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A Silver Lining

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14 June 2009, 02:37 AM   #1
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I know I'm not really a good writer. I think I really do write better than this, but
writer's block convinced me to abandon those better ones. But I suppose you'll have to
deal with this. Any suggestions? Because I think I could use some. 

 "I swear, you sh-shouldn't even... Why did you t-tell me th-this? Y-you really
shouldn't even exist!" Chase stammered.
  Elliot laughed so hard, Chase could've sworn she told a joke somewhere in that demanding
question. Or maybe Elliot was a maniac, and was lying about this whole disaster.
 "Chase, I only exist because I do. Paranormal things probably shouldn't exist anyways. I
never asked for this, but apparently my dad did." What other way could he put it?
 "And by what do you mean by that?"
 "My dad believed in the whole witch doctor mess. He always performed experiments, and one
day, he came up with a formula for shape-shifting. He tested it on me and after a few
hours of pain, his plan was succesful. I never wanted it to happen." His face fell.
 There was a silence for a few moments. Chase broke it.
 "I'm sorry about that. But why me? Why am I the only one that you've told?", Chase
 "Because... It's simply because I love you" And with that, Elliot flew off.

to be continued

14 June 2009, 02:57 PM   #2
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that was good!and for a suggestion,you could like say that one of them could like be in
this lab thingy and there gunna be tested on, but then like Elliot comes to the rescue er
whatever.idk if thats a good idea it just popped into my head.you dont have to use it

14 June 2009, 03:31 PM   #3
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That was sooo good!!!

Keep writing more!

14 June 2009, 07:22 PM   #4
Guest Poster
Um, SkAt3r_ChIcK that's a good suggestion, but the thing is, I'm kinda using that in a
different story. I don't really like re-usig stuff, but thanks, though x]

And thanks Lucy!

14 June 2009, 08:34 PM   #5
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Chase's POV

 A week. It's been a damned since tha damned boy has shown up to school. Maybe he'll show
 I got up from bed and got dressed for another day of motonomy...
 But how does Elliot expect me to get on with life after he just proved that there is
another paranormal world? And that he loved me? He's just a crazy little beast.
Besides.... It wouldn't really work out. I'm a Sophmore and he's a freshman. Not only
would I be teased, but he would too. It'll be alright... Would it?
 And I would never know where he is... Or what he is.

 At school, Elliot showed up. Right when I saw him walk onto my bus, my heartbeat
fluttered. But why? I couldn't possibly feel anything for him. Especially because I barely
knew him.
 "Hey, Chaseroo!" Elliot greeted.
 "Don't call me that." I mumbled. He chuckled.
 "Come on! Be nice, would ya?"
 I sighed. He was right... I could at least be a little pleasant.
 "Where were you, Elliot?"
 Elliot's joyful smile became a frown.
 "Nowhere important, Chase. Don't worry about me." What? Where did he got that was so

15 June 2009, 01:11 AM   #6
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that was good,and thanks like i just said it just popped into my head.and your
welcome.lolz....im glad you think it was  good though 

15 June 2009, 03:09 AM   #7
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25 June 2009, 05:01 PM   #8
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You got to keep writing, you left me at a cliff hanger!

24 September 2009, 02:05 AM   #9
Guest Poster
I'm sorry to anyone that this would concern. I haven't been writing and I fully regret
it. But I swear, I'll continue until I'm forced to a dead end. Maybe?
But here goes nothing...

"Hey, darling."
I jumped. I didn't know how to react normally anymore. It was Ben, my boyfriend. My
two-week long boyfriend.
I could feel the heat rise to my face as I said hi.
"So, I was thinking... You wanna go to this drive-in theatre? It's showing this really
awesome ghost film and..." Ben went on with details. But my mind was wondering about
Elliot. Elliot, the misunderstood boy that always got in trouble. Elliot the boy whose dad
messed him up. Elliot, the boy who loved me.
"Chase! Hello?"
"Sorry, Ben. I can't go, though. Studying, you know?" I wasn't sure how I felt about Ben.
He's sweet, but is he for me? It's not going to last, anyways.
"It's almost summer! The film's showing next month. We'll be out of school."
"I'll call you later, Ben." The bell rang for 3rd period, and I left a hurt boy behind me.
I can't have him. He's not for me. Or rather, I'm not for him.

24 September 2009, 02:49 AM   #10
Guest Poster

"Elliot! ELLIOT!" I screamed.
He looked back and stopped. Walking towards me, his face was grinning. I took him in.
Blond hair, green eyes, pale yet slightly tanned skin, and he was beautiful.
"Hey Chase-abelle!" Again with the nicknames. But something in me kicked a smile onto my
face. But I wiped it off of my face immediantly. 
"Hi, Elliot. So... what's up?"
"The sky?"
I punched him lightly. We were standing under the school's willow tree.
"No, really. What's going on?"
He hesitated. "Nothing. Chase, don't worry about me. Seriously.
My lip quivered, and I walked away. What's so secretive his life? I mean, sure he's...
he's "different" but I know his deal. But what's going on with that?

25 September 2009, 01:48 AM   #11
Guest Poster
Last edited by ‹as•it•flew•by›, 25 September 2009
Elliot's POV

"Hey, Chase? Chase!" why was she upset? I don't want her worry about me.
Her boyfriend, Ben, is watching, as he runs to catch up with me.
"What the hell is going on?!" I could feel my eyes burn and turn red as Ben pushes
me down. Then I here a slap.
"He was hurting you!"
"And that's my business. Elliot's my friend"
My eyes automatically relaxed as I heard Chase defend me. But why?
I couldn't take it anymore. I pushed past Ben. I was going to ditch school. There was no
way that I could stay here today.
_______ _______ _______ _______ _______ 

Behind a car, I transformed. The paws of mine tapped the sidewalk as I made my way to the
house of the maniac I was raised by. The place I'm obligated to stay at until I can afford
to move out. Jumping onto the roof, I went all "human" again.

25 September 2009, 02:36 AM   #12
Guest Poster
Last edited by ‹as•it•flew•by›, 25 September 2009
Um.. that parts after "Elliot's my friend" is supposed to not be in italics

Chase's POV
All of yesterday, I avoided Ben to find Elliot. But as Marching Bands of Manhattan by
Death Cab For Cutie rang in my head, I couldn't find him. And I certainly didn't expect to
find him in the bus. I smiled, finally glad to see him again. But he was looking at my
house, not me.
"Hey, Elliot!" I was relieved when he turned to look at me, sitting next to me. But
something was different.
"Elliot, you're eyes are purple." He scoffed as if I just told him he looked goofy.
"Oh, Chase..." He ruffled my hair. Still in confusion, I couldn't change the subject.
"But yesterday they were green!"
His face was determined to not let me know what was happening.
"Chase, re—"
"No. You will tell me what's going on. I'm serious. Afterschool, school willow tree.
Please be there, Elliot. You can't just tell me something huge and then leave it at that."
I demanded, pleaded, whatnots.
He was defeated. Stubborn, but impressed, he said "Fine."

6 October 2009, 01:40 AM   #13
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that was very aswome!!!!!!!!!i want you to write more!

7 October 2009, 02:32 AM   #14
Guest Poster
You know, this is actually just the crappy version? I'm going to upload a better one, but
that's later. I'm sorry, but I haven't any time right now. Sometime soon, the next page
will be on here.

17 October 2009, 03:17 AM    #15
Guest Poster
GAH. I'm starting over whole thing. But still on the same page.
Here it goes:


	“Wh-why a-are you t-telling me th-this? You sh-shouldn’t even e-exist!” Chase
stammered. Elliot began laughing so hard, Chase could’ve sworn she told a joke somewhere
in her cry for sanity. No, she thought, no, he’s just crazy. Yeah, he’s just insane
and any second now, he’ll just say that it’s not true. But Elliot didn’t say he was
	“Chase, I exist because I do. But I’m a normal person. Or at least, I could be. If
you know… I’m not like being an animal. You know, I didn’t ask for this, Chase. All
this is basically my father’s fault” Elliot paused for a second, and Chase saw a hint
of hatred flash across Elliot’s face, which startled her. It was a dreadful silence, and
it was too unbearable, so Chase broke it.
	“What do you mean by that?” she pondered, trying hard to think up an explanation.
Elliot was hesitant, as this was something he wanted to avoid. Why’d you even try?
Elliot thought. Why’d you need to tell her? Finally, he took a deep breath, preparing
	“My… my dad believed in the paranormal world, and that it existed here, in this
dimension, or whatever. For years and years he experimented, trying out formulas to prove
that it’s either already, or that it could be, true. So one day, he came up with
something that was glowing. He forced me to drink it, since he ‘couldn’t risk it
himself.’ Then, after several hours of screaming pains, I became this.” Elliot, human
for one second, was a brown grizzly bear in the next. Chase screamed, staggering back, and
fell into a puddle, and Elliot switched back to his original form. Helping Chase up, she
breathed out, “how long?”
	“About twelve years…”
	“Damn it, Elliot, you were four!” Chase exclaimed. “So you were able to shift, even
when we were neighbors?” He nodded, grimly.
	“B-but why are you telling me? Out of all the people in the world, you decide to only
tell me this? Why?” Imagine, having someone to tell you to meet them in parking lot of
the grocery store that’s closed down. Imagine that person telling you out of the blue,
that they can shape-shift. It’s not something anyone would just understand.
Elliot finally answered, with a big grin stretched across his face, pleased to answer,
“Because I simply love you.” And with that, he flew off into the night sky, leaving
Chase bewildered.

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