents and brother were all killed in a house fire when she was 5 set by her
fathers best friend who ended up escaping the country. she had to adjust to living on her
own and moving from time to time to not be found 
attitude: tries to be happy but gets mad really easy though she tries not to. 
goals: to find her fathers friend and make sure he is either dead or at least in prison

sexuality: straight

1 June 2010, 03:55 AM   #7
Guest Poster
Last edited by ‹♥♥♥_Mint_kitten_♥♥♥›, 4 June 2010
Name:Linda Ribion
Looks/Picture: She is very small

Past:She was born in a world full of evil and without her parents. But she is the only one
that doesnt fit in. She finds out she needs to stop this world from being taken over by an
evil villan, and find other like her. She uses her magic to destory the villan and try to
find her parents. 
Additude: Always happy, cry baby, and isnt the best at courage, loves music
Goals:to find her parent, destroy villan

5 June 2010, 06:14 PM   #8
Lunara Tisenga
Joined: 8 Apr 2010
Posts: 41
kool! i like the pics!

7 June 2010, 07:53 PM   #9
Guest Poster
lol ikr?

16 June 2010, 11:35 PM   #10
Lunara Tisenga
Joined: 8 Apr 2010
Posts: 41
whats ikr? what do you mean?

12 September 2010, 07:54 PM    #11
Joined: ~
Posts: 1
Name: Sunshine Robison

Gender: Female

Age: 14


Past: Her parents were evil emperors and wanted her to take there place but she wasnt evil
she was nice and sunny and then she ran away when aged 8 and found this school so she came

Additude: nice, Fun, kinda mean when u tick her off, awesome, and good to have as a

Goals: to make her parents non-evil.

Sexuality: straight!

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