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Is Art just a hobby to you?

25 August 2009, 09:55 PM   #1
Guest Poster

Well i doodle without realizing it, and i 
commission for other people for MONEY $w$
but seeing as my drawings seem to have that different 
atmosphere i wanna get when it's just a doodle, 
is it really just a hobby? 
i've always wanted to ask these..
-Will we really get a good life in the future with something like art?
[like getting rich and enjoying it blah blah..]
-Do we REALLY love art? [even if we say we do, we don't really have the
proof, do we?]
-Don't you t hink we'll eventually get tired of this? 
[i dont know...]

The reason for this... Well you all know i'm just a normal 17-year-old Artfag like
everyone else here is... um... My Mom and Dad have NO IDEA about me selling art and comics
and such blah blah. So they have no idea what i'm going through as a student. If i tell
them, however, they will probably TOTALLY STOP me from drawing at all... because i still
have to study. Last night, My Dad was out, and my sister and brother are in a different
house. So the only ones at home are me and mom, we were talking about college stuff,  and
i noticed she's trying to convince me to take dermatology... WHICH I DO NOT LIKE. i may
sound sensitive now but isn't it up to me if i wanna be a full-time artist, or   doctor or
what ever job crap there is? I'm not mad or anything, but i wish she wouldn't  do that.
She told me how Art is just a hobby and i shouldn't take that seriously, i wouldn't get
rich or anything like that from JUST art, she also told me how art would eventually fade
away like it's nothing when i do grow up. We've got to admit, she's right... My Future
won't be so bright if i want to take up just Art. She really convinced me. AND I WISH SHE
DIDN'T. because now i feel like i'm wasting everything i've worked hard for so far.
Everytime i look at my drawings..  it was easy to throw them away but now it's EASIER. The
comics i piled up? i already  trashed them. just because of a thought stuck in my head
from last night.  Right when she left i even STARTED CRYING. and i hate crying. I HATE IT
D: IT'S ANOTHER MANIFESTION OF NEGATIVITY.  i don't have a reason to cry about it though.
IT'S JUST  ANOTHER THING TO DRAW. I just enjoyed it too much that i got addicted to it or
something so much that i couldn't think of it as something i could just throw away like
it's  nothing.... so maybe a dermatologist in the future but you can all count on me to go
and insult the guy's face or throw up. [which i really hope does not happen because that's
 embarrassing. xD ] It was my fault in the first place still, why did i draw so much back
then and now? why can't let go of this stupid hobby? Why do i find it so important?
It was really art that was holding me back from studies afterall. and it's art that i
enjoy so much that i don't need to go to the outside world anymore. so i want to be an
artist in the future. the words that came out of my mom's mouth really hit me though.. .i
don't even think i can enjoy drawing anymore from the speech she gave me last night. I
don't wanna draw anymore.... but i want to all at the same time. I WILL CRY IF I HAVE TO
LET GO OF DRAWING... >/////////<

sorry for this long message. i just wanna get it out of my chest. 

ANYWAYS. enough emo time. criticisms? 8D

25 August 2009, 11:37 PM   #2
The Founder
Joined: 10 Jul 2009
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I really love the concept of it. =D I think it would sell really nicely... Well... I do
remember bringing up a dream like that to my mom when I was young. I wanted to be an
author because back then I really loved to write. But 'loved to' kind of wears off as you
do it alot... 
I did write a lot before and stuff, but then it stopped being enjoyable because I wrote
things according to the demand of the people. Writing comedy stories didn't ever feel like
a chore until that happened. :/

And don't count on it...x.x It's hard to be an artist for life. I've already decided that
when I grow up, I would just maybe use it as a side job, but not a career. Sure it can get
some money in and stuff like that, but doing it a lot would make me sick. 

In all honesty, I can say I don't love art. xD Just because it is a hobby and a skill I've
honed doesn't mean that I love it. I'm never satisfied with my work and therefore I can
never truly be happy with it. xP Ehn, I don't even know if I'll be able to get to the
point where I can sell some of my things out at a con... x.x;

About your parents...oh well...xD My parent thinks that I shouldn't be wasting my time on
drawing. She says it's useless and stuff, but I know that. She gives me all these speeches
about how drawing can be a waste of time and a waste of effort... 

=o I just prioritize... do important things first and then draw. Yeah...x.x; 

Hope situations get better? e.o;

26 August 2009, 12:23 AM   #3
Guest Poster
[i drew the girl wrong 8D]
do ALL parents have to think the same? XD
 i'm just glad your parents don't crush your art spirit like mine xD 
i dun wanna be a dermatologist though they're really pushing me to it though xD
[i'd be a that guy in the pawnshop or something 8D]

it will get better i hope [i hate it when someone tells me art isn't important and i
should just stop.
specially when it's from my parents.. be a whatever just not giv'n up drawing! 8D but i'm
taking it as  afulltime career, i'm worried about that myself!]

why do you let people tell you what story to write D: ? i've written novels aswell but 
i've never took other peoples opinions and wrote it for them 8D 
it's best to isolate yourself from the readers when you're writing the book so
noone would know what'll happen in the story 8D

26 August 2009, 01:06 AM   #4
The Founder
Joined: 10 Jul 2009
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Lol, I don't see a mistake in it. XD
Well...parents are parents, they just tell you what's best for you even if you don't like
it. xP; My mom just lets me do what I want, as long as I do my fair share of work she
leaves me alone. xD; 

Ah... D: That kind of sucks... I don't even know what I'll be when I grow up. I'll whatever...xP Yeah...whatever sounds like a nice professioon... =O

XD Well... I don't mean that they tell me what story to write. I meant that they kind of
'forced' me to sometimes update chapters and when I don't feel like it, they 'pressure' me
to do it anyways. And then they think that it's not up to par and so they begin to have
expectations of me. So it starts feeling like a chore...xD

I don't write anymore...I'm not that good anyways, haha. XD I wrote a lot of humor because
I was stressed out and going through a hard time, but now...not anymore. =D So yeah, as
long as you know what you're doing, ehh...x.x

I believe you're old enough to make your own decisions...parents can worry but they can't
really tell you what to do now...x.x

26 August 2009, 05:22 AM   #5
Joined: 10 Jul 2009
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SHITS, IT'S LIKE EXTRA-TERRESIAL. (or however you spell it)

I think that it's just a hobby. If you rely on commissions, there's no way in hell you can
make a proper living. And com'on, with the current education like ours, we all know better
than to just become starving artists in the future. Commissioning is alright if you wanna
make a bit more money though (like in college). :D

Hell, one thing that I know for sure is that, after 8th grade, I will stop drawing/liking
animanga. I won't be, like, fulfilling any of my childish dreams, like becoming a manga
artist, or becoming a voice actor, cuz you know, it's unrealistic. 

Daww... I hope you feel better. :D And I really love that you're so dedicated with your
art~ If you love it soooo much, than go to Japan and become a mangaka. :D 
Honestly, if you really love it, than do it. It's your life afterall. 
But still, a part-time job can be an artist. So don't stress out too much! Stress gives
you white hair, you know. :P Good luck!!
To love and be loved
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26 August 2009, 05:28 AM   #6
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my mum and da are devoted to art. my mum does abstract art. Dad my dad does cartton. So
really its in ma blood. SO i cant really muddled

26 August 2009, 05:38 AM   #7
Joined: 2 Aug 2009
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To be honest, i've never thought as art as more than a hobby -_-;;

Though, my friends keep saying 'you should TOTALLY be an artist' and i'm like 'noooooooo'.
But i can take art for GCSE 'cause the job i want to be doesn't have any GCSE
qualifications except English, Maths & Science :D And we get 5/6 options?
Soo, thats:
-English [1]
-Maths [2]
-Science [3]
-Graphics [4&5 (double course)]
-Spanish [6]

[I only chose the last 2 cause i enjoys them, hehe.]

why did i just tell you guys my options? O-o;;
and if anyones wondering what i wanna beeeeee; i wanna be a LAWYER. ohyus. [in canada, for
some unknown reason]

godamit. i did it again -_-;;

26 August 2009, 10:20 AM   #8
Joined: 23 Aug 2009
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I draw for same reason I write.

I need to let out my imagination, without imagination I have nothing.

26 August 2009, 12:57 PM   #9
Joined: 1 Aug 2009
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I wanted to be a doctor when I was younger cause my parents drilled it into me D: but you
know what? Im not going to work hard for it therefore I refuse to go into that.  I work my
hardest drawing and I love drawing,,,art,,,everything about it and no matter who tells me.
How I'm going to be a starving artist blah blah blah. Well..I'm not. If you're smart
enough about it Art isnt just art.  Its a business... or it could be anything else.
Drawing and illustration isn't the only thing you can do with art, you could design logos,
rooms, cars, chairs, how something functions. (I'm rambling so dont mind me..) 

uhh anyways, art is something that NO computer can do.  Calculating...or spelling things
or now a days surgery could be done by computers. soon computers could do anything...they
can do realism perfectly,...but they can't be creative. Your creativity is something that
no one  could ever steal from you and it's something no one else has. Your ideas are far
different from mine...or him..or her. What you draw, I will never draw.  What you create
is yours.  once you throw it away its gone. .o.

I'm still rambling.  Uhhh. you can make money from art, you just need to know how
^^ and art isn't just a hobby.  It's a way of thinking and living too :3

excuse any mispellings XD, I'm too lazy to correct them. and I'm tired @_@ but but if you
REALLY love art dont give up your passion :3  just because your parents tell you to ^^
they're not living your life, you are <3

26 August 2009, 04:45 PM   #10
Guest Poster
I'm not the only one who thinks art is just a hobby afterall 8D
thanks for the replies everyone x]
exquisite: without my hands I AM NOTHING. xD
doOp: yeah, if i try to get into it more, there's definitely a career that
can get me rich, just by art. 
fuzzydolphin: you should be happy 8D
everyone else: well we have our own opinions here [I WANNA BE THE VERY BEST
POKEMONS!!1!!11!ONE!!!-shot-] um... actually, because i'm in philippines right now [dunno
when i will get back to japan] $1 = P50 , so here, it's really okay to depend on
commissions, but not commissions alone, if i wanna take just art here, i have to sell
comics, and pins and everything else i can do with my creativity, and if it sells, i can
actually BE rich. so i plan to be an artist, and you guys have your own aims, but
whatever, me gonna be an artist or dermatologist [>.<]  or both. i hope everything will
just work out in the end.... [-POKEMANZ -shotshotshot-]

26 August 2009, 04:52 PM   #11
Guest Poster
Art is what u want it to be.

26 August 2009, 10:59 PM   #12
Guest Poster
I think it can be a hobby for people who aren't really that serious about it,
but I plan on going to an art school after I graduate and hopefully getting
a nice job haha. Either in like animation or just running my own little shop :B
But I kind of hate computer art like that. I'd rather paint or actually I want 
to learn how to make sculptures out of glass and stuff!
And I'm already going to take a dual art enrollment class next semester
where like college professors come to my high school to teach some classes
and it counts as a college credit too C:
sorry just thought I'd tell you that.
I'm really exhausted ahajsdhfjksfhkfd

26 August 2009, 11:03 PM   #13
Guest Poster
Oh! By the way I think crying is great haha
it makes you feel better afterwords. hehheh
And you shouldn't give up on drawing just because of
something your mom told you. It's your future, do whatever
the fuck you want to with it.

26 August 2009, 11:34 PM   #14
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Last edited by Foxleopard, 26 August 2009
The drawing is lovely.  I really enjoyed the colour choices you used and I particularly
like the lighter figure.
The second figure seemed a little more sketchier but I believe that was intentional. 
I think you should do what you want.  You want to do art as a living then do so (just do
so w/o the expectation to get rich (and if you happen to get rich, then major congrats)).

I never wanted to be an artist... I think it was for me, first architect, then zooligist,
and then geologist.  Wasn't going to be an artist until the last few monthes of highschool
when a close person to me said I shouldn't focus only on "money making" jobs.  So I
reviewed what I was good at and came to the conclusion art was my path.  I'm in my final
year for my arts degree and then I'm switching over to education faculty (so I can become
an art teacher :D).  If you do pursue art make sure you have another source of money
income at the start because it's very difficult to make any money right away.  That's why
I'm becoming a teacher so I'll have a teacher salary to live by, while still being an

It's sad because artist used to be regarded so highly in society and made better incomes
than artists nowadays.  (I blame the non-representational artists -__-)  

I both love and hate art... I think most artists do.  I don't know that many artists who
can look at their work and say it's wonderful.  We always see the flaws and are never
satisfied.  For myself, the first 1/4 of a piece I love working on it, and then it's total
misery until the end!  (I have so many paintings that I've abandoned because I've come to
despise them, and then a year later I'll look at them again, think their not so bad, and
finish them.)  ^^;

Ummm, end of my own rant.  >_<

27 August 2009, 06:13 PM    #15
Guest Poster
i think of art as my talent beacasue I'm so good at it (not on the computer, but I can
draw really good on paper). I mean, i think there might be a difference between 'talent'
and 'hobby'. but then again, that might not be true as I dont have anything to support
that statement....anyway. i am going to be an author, and illustrate some of my books. art
won't really be my living, by then it will probably just have turned into a hobby. but you
know, if you think you wont want to be an author or atist beacuase you'd get bored from
doing it so much, then you never really wanted it. you have to REALLY love something to do
it as a living.

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