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Writing: From No One 2 The One

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Charlotte opened her eyes and looked at her bedroom, it was disgusting! There were old
pizza boxes on the floor, torn up magazines, piles of shoes and a load of other junk. She
waded through it to her wardrobe. She yanked out her best dress, as in the ugly stripy
dress her mum had bought her. She tried tying her wily red hair back into a ponytail but
her curls wouldn't agree with her so she left them dangling limply by her face. She
shuffled out the room and sidled into the bathroom. It too was a mess, but not because of
her. Her baby brother had just had a bath and mud was splattered over the walls. Charlotte
imagines her mum trying to wrestle her little brother, Tim, into the bath and failing but
this brings no smile to her face. She brushes her teeth slowly, dreading the day to come
as it was yet another "school day". She was homeschooled by her aunt Elma. Elma was a
beastly woman, teaching Charlotte by strict rules, occasionally slapping Latika around the
head when she got an answer wrong. This is the only thing that makes Charlotte jealous of
her brother, Tim goes to school, a real school. It kills her, seeing her little brother
run out the door to his large group of friends, they talk for a while, then race of to
school. It wasn't just the school thing she was jealous about...it was the fact that she
didn't have any real friends.

Charlotte sits down at the small wooden desk her aunt had gotten her and starts reading
one of her books, about a girl who falls in love and her heart is crushed, she sighed when
she read how the boy kissed the main character, Kara, it sounded so romantic. 

"Charlotte! I expect you to stand up when I enter the classroom!"

Charlotte scoots her seat back and stands up, trying to stifle a giggle when she see's her
aunt had lipstick on her cheek. Aunt Elma hisses,

"What are you laughing at child?! Speak!"

She stutters,

"N-nothing Elma..."

Aunt Elma smacks her, and pushes her onto the seat,

"That's Mrs. Hissy to you! Let's begin today's lesson..."

Charlotte blanks Aunt Elma out, not ready for another day of getting wrong answers. She
notices her mother watching from the living room, leaning on the door and resting her head
on the doorframe. She hated putting her only daughter through this but all the local
schools were full, except for LittleCreek High. The school was surrounded by tall fences
and if you went any where near the fence, a pupil would be sure to steal something off
you, and her mother didn't want her going anywhere close to that school. Charlotte sighs,
I don't care if it's a bad school, I'm telling her now that I want to go there!

"Mom....I want to go to LittleCreek"

Her mom pulls a disgusted face sighs,

"Darling...Fine, but be careful, you start tomorrow"

Her mom is the headteacher of LittleCreek, surprising since she hates it. Charolotte sighs
and leans back on her chair...but forgetting it had no back so she fell on the ground.

Tim's friends start laughing as soon as they see Charlotte holding Tim's hand.  Tim
snatches his hand away from her, a disgusted look passes over his face as he runs over to
his friends. Charlotte sighs as they run on ahead. Today, she was going to LittleCreek,
today...she would be friendless. She folds her arms over her chest, she was wearing the
school uniform, an ugly yellow poloshirt and a dark navy blue jumper with the school badge
emblazed on the front. She hated wearing skirts but her mum had forced her, as a skirt for
girls was school policy. She tugged it down, hating the way it hitched up with every step
she takes. After a few minutes, she starts fussing with her hair, her mum had straightened
it and pulled it into two neat little plaits, but she felt horribly childish and pulled
them out. She groans inwardly as it goes wavy, and gasps as she feels a hand pluck at her
skirt. She slaps it and whips around. A group of boys were following her, they were all
pretty ugly, snub noses, flat hair, chubby cheeks...but one boy, just one looked nice and
kind. He laughs,

"So...your new, huh? We'll go easy on you"

Charlotte blushes as they walk past and start pushing eachother, mucking around like most
boys do, she was fond of the kindly boy, the one with floppy brown hair with a fringe he
flicks out his eyes every so often. His eyes were golden brown, a soft colour that made
your heart melt and he wasn't fat, or creepily skinny, he was slim with a figure most
boys, even men, would kill for...

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