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Dark falls

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3 April 2010, 05:32 AM   #1
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Hello my name is Jenny.I live in a lil town named Dark falls. i am a tall and skiny asian
girl.im 15 and just got my lip pierced. i have choppey short black hair.i am emo goth
looking and i have been this way ever sence i was 5.i will tell u why.

Chapter 1 
it was a nice sumer day when i was with my friend Ryan he was a littil kid so there was
not much to say about him althow he was a cuttie and i think i develuped a crush on him.
one day were where walking home when we see some random people moving in to the house next
to him.It was a reguler old family with two kids and a dog. One kid was our age she had
long brown hear with some blond faded streks in it. She was also wearing thie pritty blue
summer dress. Her name was Isabella She seemed nice so it seemed tell one day she was over
at Ryans house with me and we where playing a game of hid and seek. I was running to find
a spot to hid when she triped me and i fell in this big puddil of mudd. When Ryan went to
get something for me she walked over to me.

"You better wotch it littil girl. Hes mine and you can just face it." 

Wow that was harsh i said tomyself as i just sat in the mudd wile she was next to me. I
didn say a wornd after that to him. Tell one day i finly wanted to win him back so i tryed
and tryed to mack something good enough to win his heart. Then i found it. I was the best
idea ever. I ran to his house as soon as I was done and got Isabella and Ryan and brung
them to my beack yeard.

"i no its not much but i hope you like it any way"

I then toke sisers and wiers and a match. i cut the wier raped it around a box with a
pitcher a heart on a boster bored and lite one of the matchs and lite the end of one of
the wiers and as we wotched i smiled. I looked over at Ryan and he had a smile as well.
Isabella had a wierd look on her face. But thats not where the bad thing happens. You
whuold think something like this whuold happen badly but it didnt. The heart had J + R in
the middil and it looked cool. Then Ryan went to get something as well and thats when it
im sorry there are lots of bad spelling in this but i hade to hurry and i didnt wanna lose
it ...also cuz it is laght and my friends trying to sleep so yeah tell me what u think of
it so fear...ill wright more tomorrow
Hello my name is carrie and i love to wright storys so i have been trying to wright them on here so yeah i hope u love or at lesset like them

4 April 2010, 08:19 PM   #2
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as i go over it it has lots of things wrong so i will go over it but again i hope u like
Hello my name is carrie and i love to wright storys so i have been trying to wright them on here so yeah i hope u love or at lesset like them

8 April 2010, 05:17 PM   #3
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i really liked it!!
you should definatly write more!

8 April 2010, 08:41 PM   #4
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Chapter 2
Isabella looked at me then she walked away i thought she was just leaveing but no she came
back with water. She did not throw it on the hairt or any thing she threw it at me then as
she was pushing me closer to the hairt wile it was on fire i almost chouth on fire as-well
and then Ryan came back. He seen he almost fall in but then it was to laght. Isabella and
I endid up falling back in the flames but then Ryan  only chuold save one of us and that
was her. Then he got some water and pulled me out saving me from geting hert way more. He
then runs inside and gets his mom and his mom calls the ambulince. I blacked out and then
woke up in a bed at the hospitul. I was hert but not as bad as youd think. My hair was
driping with water. I then sat up and looked around scared what was going on. I mean im
only 5 and I dont go to the hospitull much so yeah i didnt know what was going to happen.
My mom walked in after seeing me up.

'hey baby girl how are you doing?" I smiled and thought tomyself ok im safe.

'im doing ok not that bad any more thow."

"well thats good. you know the dokters say you can come home now if you want to."

"Yeah of corce i want to but mamma promise me one thing."

"yeah whats that baby?"

"can we move away from here?"

"Well baby if you want to leave Ryan and Isabella ok we can start looking for a house
somewhere else." I just smiled and nodded. I hade nothing more to say. I just got up and
packed my stuff so we can leave this dredfull place. When we got home Ryan and just Ryan
was standing there waiting for me. I walked over by him.

"I'm sorry"i said as i started walking away. He grabed my arm be for i chuold as i jumped
he looked at me he handid me a wite box and then let go of my hand. On the top of the
littil wite box it said "Jenny this is for you and it always will be for you. Its a uneek
kind of thing just for you. Because you are all ariganol" i smiled and walked away.As soon
as i walked threw the door my mom said to start packing because we found a house. She said
it was a really nice house and it was in a good naberhud. But one thing is that we whuold
have to move to midlin texas. 
i will wright more tomorrow i have to go
Hello my name is carrie and i love to wright storys so i have been trying to wright them on here so yeah i hope u love or at lesset like them

11 April 2010, 03:12 AM   #5
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awws that is soo cute and sad she has to leave
also its sad cuz he saved that meany chick
but then sweet wen he hands her that box
i hope you write more!

11 April 2010, 10:14 PM   #6
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haha lol thanks hun and yes i will wright more 
also if u want me to i will message it to u when im done
like when i wright more i can message it to u so u can read it faster
Hello my name is carrie and i love to wright storys so i have been trying to wright them on here so yeah i hope u love or at lesset like them

13 April 2010, 04:52 AM   #7
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Chapter 3
Its been a day sence mamma told me that we were moving already and I'm almost done. I
can't wait tell we get to ower new house. Mamma said that the rest of ower stuff hade to
be packed and ready for the movers to get it tomorrow. That means we leave tomorrow. Don
get me wrong I'm kind of sad we are moving but at the same time really happy. It was
almost the end of summer and i will get to meet new people at my new school. I think its
going to be fun but at the same time not so fun. Its almost bed time and im finly done
packing. Now i just have to finish my to do list. You think at age 5 you whuoldnt have a
to do list but i did. Mamma says im varry smart and grown up. She says that im not like a
normol 5 year old but thats good right? Well i hope so.

"Jenny its time for bed."

"ok Mamma."

"i will be up to say good night when im done."

"ok mamma."
I ternd on my t.v and then layed down. Mamma came up shortly after. She layed next to me
and i just fell asleep in her arms after wispering "i love you Mamma." 
I woke up to find mamma gone.


"Jenny are you up?" i herd mamma call from the other room.

"yes Mamma."

"get ready we are leaveing soon."


I jumped out of my bed and got dreased. I put on a pritty Blue and black sun drees. Then i
brushed my long black wavey hair. when i was done with tthat i helped mamma and the movers
lode the rest of the stuff into the moving car. I was just abot to leave when i seen Ryan
once again. I walked up to him and gave him one last hug be for i left then ternd to leave
but once again he grad my arm once again. "yeah?" he huged me again then handed me a bag.
I thought to myself wow another gift. I huged him once again but this time i didnt let him

"pleas just forget about me its not that hard."

"Why? Im never going to forget you ever."

"Just try and i promise you will be happyer not even knowing me."

"Jenny lets go hun its time to leave."

As i huged him tighter tears began to come down my face then i wisperd "For ever will my
love be yours" i let go of the hug and looked him in the eyes. As i did i noticed that his
eyes where wotering as well i then kissed him on the ceek and got into the car.The car was
polling away as i was looking out the window i seen Ryan waving good bye. Tears streemd
down my face.
good night ill wright more soon
Hello my name is carrie and i love to wright storys so i have been trying to wright them on here so yeah i hope u love or at lesset like them

13 April 2010, 01:36 PM   #8
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hot emos Pictures, Images and Photos
who thinks this shuolt be the pic for Jenny when shes 16
Hello my name is carrie and i love to wright storys so i have been trying to wright them on here so yeah i hope u love or at lesset like them

13 July 2010, 02:18 AM   #9
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waa im soory i forgot the name of this so i didnt get to read it till now!!!!!

13 July 2010, 03:10 PM    #10
Guest Poster
I only skimmed thorugh the beginning. It kind of reminded me of one of the other stories
on here, Change. It's okay though.

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