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WRITING: Fiction: Fangs

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3 September 2009, 08:21 PM   #1
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Don't really have a name, just made one up. >.>

The sun was slowly rising above the trees as the people began to awaken in the village.
Remerald was filled with the sounds of people waking up. The cool salt air wafted in from
the ocean and settled over the homes.  Surrounding the village on both sides were cliffs,
carved from centuries of erosion. They stood over the white sand like giants, some even
reaching into the forest. Ancient trees towered even over the tallest of the cliffs.
	Sitting at the edge of one of the cliffs, someone was looking out to the horizon. Its was
a young man, not more than seventeen. His clear blue eyes pierced through the sky,
scanning the sea. Mizu loved to climb these cliffs and stare out into the sea. Somehow it
felt like he was home. Even though the cold morning air was beginning to blow harder, he
was only wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. His sun-streaked brown hair flew about in
the breeze.
	Mizu looked down to the village. Boats were setting sail. He knew one day he would be on
one of them, working as a fisherman. He hated fishing. Stuck on a boat for days at a time
was not how he liked to live. He preferred to explore. He had already explored more of the
forest than anyone else in the village. He loved the salty air of the sea, but he knew his
life would be spend with the forest. He laid back on the sandy rock. The bright blue sky
calmed him. He closed his eyes and took a short nap.
	When he woke up the sun was almost all the way down. He sat up, glad he didn’t miss it,
and watched the sunset. The colors of the sky bled into darkness and the silver moon
bleached everything a bone white. Mizu got up, glad he at least saw the sunset. He began
to walk towards his house on the outskirts of town, glad it was so silent at night. He was
almost to his home when a loud crunch came from the trees next to him.
	He turned, but nothing was there. It sounded too big to be a bird. He was creeped out. He
quickened his pace, glad to reach his house before something else happened to unnerve him.
He turned around and locked the door as soon as he was inside. He closed the wooden
shutters over his windows. He sighed and sat down in a wooden chair. Why was he getting so
nervous? It was probably someone’s dog, or maybe a horse got loose. Suddenly he heard
another sound. But this time it came from his roof. What was going on?
	Mizu backed away from the part of his roof where the sound came from. He looked out his
widow. Just as he glanced over a shadow fell across the shutters. By now he was trembling.
What was going on? A hand reached though the gaps in the shutters and gripped them. The
fingers were scared. Mizu, by now, was almost about to black out.  The last thing he saw
was the shutter being ripped out and someone climbing in through the window.
	When he came too the sun was out. Where was he? He looked around. He was in an empty
cave. Next to him was a change of clothes and a fire. He sat up.  His clothes were
scratched up and a big part of his shirt had been ripped off. He changed into the fresh
clothes beside him, wondering where he was. He looked around. Outside the entrance to the
cave was a bunch of trees. So he was in the forest, but where? It seemed farther than he
had ever gone before.
	After almost an hour he began to get hungry. Who brought him here? And why? To starve to
death? “How can someone be so cruel?!” he yelled, falling on his back.
	“Who’re you callin’ cruel?” said a voice just outside the cave. Mizu sat up, he
didn’t hear anyone come in. It was a blonde guy, no older than Mizu himself. “You’re
hungry? Here, eat this.” he said, tossing a fish towards him. Mizu caught it and tried
to cook it, failing miserably. The blonde man who gave him the fish sat in the corner,
watching him with bright green eyes. When Mizu’s fish finally caught on fire and burned
to a crisp, he finally stood up and said something, running his hand through his spiky
blonde hair. “Let me help you.”
	He walked over to Mizu and grabbed another fish from a pack on his back. He stabbed it
with a stick and held it over the fire. “Who are you?” Mizu asked. The smell of the
fish was already starting to make his mouth water. He couldn’t wait until it was
	“My name? Its Kaen. Yours?” Kaen turned the fish over in the fire, watching it
	“My name’s Mizu. So you’re the one who brought me here? Can I ask why?” He looked
deep into Kaen’s bright green eyes. Suddenly something caught his eye. He jumped back
and stared at Kaen, his jaw hanging open.
	“What is it?” He asked him, still watching the fish.
	“Y-y-you have, you have a tail!” Mizu yelled. A long yellow tail was sweeping the
ground behind Kaen. How? What was it? It couldn’t be real, could it?
	Kaen looked at Mizu from the corner of his eye, “Does it bother you that much?” he
asked, smirking slightly. Mizu thought for a second. Why did it freak him out so much,
there were things in the forest no one had ever seen, seen and lived anyway. “If it
bothers you that much, you should be glad I saved you.” He handed the fish to Mizu.
	He greedily ate the fish, only leaving the stick and the bones. “What do you mean,
‘saved me’? To me it seems like you’re the one that was out to get me.” he said,
after finishing the fish.
	Kaen turned to him, looking directly into his eyes. “I’m part of a clan of others
like me. We all have tails and ears like this,” he said, pulling his hair away from a
furry ear, “ You’ve gone too far in your travels. You’ve entered into their
territory and now they’re trying to kill you. I saved you because…well… I’ve never
exactly gotten along with their rules, and I’m sick of it all.” Mizu looked over him,
he was covered in small scars all along his arms and chest.
	“What happened?” Mizu asked, wondering why would they hurt one of their own so much.
	“Like I said, I don’t get along with their rules. They don’t take stuff lightly.
Like you intruding. You’re gonna have to hide for a while. Otherwise you won’t last
long.” He said, laying on his back.
	“Wait, but if they’re after me, won’t they kill you too if they find me?” Mizu
asked. Kaen nodded and closed his eyes. Within minutes Kaen was snoring lightly. But if
they were going to kill me, wouldn’t they kill him? Is he actually just suicidal? Or is
he actually trying to save me, Mizu thought. Suddenly he was tired too. He felt safe next
to Kaen, so he lay as close to him as he could without getting in his way, because his
tail was sill moving around in his sleep.
	Mizu awoke to Kaen pushing him into a far part of the cave, where it was darker. Mizu
looked up at him. Kaen moved his finger over his lips, whispering, “Stay quiet and
don’t move, got it?” He nodded and Kaen moved his finger. When Mizu was against the
wall Kaen ran to the entrance of the cave.
	Mizu watched as a woman with pink hair came into the cave and tackled Kaen. Mizu was
about to hop up and help, but he stuck with what he was told. Another look revealed she
was hugging him. Kaen pushed her off and stood up. “Oh, my Kaen! I’ve been looking for
you for so long! Where did you go? Why’re you hiding in this cave?” she asked in a
hurried voice.
	Kaen glared at her, but she still smiled like she hadn’t seen a friend in a decade.
“Since when was I yours? Get out and never come back.” he said. She was about to
protest, but he yelled, “Leave, now!” She looked like he had stabbed her rather than
dismissed her. She turned around and walked away. She had a tail trailing behind her as
she left. After about forty minutes of waiting by the entrance to the cave Kaen turned to
me and sighed. “Sorry about her. She’s another from my clan. Name’s Mori, she’s
got a huge crush on me. I’ve not been able to get her to leave me alone, ever.” He
sighed again and walked to the middle of the cave, sitting by the fire.
	“You could have been a little nicer to her though,” Mizu began to argue. He was
feeling sad for the poor girl.
	Kaen leaned against the wall and sighed, “She would go straight to the clan if you were
to be seen by ‘er. She just would’ve left me out.” Mizu watched Kaen’s tail swish
around on the ground in agitated swipes. Kaen sighed and walked to the entrance to the
	Mizu stood up, “Sorry if I made you angry. I’m thankful for you saving me, but is it
really in your best interests?”
	Kaen turned to him, “What do you mean, in my best interests? I get to tick off that
annoying Flax. And besides, you’re kinda cute.” He winked and turned away.
	Mizu blushed, just what did he mean by that? “W-wha-what?!”
	Kaen turned back to him and stuck his tongue out, his tail swishing back and forth.
“Can’t you take a joke? I meant it gives me more purpose to defend someone that I
don’t hate than to work under someone I do. And besides, I didn’t lie.”
	Mizu blushed again, and Kaen laughed heartily. After being reassured again and again that
he was kidding, Mizu went back to sleep, for the sun had already been down for nearly an
	The next day Kaen was gone again. Mizu knew that he should stay in the cave, where it was
safe, but he felt like exploring. He hated being stuck in one place, which is why he would
never be a simple fisherman. He wanted to explore, to map out all of the forest, and even
farther. Mizu walked to the entrance to the cave and peered outside. Kaen and the girl
from before, Mori, were no where to be seen. He breathed a sigh of relief and walked
	When he first stepped outside he was blinded, it was darker in the cave than he thought.
He squinted and let his eyes get used to the sun for a minute. What he saw amazed him.
Past the green trees he could see a field of beautiful purple flowers he had never seen
before. He walked over and kneeled down. The flower had eight petals and it had a dark
yellow swirl in the center of each petal. He sniffed it and backed away. It stank of
rotting fruit.
	He felt a hand on his back and jumped. “What do you think you’re doing?” Someone
behind him asked. Mizu knew he was dead meat. He slowly turned around. It was Kaen
standing over him, looking like he was going to claw his face off. “Do you know what
would have happened if one of them saw you? You would be killed and not even know it.
Kaen’s ears pricked up, and he growled. “Dammit, they’re coming. Get in the cave,
now!” he yelled, shoving Mizu through the trees.
	Mizu ran as fast as he could, reaching the cave in a few seconds. He hid in the deepest
part of the cave. He hid and kicked himself for betraying Kaen like that. He couldn’t
believe how he just betrayed him, when all he wanted to do was save him. Mizu waited for
Kaen to come back all night, until he dozed off.
	He awoke to see Kaen dragging himself against the wall, making it only three steps into
the cave before collapsing. “Kaen!” Mizu whispered, worried that whoever could hurt
him this bad could come back. He picked  Kaen up carefully and carried him into the cave.
Kaen’s arms were covered in fresh scars, and a long cut was slashed diagonally across
his chest. “God, are you ok?” He pulled away Kaen’s shirt, and couldn’t suppress a
gasp. His chest, arms, and shoulders were covered in scars of varying sizes. Mizu looked
over the gash, it would take at least a week to heal only to a scar. It was raining
outside, so the blood had mostly washed away. Mizu knew he had to do something. He ripped
a sleeve from his shirt and made it into a long strip.
	He ran outside and soaked the rag in the rain, getting it wet, then he ran to the fire
and used the stick from his fish earlier and heated it up until steam came off of it. He
then pulled it out before it caught fire. He walked back over the Kaen and laid the hot
steamy shirt onto the long scar. He knew that if it was infected Kaen might not live.
	Only a few seconds after he had put the shirt on the wound Kaen hopped up, groaning with
pain. “What’re you doing to me?” he asked.
	Mizu looked at him and pushed him back onto the ground., “Lay down, you’re too hurt.
I’m trying to keep the wound from being infected.”
	Kaen looked up at him, “Thanks, but I’ll be fine, I just need to rest for a few days.
And what exactly do you plan to do about my clothes? Unless you’ve got another shirt
stashed away somewhere you shouldn’t waste so much fabric.”
	Mizu hit Kaen upside the head, “I’m over here thinking you’re dying and you’re
worrying about food and clothes?”
	A few tears streamed from Mizu’s face, landing on Kaen’s cheek. “Fine, I won’t
complain, but if you ever get hurt watch out.” he grinned and lay down, dozing off
	When Kaen woke up Mizu was asleep leaning on the wall. He had been watching over him all
night. How sweet, Kaen though He sat up to test himself out. He quickly fell down again.
Damn that Flax! He has gone too far in his search for this guy, he thought. Flax ordered
three men to attack Kaen only because he smelled the human. Why was the guy so adamant
about killing him? Mizu didn’t even see hem, what could he have done that was so
	It was morning of the next day when Mori awoke. He looked around, Kaen was missing.
“Where did he go?” Mizu asked out loud, worried about the one who saved his life.
Could he have been found and killed? But then they would not have left him alive. He
could’ve have gone anywhere if he was hurt so bad. Where could he be?
	As Mizu thought about Kaen, the latter walked in through the cave’s entrance. Mizu
tackled him, hugging him close. “Let go!” he yelled out in pain. Mizu released him,
gasping and apologizing when he saw the blood stain on his shirt. “Before you complain,
I couldn’t let us starve. I’m fine.” he said, dropping three fish on the ground next
to the fire.
	He leaned against the wall. Mizu began to cook them, the way Kaen had showed him before.
They were a little blackened, but done. He handed two to Kaen and began eating one. He had
finished it when he saw that Kaen had barely finished his. Mizu walked next to him and
picked the fish up and held it up so he could eat it. His arms must be sore, Mizu though.
	Kaen smiled, “Thanks.” He began to eat greedily, even the burnt parts.
“Delicious,” he finally said, “And the best part was the little char marks, who knew
 ash could taste so good.” He laughed at his sarcasm, and Mizu smiled. “Next time
you’ll have to cook again, I heal fast, but it’ll take a few days for me to be
one-hundred percent. They really did a number on me this time,” he said, smiling and
resting his head against the cool stone. “I just wonder why they’re so dead set about
getting you,” he said, closing his eyes.
	Mizu shrugged, “I didn’t even know what you were, that proves I didn’t see them,
unless they think I did. I didn’t go farther than I usually do either,” he said. He
leaned against the wall next to Kaen and sighed. Why are they after me, Mizu thought to
himself. Kaen leaned over, resting his head on Mizu’s shoulder. Mizu blushed, “W-what
is it?” he asked, stammering.
	“Nothing, you’re just a lot comfier than the rock, I hope you don’t mind, I’m
going to take a little cat-nap,” he replied. Mizu could feel his heartbeat and his
warmth through the thin shirt he was wearing. Kaen slept for about four hours, Mizu was
blushing for three until he himself went to sleep.
	When Kaen first awoke he felt Mizu’s head on top of his. He tried moving, but  didn’t
want to wake him. “I guess I’m the pillow now,” he said, smiling as he awaited
Mizu’s awakening.
	Mizu was dreaming about his childhood. He had never known his father. Whenever he asked
his mother about him, her eyes would water and she couldn’t speak. From the other kids
in his village that were older than himself he found out that his father had been found
with scratches all over his body. Three months later, Mizu was born. His father had never
even knew she was pregnant.
	His mother, Aimée, took care of him nonetheless. She was caring and beautiful,.
Unfortunately, a few weeks after her thirty-fifth birthday, she was stricken with a fever
and died quickly. Mizu had been left alone, but had done well for himself. He earned a
home and food by mapping out the forest. He kept the balance by only marking certain trees
for timber, and he kept others from hunting animals for sport.
	He woke up with a start, not remembering where he was. He saw Kaen and smiled. At least
its not all bad, he thought. Then he blushed and Kaen reached a hand out and wiped a tear
from Kaen’s cheek, “You shouldn’t cry.”
	“Why not?” Mizu asked. Wiping his eyes with the back of his hand, still leaning his
hand on Kaen’s shoulder.
	“Because, those that died deserve your happiness, not tears,” he replied, smiling.
“And you might want to learn not to talk in your sleep.”
	Mizu blushed from embarrassment and backed up, “W-what?” He pulled his hand back and
slapped Kaen’s cheek.
	Kaen’s head hit the rocky wall of the cave. “Ow,” he muttered.
	“Sorry,” Mizu apologized. Maybe next time he’ll learn, he thought.
	Kaen looked thoughtful for a moment, “I don’t think ‘sorry’ will do.”
	“What do you mean?” he asked.
	“Are you sure you want to know?” he asked, grinning wolfishly. His blonde tail swept
the ground behind him. Mizu nodded. Kaen leaned forward so that Mizu could feel his
breathe. “Are you sure?” he asked again. Once more he nodded. Kaen smiled and pushed
him back, so that he would lay down. He rested his hands on Mizu’ chest. Mizu was pinned
down, Kaen’s head resting on his chest. He blushed deeply. Kaen leaned down until Mizu
could feel his breathe. Kaen grinned, his tail sweeping faster and wrapping around
Mizu’s leg. “You asked for it,” was his only reply.
	Before Mizu could stop him, react, or even think, Kaen kissed him passionately, his lips
melding with Mizu’s. Mizu blushed even deeper and went stiff. After a few seconds he
relaxed and wrapped his arms around Kaen’s neck, pulling him closer, into a deeper
	Kaen broke the kiss abruptly. His ears went flat and he turned around. Mizu looked too,
feeling slightly disappointed. When he saw the tip of a pink tail as it quickly darted
behind trees, he panicked. Mori? Someone else? What if it was her? He looked at Kaen.
	The hair on his tail stood on its end. He picked Mizu up and flung him over his shoulder
in one fluid motion. He stomped out the fire and kicked dirt over it. “We have to go,
Mizu was still blushing deeply, “Why?” He couldn’t seem to think straight.
	“Because if she mentions me, they’ll be pissed, and if she mentions you, we’ll be
dead,” he said, running out of the cave as fast as he could, which only made it harder
for Mizu to think.
	What was going on? What just happened?  Mizu blushed deeper as he thought. He had just
kissed Kaen. Kaen. He touched his fingers to his lips in disbelief, a small smile
	While Mizu was on his shoulder, there was no way Kaen could get away. They must have set
out already, it was too far too quiet. Running deeper into the woods would just be
suicide. Where else could he go? Desperation tied around his neck like a noose. His eyes
scanned the forest around him, and shadow could mean his death,
	Then an idea struck him, if he couldn’t get to safety in the woods, maybe the village.
They would fear being found too much to follow. He turned and ran faster, and when he
heard a twig snap, he pushed himself to his limit.
	When he finally broke through the trees he turned around. Mizu had only caught a glimpse
of Mori as she broke through the green forest, but one glimpse was enough

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Wow, very awesome, Drago.
I need a hope
I need a light
Something to look to
In the arctic night
Where beauty abounds
In everything
There, my friends, is what I need

4 September 2009, 05:08 PM   #3
Guest Poster
thanks. heh, the ending was kinda rushed though.

8 September 2009, 10:12 PM    #4
Guest Poster
Teeth "Don't worry, I don't bite"
Fangs "Please, I bite"
Teeth "I'm shiny clean"
Fangs "I crave blood"
Teeth "I'm yellow sometimes and white"
Fangs "I belong to a vampire" ???

:: worse I came up with;; maybe      -_______-""

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