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WRITING:Story:My Very Own Dream Boy

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10 January 2010, 11:27 AM   #1
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I look around the room and the sea views through the windows. The estate agent watches a
smile spread on my face and leaned forward, he asks in a quiet breathy voice, "What do you
think Miss Harrison?" I shake my head slowly in disbelief, "It's...it's perfect. I'll take
it!" He smiles and claps his hands together, causing me to jump. I suddenly turn to look
at him, "Why would someone give up such a beautiful place? And I told you, call me

I stretch out of my comfy couch as the movers carried it into the house, they laughed at
my laid back and happy behaviour. One of the younger ones, about 18 I think, wolf
whistled, "Hey babe, getcha self off that couch, we got work to do. Come sit with me." He
winks at me and I glare angrily at him, no man would ever take advantage of me again, not
after last time. I slide off the couch, landing on the floor in my ruby flats. I hate the
way he looks at my bare legs, then at my short crimson skirt and black halter top and
leather jacket. "If you have work to do, you shouldn't be sitting around then, should you"
I snap sharply. He gets up, stumbling and rushing off, realising I wasn't the type of girl
to mess with. I probably looked about 17, year older then was true. I smile as I look
around my house, forgetting the boy for the moment. This place was perfect, no glare from
the sun at any point in the day but it was bright enough that no lights were needed during
the day. The men keep working while I walk to the balcony, I stare out at the open sea,
soon my 'family' would be here. Soon my life could really begin, no more days in that
stupid Care Home, no more social workers bothering me repeatedly. I'd gotten out, and I'd
met some new friends a few months ago, now I'm here and they'll be here to in just a few

The doorbell interrupts me as I dance around my new living room. Twisting and turning, a
simple balk walkover, or not so simple for those who can't do it, and I'm at the door. I
bring myself back to my feet and open the door. "James, Alexia, Darren!" They rush forward
and throw their arms around me, laughing and talking, telling me everything that had
happened since their plane flight back to New York. The babble confused me and I burst out
laughing, pulling away from the air constricting hug. I inhale deeply and hold up my hands
as if surrendering, "Slow down, gimme a minute...Okay, who's first?" The babble begins
again and I can't help but giggle. The three friends all elbow eacother at the same time
before rolling their eyes and smothering me again.  "Gerroff" I escape their grasp and
they chase me through to the living room. A few minutes later and we calm down and start
the babble all over again. I grab the bottle of wine I'd managed to convince some woman to
buy me. I take a quick swig of it before passing it to Alexia. She smiles and nods her
head in thanks, sipping it and shuddering slightly, she wasn't much for alcohol, I'd
forgotten that..."I got fired from my job, so I..." James interrupts her, "She gets me and
Darren fired too. So we decided to send that letter and..." Darren clears his throat and
finishes the sentence, "We got your reply and came here. Roomie." He wiggles his eyebrows
at me and I can't help but grin and ruffle his hair. "Me and Alexia are sharing, you and
James are together. That okay?" The boys look at eachother and wink in sync. Alexia sighs
and rolls her eyes at them, causing them both to stick ou their tongues. I sigh and relax
and the cool sea air blows through the sliding doors that lead to the balcony. "The state
agent never told me why the previous owners sold the house so eagerly..." I look at my
friends to see who had an answer, something to make me feel better, more comfortable in
this rejected house, but no. They were talking between themselves and hadn't even heard my
comment so I shudder as the wind becomes slightly to cold. One of the two 17 year old boys
in front of me closes the doors swiftly and smiles warmly at me...Is it me, or does that
smile mean something?

I twist and turn as I lay in my bed. My crimson room was scaring me slightly. I loved the
colour, it was so, out there, so...in your face. It suited Alexia, she normally wore
clothes that no one else would dare wear but she pulled it off. A scarlet tutu and a black
tank top one day, neon pink mini skirt and black off the shoulder top that almost reveal
the left side of her chest. I wouldn't dare even wear those heels she had. Bang bang
shoes. I couldn't pull that off, could I? I slide out of bed, careful not to wake the girl
wearing black and purple striped pyjama's with white skulls. I walk slowly to the bathrrom
in the pitch black and I flick the switch. I sigh as the cool air brushes over my skin, it
soothes me somewhat. I wander over to the mirror and pout slightly.

My long straight brown hair had gone tuggy again. I ran my fingers through it, it really
suited the dark blue streaks I had. I yawned and looked at the mirror, pulling myself up
to sit on the surface surrounding the sink. I stare at my reflection and watch my eyes
widen, did...did something just...move behind me?! I turn and stare, shaking my head and
bringing my hand up to my forehead. "Nothing's there. 'kay. Nothing at all, your just,
having troule settling in..." I turn back to the mirror and I open my mouth to scream, but
the ice cold hand clasping over my mouth stops me. I look at the person holding me and I
roll my eyes, "Darren! I'm really freaked out, don't do that to me!" I hiss at him. He
continues to laugh at me but quickly jumping off the surface and landing on his foot
seemed to do the trick and shut him up. "Seriously, I...Something weird going on here." I
turn away from him as he leaves. I sigh as I feel another hand cover my mouth. I grab the
hand and pull it off my lips, "Darren, just go away, it's not funny." I look at the mirror
and I don't see Darren. "Who's Darren?" The soft voice sends shivers down my spine and I
spin around. "Who are you?!" I whisper, unable to shout at this boy. Not Darren, certainly
not Darren. This new boy was...different. His dull orange eyes made me want to run, but
the beautiful face...the ruffled black hair...that smile, it made my heart stop. He scared
me but entranced me at the same time. I reach my hand out to touch him, to make sure he
was real. He grabbed my hand with his cool skin and pulled me close, pressing his lips to
mine roughly. I can't stop myself, I kiss back. My first kiss...

13 January 2010, 12:41 PM   #2
Guest Poster
I wake up and push myself forward, I stare around my room...wasn't I in the bathroom?
Alexia stares at me, "It's about time you woke up. The boys already went to the job
center. I thought that maybe we could go shopping. I have plenty of cash." The way she
spoke made the boy's voice seem unreal, to angelic. I want to make her shut up so the
boy's voice wouldn't slip away, but it's to late. I look back at her and she's standing,
fixing her hair and waiting for my answer. The boy was just a dream, that's all, nothing
more than a thought gone wild. "Sure, I could do with some fun." She grins, and runs her
fingers through her short blonde hair once before tossing clothes at me, "Get these on and
get ready. We have some serious shopping to do. I go through clothes like a tornado going
through a city." She laughs and goes downstairs. I stare at the mirror in the bathroom, I
go through the kissing scene again before banishing it from my mind. I had just showered
and dried my hair so I slid into my clothes on quickly, struggling slightly with my tights
ripping, and ran downstairs. Alexia smiles as she watches me running down the stairs, my
heels, which I had borrowed off of her, falling off repeatedly. 

"Don't say a word Lex. Do, and your dead" I grumble. I could imagine her planning it now,
hiding all my shoes while I dream of strange boys in bathrooms. The sunlight coming
through the window highlighted the darkest points in her hair, the glint of it hit me in
the eye when it shone off of her sunglasses. She beams at me before clapping her hands,
"That dress looks gorgeous on you, and so do those shoes!" I blush and duck my head and
she takes my wrist, leading me along the hall and out into the town.

"Urgh, they're all staring Lex, can't I go home and change?" She tuts at me, she didn't
care who stared at her, so she didn't understand how I felt. I wanted to disappear, the
boys were gawping, they didn't normally see me dressed like this, or my hair done so
differently. The girls, all ganged together, smirked at us, thinking we we self centered
and thought we could pull anything off. Alexia spots this and whispers in a hushed voice,
"Take no notice, they're just... She trails off as the a group of three girls approach us.
The leader was obvious, she stood in the middle, looking furious yet elegantly beautiful
at the same time. "Who do you think you are?" I take a step back at the same time as
Alexia, both of us confused, and I don't know about her, but this older girl scared me.
"Why do you think you can wear those bang bang shoes and strut around here in that dress?!
And you, wearing that?!" She turned to Alexia and threw her head back laughing. Her
minions giggled, whispering. One spoke up, she looked rather mousy and boring, not as well
dressed as her leader. "Yeah, you look stupid!" Alexia rolls her eyes, "I'll need a
thesoraus, that language is so immature I don't understand it." The other follower hissed,
"Your just jealous of her, cause she's prettier!" 

This comment caused me to laugh, "Mousy over there can't compare to this fox. Why did you
come over anyway?" Alexia smiles and low fives me secretly. The leader tosses her hair,
one hand on her hip, "See him over there, you've even got my boyfriend staring, so back
off!" The boy in question, the boyfriend, was staring at Alexia and me like we were from a
different planet, but in a good way. He wasn't to bad looking himself, the floppy blonde
hair and perfect blue eyes, well built. But he didn't hold a candle to the boy in my

Alexia gasped as the leader slapped me, "Don't go making eyes at him. He's mine!" She
turns on her heel and is followed back to her boyfriend by her little idiots. I stare at
her and I grumble under my breath. Alexia looks at my reddening cheek, "Does it hurt
much?" I shake my head, it only stang a little. I heard shouting behind us, from the girl
gang's direction. I turn and my eyes widen as I watch the scene before me. Darren was
shouting at the girl angrily. I couldn;t make out what he was saying. I wondered where our
other friend was. I attempt to run over to him but I trip and fall in the heels and I was
sent flying forward. I crashed into the girl's boyfriend. He toppled over and I landed on
him. He grinned and winked, "Hey there." He puckers his lips and leans up. This time it
was Darren who came to the rescue. He grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the boy, he
lead me away quickly. I'll never forget the look on his face when I snatched my hand away
from his in what must've seemed to him, in disgust. He looked heart broken. 

He turns to walk away from me and I feel my heart screaming at me simultaneously with my
brain. "Darren, wait" I gasp and follow him, I grab his hand. Before I know it my back is
pressed against a wall and he's staring into my eyes. His hands on either side of me,
pressed also against the wall. I was trapped, and I now realised that we were in an empty
alley way, joining two streets together. It was dark and hidden away from sunlight. I can
feel my heart racing as he stares at me, his eyes burning into mine. "Oh Addie" He presses
his lips to mine, he still thought I'd never been kissed. And I suppose I hadn't, that was
just a dream.  I press my hands to his chest, grabbing his shirt and trying to push him
away, how he thought this meant I wanted him closer. He came closer, I turned my face
away, "Darren, get off" A new voice sent shivers down my spine as it came from behind
Darren, "You heard her, back off" A pale hand locked down on Darren's shoulder and yanked
him away. The voice sounded so much like the boy's in my dream, I try to catch a glimpse
of the boy but Darren had already been dragged off. Looking up and down the dark dingy
alley way I spot Darren and...a stranger. I wipe my eyes and run back to find Alexia, but
she had left. The three girls and that boy was still there so a quick get-away sounded
perfect for the situation

13 January 2010, 12:57 PM   #3
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is there more?? you need a bump?

13 January 2010, 01:05 PM   #4
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what do you mean by that? And I'm writing...well, typing more at the moment. Do you like

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i wasntsure if you could post more than two at a time without an intervenor so i
thoughtyou might need a bump, ive not read it yet but i will.

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