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20 February 2010, 05:50 PM   #1
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I have no idea what to call this story. This is more like a dream I had, but yet I am
turning it into a story. Um...I think that's all I know so far. 

       	“I am so going to miss you, Tabby Thomson,” said Violet McDonald.
	“We can visit you this summer, right?” said Ruth Young.
	“Yes, and I will call you when I have more details from my family,” I, Tabby Thomson
	“Well, I know I will be calling you tomorrow. I am thinking around like midnight!”
said Tori Smith. 
	“What time is that in Hawaii?” asked Callie Doyle. 
	“I have no idea,” I said. Everyone laughed. I am so going to miss these girls. I mean
they were my friends. Here we are standing outside of school on the last day of eighth
grade talking about me moving to Hawaii. The taxi that was going to take me to the airport
was waiting for me. I decided to do what I planned the night before.
	“Violet McDonald, I am going to miss your purple circle eyes, and your blonde perfect
curly hair,” I said. She smiled. I took a deep breath. “Ruth Young, I am going to miss
all your black clothes, because you claim that is the only color that will go with your
black hair with red highlights, and your blue eyes. Tori Smith, I am going to miss your
mom’s great dinners, your high ponytails, your lips never smile, and your great colors
of lipstick. Callie Doyle, I am going to miss all your army talk, your black shiny hair,
your green sneakers, and your aqua blue eyes.” I finished. I looked at my friends. They
were all smiling, even Tori who never smiles. “I would say more, but the taxi driver
will be honking soon.” Right when I said, it beeped at me. “I should go, but I really
don’t want to if it means leaving you…” I had tears in my eyes. 
	“Tabby, I thought we said no crying,” said Tori. She was right. A couple days before
we said no crying, and here I was crying. Tori came up and hugged me. Soon all my friends
were hugging me. I hugged them all back. When we were done, I grabbed my backpack off the
       “I will try to call you tonight. Bye for now great friends,” I said, and I sat
down in the taxi. I still had tears in my eyes. I waved to my friends out the window, and
they waved back. I kept waving until we turned the corner, and my friends were out of

21 February 2010, 07:45 PM   #2
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I wrote some more. I am trying to stay away from a lot of dialog, but its kind of hard.

       Thank god, I had my camera. I took it out of my backpack. I wanted to review the
pictures I took that day. 
      The first picture was Tori wearing her pink shirt. It was her favorite and mine too.
It had a rainbow on it. She was also wearing her denim skirt that he mom hated her wearing
it; because she claims it showed her butt. I noticed that she was wearing her pink flip
flops with heels on them. Her feet must kill, because she has to walk home from the
school. Now I feel totally sorry for her. Her hair was perfect in her high side ponytail
that was her trend. She always tried doing it on me, but I never looked that great with
it. Also, she was wearing her pink earnings with a heart. I was totally going to miss her
mom’s cooking, who is a chef at the most famous restaurant. Her dad was pretty cool,
too. He was also designing new games for teens, and getting our opinions on the new games
he came up with.
      The next picture was of Callie. Callie she was wearing her bright green shirt what
lands on her upper arms but has two straps that goes on her shoulders. She was wearing her
best green denim skirt. She rarely ever wears a skirt. She was wearing her green sneakers.
Her dad was always complaining that she wears those shoes too many times. She never
listens to him partly because he is overseas and she lives with her blind grandmother, so
he can’t prove it. Plus, the other reason she wears them a lot is, because her mom’s
last gift to her were those shoes, and her mom died last year. I noticed her hair was
flawless. I sighed. I wish I had hair like her. 
      The third picture was Violet. I looked at her hair first. She had perfect blond
curly hair. Every boy wanted to touch it and go out with her. We counted on how many boys
asked her out just for eighth grade. She had ten. She ruined it though, because the tenth
boy named Sam Reese was her crush. Of course she said yes then. They have been going out
for two months. I am totally going to miss those two holding hands. She was going on a
date with him right after she said bye to me. She was wearing a purple top that had
sleeves that feel on her upper arms. Over the top she had a blue cami with a little heart
in the corner. She sewed it on herself, after her and Sam going out for two months. She
was going to tell him today about the shirt. Her skirt wasn’t the best, but she said
that it was Sam’s favorite. The skirt was a gray shad with a belt with the colors red,
white, and blue. She was wearing her purple flip flops. Violet’s parents were devoiced.
She mostly lived with her mom, who made her take dance classes, but on the weekend she
lived with her dad, which didn’t pay attention to her at all.
       The fourth picture was Ruth. Her hair was amazing. It wasn’t just amazing it fit
her. She was the edgy one of us. Sure, if you dared her to jump off a cliff she would
think about it. Yet, if you dared her to get red highlights she would get them. And
that’s what she did. It’s been a year since she had them. Now, she goes on and on
about how her clothes must fit her hair. That’s why she decided she will only wear white
and black clothes. People do call her emo, but she says I am way too crazy or happy or
something along those lines to be emo. That shuts the people up. In the picture, she was
wearing her white tank top with her white shorts shorts with her belt. Her shoes were
amazing. She does have the best shoes, but her mom has a fit when she buys $100 shoes.
These ones were just plain black with a little heel and they went around her ankle. Now I
remember what she was doing after she said bye to me. She was going to visit her dad. Her
dad is a business man that goes around the world. She rarely ever sees him. Yet, today he
was going to be in town.
      The fifth picture was all of us. We had our arms around each other. I sighed. This
was going to be the last picture I saw of them for a little while. Well, more like for a
couple of weeks. Like they said they were going to visit me over the summer. I started to
get tears in my eyes again. I turned off my camera. I looked out the window. I saw
didn’t see the airport.
      “Excuse me driver, but when are we going to be at the airport?” I asked.
      “In like an hour,” said the driver. I nodded, and decided to take a little nap.
I pulled my jacket out of my backpack and rolled it in a ball. I put it against the
window, and put my head on it. I closed my eyes, and started to dream about my friends. I
fell asleep right away.

25 February 2010, 09:37 PM   #3
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I wrote some more. Hope you like it:

     	I woke up noticed that we were at the airport. I got out of the taxi. The driver
smiled at me.
	“This is your stop, right?” asked the driver. I nodded my head.
	“Thank you!” I said, and ran inside. I was supposed to meet my family inside the
airport. I looked around. I saw my mom standing off to the left. She was looking real
worried. I ran to her.
	“Where have you been? I have been standing around for like two hours! You were supposed
to be here like twenty minutes ago,” said my mom. She was mad at me. 
	“Sorry, mom, but my friends kind of like took longer to say bye to than I thought,” I
said. She just nodded her head like she understood. Maybe she did. She started walking to
the security gates. When we got there I put my backpack in a tray and my shoes. I noticed
I was wearing my bracelet, so I put that in a tray, too. My mom went through, and it
didn’t beep. The guy motions me to go through. I did. It didn’t beep. At the end I
grabbed the tray and put my shoes on and bracelet. I put my backpack over my shoulders. 
	“We got to hurry or we’ll miss our plane,” said my mom, and fast pace walking. I
swear my mom was faster than anyone I knew. My mom found where we were supposed to sit.
She found my dad, and walked over to him. I sighed. This was going to be a long plane
trip. You see I live in New York, New York. I am moving all the way to Hawaii. I was going
to live on the Big Island. It was the biggest island. I was also going to live is the city
Ocean View. It was suppose to be a beautiful city, right next to the ocean. We were going
to live in a house, right next to the beach actually. My mom was really excited. I mean we
do live in New York, and winter is pretty bad here, but she doesn’t have to act like if
we don’t move its going to be the end of the world.
	That is why I am here in the airport carrying my backpack while my bags where on the way
to the plane. Then the intercom made a sound. Soon you heard a lady talking. I could
understand her, because it was very loud in the airport. Yet, my mom and dad knew what she
was talking about. Right away they started to walk toward the gates. Um…hello? What
about me? I started to run after them. My mom looked over her shoulder and noticed me
running toward her. She stopped. Then she looked at my dad and whispered something to him.
He nodded, and went passed the gates. 
	“Where’s dad going?” I asked when I reached my mom. She looked down at me and
	“Well, honey…we had to have different flights, and you see…well dad took the
earlier one, but don’t worry! I am with you and we only have to wait five more hours!”
she smiled down at me with her perfect white teeth. 
	“What!? You mean you dragged me down here when I could be still with my friends!” I
yelled. Some people started looking. I didn’t care this minute.
	“Honey, it was a last minute thing,” said my mom. Oh, was I pissed. I could have went
to the movies with my friends or did something better than say goodbye to them at the
school. It was our last memory of us saying goodbye at the SCHOOL! How does that? I ran
out of there. I need to go find a bathroom, and I did. I ran in. I choose the second stall
and sat down on the toilet. I took out my cell phone. I called Tori. Tori always could
cheer you up and plan stuff really well. This was the time I needed her. Her cell rang
about four times and she finally picked up.
	“Tabby I thought you were on a plane right now,” said Tori. That’s what she said.
Not even a hello. Not even what’s up? Not even a simple OMG.
	“Tori…I WAS. We had to change our planes,” I said.
	“Oh,” said Tori. Not even an OMG which is what she would say if…OMG.
	“Tori is this a good time?” I asked. Now I felt horrible. Well, worst now.
	“Well, actually Tabby it isn’t a really good time. My parents got into a huge fight
all because I was late home. I mean they don’t believe me when I told them I was bye to
you. They still think I am seeing Mark,” said Tori.  

27 February 2010, 04:22 PM   #4
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I still have no idea what to call this story. But I did write some more.

	“Well, actually Tabby it isn’t a really good time. My parents got into a huge
fight all because I was late home. I mean they don’t believe me when I told them I was
bye to you. They still think I am seeing Mark,” said Tori. Mark it’s been a year since
I talked to him. It’s actually been a year since any of us talked to him. Mark was
Tori’s boyfriend for a year. We didn’t even mean to meet him, it kind of just
happened. One day back in seventh grade we were walking to Tori’s house. We decided to
take a shortcut even though it was very risky. What can I say it was pouring outside? We
were walking down this alley and then we heard some footsteps behind us. We looked back.
We didn’t see anyone, but then we turned around and there was Mark standing in front of
us. It scared us, and even Tori dialed 911. Mark had hair that went past his eyes just a
little. He was wearing just black clothes with holes in all of his clothes. That day all
he said was run, and we did. I didn’t look back, but Tori did and she saw Mark and
another guy. Apparently, the other guy had a gun and was yelling at Mark and asking who we
were and where did we leave. Mark didn’t say anything. He got beat up. Tori thought he
was a hero, so she started walking home that way. Mark tired to stop her, but of course
Tori didn’t listen. One day they started going out. She didn’t tell her parents. Mark
didn’t go to school and he lived on the streets. I thought the only reason Tori was
dating him was because she felt sorry for him. Late at night Tori would let him in the
house, so he could sleep in a house. One day her parents caught him. That was the end of
the story of them two going out. That and we never saw him again.
	“Which thought you were seeing him again?” I asked. This was important. Last year her
mom caught him. Her dad took it way more calmly. 
	“My mom…hey listen Tabby…I don’t think I will be able to visit you this
summer,” said Tori.
	“Its okay…I mean I understand. Its kind of my fault you guys meet,” I said
remembering the day that I made my friends take the shortcut. 
	“I am sorry. I got to go my mom is yelling really loud and if she doesn’t stop than
the cops will be here. Bye!” said Tori. 

I know its really short, but you do learn a little more about Tori.

14 March 2010, 07:10 PM   #5
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Here is more of the story:

          “Bye,” I said and then hanged up. I looked around the bathroom. What now?
I could call Ruth, but she will probably be busy. I decided against it, and instead went
outside to find my mom. I finally found her in the same spot I left her. She ran to me.
	“God, Tabby Thomson you scared me!”
	“Mom, I really don’t want to move,” I said.
	“I know honey, but we have to. Your dad’s job moved, so do we. Come on it won’t be
so bad. We will have a nice new house. We will be right next to a beach. We will have
summer all year long. We will meet nice new people,” said my mom. I had to smile at
	“Um…my friends want to visit over this summer,” I said.
	“We could set something up,” said my mom and smiled down at me. I smiled back.
“Come on our plane is boarding.” My mom started walking and I followed her. We sat
down in our seats. I have been in a plane before, because we had visited our family in
Mississippi. This plane was nice though. I sat down and feel asleep with the plane taking
	I woke up with a start. I looked around and it fall flowed back to my head. I was on a
plane to Hawaii. My mom looked at me with a worried look. I just smiled back at her. I
sighed. Then I looked down at my watch. It said it was midnight. Then I remembered that
Hawaii was seven hours behind New York.
	“Mom, what time are we supposed to land Hawaii time?” I asked.
	“About seven o’clock. Why?” my mom asked.
	“Just wondering,” I said. My mom nodded and went back to the book she was reading.
Wait! Hold up the show. My dad and mom were moving in during the night? Wait until I tell
my friends this!
	“Mom, why are we moving in the middle of the night?” I asked.
	“It’s still light out there…well hopefully. Plus, the truck isn’t coming until
tomorrow, so relax,” said my mom in a clam voice. God, how can she stay so clam? I took
out my cell phone and checked to see if I missed any calls. I didn’t. Well, they were
probably sleeping, but them again it is summer. I was torn between to call them, but
decided against it. They were probably sleeping and I am not suppose to use my cell phone.
I sighed. What am I suppose to do? I didn’t have anything to read and didn’t have
anything else to do. I opened my window. Below us was the ocean. It looked so beautiful
even if it was getting dark out. Then the intercom came on saying that we had to buckle
and that we were landing in like five minutes. I will admit I was excited about moving.
The only down side of it was moving away from the best friends in the world. Yet, I
can’t wait until they visit. We will be together again for like a couple of days, but it
would feel like years. I felt the plane land and it scared me until I remembered it was
completely normal.
	I really don’t remember what happened next. It happened so fast and it was just like a
blur. All I remember is grabbing my backpack and getting off the plane to find my dad
standing there. Then we got our bas from the baggage claim. Finally, we got in the rental
car and my dad drove off. When we got to our house it was pretty dark. Yet, I noticed the
house was beautiful. When I walked inside my breath was taken away. I ran upstairs and saw
my room. It was a little smaller than my parents but I get a bathroom! It might not be
much to you, but it means a whole lot to me. Ever since I was born I lived in the same two
bedroom one bathroom apartment in New York City. Sure, New York was great, but sometimes
you had to whit a very long time to use the bathroom. Plus, sometimes it even stinks. I
was very tired and luckily there was a left over bed there for me. I was probably getting
rid of it, but it will work for tonight. I threw on my pj’s. The bottoms were with
cotton shorts with blue polka dots. My shirt was a plain black t-shirt with a girls face
on it. I took out my hair. I went to my parent’s room and told them good night. Finally,
I jumped in my bed. I fell asleep right away. 
	I woke up to the sound of a doorbell. And it kept ringing. It would not stop at all.
Finally, I got up and ran downstairs. I didn’t even care what I was wearing. I wanted to
go to sleep. I opened the door and there was this man standing there and a boy who looked
about my age. I looked confused. Oh, so you must be Tabby,” said the man. How in the
world did this guy know my name?
	“Um…yeah,” I said.
	“Where’s your dad? He is going to be late on his first day,” said the man. I was
even more confused than ever.
	“Dad, I don’t think she knows you,” said the boy.
	“Of course she does,” said the man. “Her parents tell her everything. At least
that’s what your dad told me.”
	“Um…yeah I don’t know you,” I said.
	“Didn’t she come visit like a month ago with her parents?” asked the man.
	“No,” said the boy. The visit! That was like a month ago. You see my parents were
coming here to look around. They wanted me to go, but I really wanted to stay home with my
friends. I would be more than glad to miss school. My parents understood, so they let me
stay in New York while they were in Hawaii.  
	“No, I was in New York for the visit,” I said.
	“Oh, well then surely they told you about me,” the man said.
	“No,” I said. All they told me was that Hawaii was beautiful. He gave me a shock
look. He looked at his son for moral support. 
	“You don’t even recognize him?” asked the boy.
	“Nope,” I said. Now they both gave me a shock look.
	“Told you she won’t remember you or me, and heck, I don’t even remember her,”
said the boy. Wait! I’m supposed to remember them?
	“Um…come in,” I said. “I will be right back.” I said and ran up the stairs. I
looked in my parent’s bedroom. I heard some noises, and it was coming from the bathroom.
I walked toward the door, and knocked. The door opened. Out came my mom and dad. They were
dressed for work.
	“Oh, my…I think Mr. Bee is already here,” said my mom.

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Wrote some more...I don't like this one part. I think I am going to change it sooner or

      “Where are you guys going?” I asked.
	“Oh, dear don’t tell me you didn’t tell her,” said my dad looking toward my mom.
I noticed he was shaving. He really didn’t have facial hair, but he always shaved for
important stuff.
	“I guess I forgot,” said my mom.
	“We are going for work, because the moving truck won’t be here until afternoon. Since
we will be at work you can stay here, and check out Hawaii,” said my dad.
	“Wait! What about my friends coming to Hawaii? Don’t you have to tell me where they
can stay, what they need to bring, what we will do about food, and other stuff?” I
	“Honey, we can go over that stuff over dinner,” said my mom. “Right now let’s go
met Mr. Bee.” I can’t believe my parents can do this sort of thing to me. My mom
walked around me and started down the stairs. My dad quickly finished, and followed my
mom, but stopped in the doorway.
	“You don’t have to meet him, but it might be the best thing for you right now,”
said my dad and walked away. He was right. Even if he was like a forty year old man it
would be good to know some people around here. I walked down the stairs. I heard talking
coming from the kitchen. I followed the noise, and noticed my mom and dad standing next
Mr. Bee. I saw his son off to the side of him. I heard Mr. Bee talking about the proper
way to read. I rolled my eyes, and stood next to my parents. When Mr. Bee was done talking
my mom introduced us. 
	“Do you know the proper way to read out loud?” Mr. Bee asked me. Is there even such a
thing about reading out loud? I rolled my eyes, and Mr. Bee noticed it. He sighed and went
on talking about how students don’t know a thing these days. Then I noticed the time.
Sure, the sun was up, but it was only 8:30 am. I never wake up this early during summer.
In New York it would be 1:30 pm. That’s the time I am up and ready to hang out with my
	“Dad, if you don’t leave now you are going to be late for work,” said the son.
	“Ryan, if I didn’t have to drive you to your friend’s house I wouldn’t have to
leave so early,” said Mr. Bee to his son. Ouch! That must have hurt. 
	“Well, we should get going. Here, Tabby here is forty dollars. That should be enough to
get around here,” said my mom while handing out some money. I took the money and said
good bye to everyone. Once everyone was gone, I went upstairs and got changed. I didn’t
have much to choose from since I only had my backpack. The backpack would only fit two
outfits. I finally chose a hot pink tank top, and a blue demon skirt. The only shoes that
would match were my red sneakers. Well, there was one plus. They were really comfortable.
I put my hair up, and put on my favorite sparkle head band. I put the money in my back
pocket and walked out of the house. It was hot. I swear it was at least 100 degrees
outside, and I was stupid enough not to pack my sunglasses. I loved the palm trees. Sure,
it looked funny, but I am used to looking at trees. I took a right and just started
walking. The houses were beautiful here. They kind of all looked the same, but yet they
were beautiful. At the end of the sidewalk was a beach. I looked around. I saw a ton of
teens running around in the sun. I also noticed that almost all the boys were surfing. I
walked down the beach, cursing that I didn’t wear my flip flops even if they didn’t
match my outfit. 
	I saw a smoothie place and I stopped. I ordered a strawberry-banana smoothie. I started
walking down the beach again. Then I saw it. There was a group, boy and girl, playing
soccer. I kept walking. I still had not idea where I was going. I finally took the last
slips of my smoothie, and walked toward the garage can. I threw away the cup, and started
walking down the beach away from the group. I saw a huge sand dollar, and I was about to
pick it up.
	“Watch out!” I heard a voice. I turned around toward the voice, and saw a white and
black soccer ball coming toward my way. I only went with out my body told me to do which
was to jump and kick the ball. I hit the ball right where you’re supposing to. The ball
went flying right back where it came from. Yet, the soccer ball had a mind of its own. It
hit a blond girl right on the head. All I heard from her was Ow, and she fell down on the
sand. What was I suppose to do now? Well, like anyone should do I ran over to see if she
was okay. When I got to her, so looked up with her blue eyes, and her blond hair falling
over her face, finally she gave me an evil eye look.
	“You, kicked me in the face with the ball!” she screamed, and pointed at me.
	“Come on, Taylor, she didn’t mean it,” said a voice I recognized. I turned around
toward the voice, and saw Mr. Bee’s son.
	“Ryan don’t tell me you know her,” said Taylor. 
	“Just met her this morning,” said Ryan. She looked at him like he was crazy. She
looked at him and then at me.
	“You were the person who just moved here?” she asked. Uh…was this a trick question?
I just nodded my head. “That just makes things worst!”
	“Glad you are okay,” I said, and ran away. God, did people have to that mean? When I
got home, and out of breath with sweat running down my face I checked the time. The time
was two thirty. I decided that was a good time to call Ruth. I grabbed my cell, and dialed
Ruth’s number. I memorized everyone’s cell number, because I typed it in so many
times. It rang three times, like normal. 
	“Hello,” said Ruth.
	“Hey,” I said, still out of breath. “Where you at?”
	“At the pool waiting for your call,” said Ruth.
	“Oh, really?” I asked.
	“Nope!” she said, and I heard a little laugh. “What’s the deal with visiting
	“I don’t know, my mom and dad are at work right now, and I haven’t talked to them
about it.”
	“Why not?”
	“I have been totally busy. Like today we are getting our moving truck. It’s a good
thing, because I have like NO clothes.”
	“I could never live the way you live,” said Ruth. I heard the door open, and then my
mom’s voice.
	“Ruth I have to cut it short, my mom is home, and maybe I can ask her about you guys
visiting me. Bye for now!” I said, and hung up. I ran down the stairs, and my mom was at
the bottom. She handed me a sheet of paper. I noticed she was talking on her cell, and it
sounded like it had something to do with work. I looked down and read it.

Visiting Rules:

1.	We will pay for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Your child can find snacks at home.
2.	We will not pay for extra snacks, clothes, or other things they do not need.
3.	We will not pay for plane tickets here or back. Pay for your own.
4.	We will let your child sleep in Tabby’s room or even the guest room. No need for a
hotel room.
5.	Your child can stay here until August 20.
6.	We will have a curfew. Curfew is ten pm. If later your child will be sent home.
7.	Your child has to call home at least once a week.

Sign Here:


What to Pack:

♥	Shorts
♥	Pants
♥	Sweatshirt
♥	Shirts
♥	Underwear
♥	Bras
♥	Shoes
♥	Socks
♥	Swimsuit
♥	Money
♥	Cell Phone
♥	Other…

How many things your child would bring is up to you, just know that we will not pay for
clothes, snacks, or anything your child would no need.

I hate the par with soccer. I want to change it a little, but yet I also want to keep it.
What do you think?

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I wrote some more a long time ago. I just forgot to post it. 

         When I was done I looked up. My mom was done talking on the cell phone, and
smiled down at me. “I already put the letters in the mail. Now all you have to do is
just wait for the mail to get there,” said my mom. “Yet, you can still tell your
friends about this little letter.”
	“Thanks, mom,” I said and smiled back at her. I ran upstairs, and I texted my friends
that there would be a letter explaining everything about them visiting me. I got a
response from Tori right away:

omg, cant wait 2 see it!! (:

	Which I can even feel her excitement. I just can’t wait for the letters to reach New
York. It must take like a week! Agh, I have to wait a week for my friends to be here? 
	“Tabby! The moving truck is here!” yelled my dad from downstairs. Wait when did he
get home? Just then my phone went off. Only it was the ring tone. My ring tone was Tik Tok
by Kesha for Ruth, because she just loves that song. I flipped my phone open.
	“Hello,” I said.
	“I can’t go,” said Ruth.
	“Why not?” I asked. I am really surprised, because usually her mom just let’s her
go as long as she will be with some responsible people.
	“My dad is taking me to Paris for the summer. I don’t really want to go, but my mom
is making me. I am leaving tomorrow or Thursday for you,” said Ruth.
	“You got to be kidding me. Why does your dad want to be in your life all of a
sudden?” I asked.
	“I don’t know. I would rather be in Hawaii with you.”
	“Well, look at the bright side. You get to meet some hot French boys,” I said with a
smile, and I could tell that Ruth was on the other side smiling, too.
	“Well, I know you are probably busy with unpacking and stuff and I have to pack for
Paris…so bye!” said Ruth and hung up. My dad knocked on the door. I jumped. Jeez, dad
could you have scared me even more?
	“Aren’t you coming?” he asked. Oh, right the moving truck. I just nodded and jumped
off my bed. I walked down the stairs with my dad and I saw Mr. Bee standing in the
hallway. He wasn’t wearing a suite anymore. In fact he was wearing knee shorts and a
graphic tee. That’s right a graphic boy tee. He looked like a teenager…if he wasn’t
wearing flip flops. Then I saw Ryan standing next to his dad. I looked at what my dad was
wearing and he changed. He actually changed into his painting clothes and so did my mom.
Funny, how parents try to dress causal, but they never can. My dad walked out of the front
door and so did Mr. Bee and Ryan.

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