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Anyone thinks Obama's going to ruin the country?

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21 December 2008, 04:53 PM   #1
Guest Poster my opinion,Obama's going to be the downfall of this country.
The only reason, in my opinion, he got chosen because no one wanted Palin as their VP.
She's a crazy witch.
Anywayss..feel free to express your views.

21 December 2008, 04:56 PM   #2
Guest Poster
I AGREE. Palin's a crackhead, but Obama's going to let all his terrorist friends kill us.

21 December 2008, 05:54 PM   #3
Guest Poster
i agree witt both of u guys..

24 December 2008, 06:07 AM   #4
Guest Poster
Yay I'm not the only one.
I guess so too.
I think he has way too many initiatives..
and with all these social programs he's doing, he's going to put the country into even
more of a recession.
He's a dumbass. He's amiable ; yes. But in my opinion, he's very corrupted and he received
many votes from minorities who just saw him for his skin color.
If Sarah Palin wasn't McCains VP, he had a chance of winning.

24 December 2008, 12:20 PM   #5
Guest Poster

The thing that really bothers me is that poeple (read: Democrats) think that he's going to
save them from the recession and pay for everything. There was this woman on the radio who
said in an interview that she voted for Obama because she won't have to worry about
putting gas in her car. He ain't Superman, people. You're still going to pay for things.

24 December 2008, 03:41 PM   #6
Guest Poster

31 December 2008, 04:50 AM   #7
Guest Poster
Poet87...maybe instead of ripping on to explain why?

31 December 2008, 07:18 AM   #8
Guest Poster
i like obama! im really intrested to see how our country will come out to be!
he cant be no worse than bush!!
i have faith in him not because im black, like some ppl say ppl only voted 4 him cuz hez
black but i say some ppl didnt vote for him cuz he is black! hez not even fully black!!!!
i had a friend that said he doesnt believe a woman nor a black person should rule our
country! oh he pissed me off!!

31 December 2008, 10:24 AM   #9
Guest Poster
Listen, and please don't get offended by this, but Obama is going to be one of the worlds
greatest leaders. He won't let the terriorists in, and I think Bush has mind warped you by
saying a bunch of lies these years.  Obama is a smart choice and is going to provide a
great change needed for this country. And no matter what People tell me, I'm going to
stick by my decision. Also, Obama (if Anything) Will bring this country together more. And
he his going to be the best president in the last 10 elections. Trust him, and he'll trust
you. He needs everyone's help! So, please open your minds to him. And, my teacher put the
canidates down and not the skin color, or the sex, or anything. Our class chose Obama as
our next president. So, you know, He is a smart man, and I think you are afraid of change.


31 December 2008, 01:54 PM   #10
Guest Poster
I'm not afraid of change, I'm afraid of his political views. :/

His campaign began in the living room of a terrorist. Whut now?

31 December 2008, 06:40 PM   #11
Guest Poster
ok fuck all ov obama h8terz cuz i luv obama n he iz not a terrorist he iz yall
need 2 get ova tha fact that he iz our president

31 December 2008, 06:44 PM   #12
Guest Poster
You want to state a reasonable opinion, instead of swearing at us?

1 January 2009, 04:55 AM   #13
Guest Poster
I'm going to reply to ProblemHelpNeeded's statement. It was actually literate unlike some
people's arguments.
Well you say that Bush has me warped. I highly doubt that. I'm an incredibly open
person..which is a fact. I understand everything Obama's trying to do. And sorry to say,
regardless of how much Bush messed up the country, Kerry would've done worse :/.
Obama's slogan was "We need change" The problem is that hell yeah we need change, but
Obama's way to radical. He's been on the left side for wayy too long.In my opinion,
Obama's going to be like every other president, except he'll just make so many social
programs that it will put our country in a recession even more. Also, you said that your
class chose Obama to be president? My school did the same thing. In most schools, even MY
school surprisingly, being a republican is not the greatest of things. If you've heard
Obama's speeches, the guy's definitely a very smart person. He is a very genial person,
but some people just don't realize those subtle hints. In one speech, I'm not sure which,
he blatantly said that I can't change this in 4 years. I need a minimum of 8 to make a
dramatic change. That sneaky bastard, already campaigning for the next election. Obama's
sneaky. I'm not going to change your views but you should definitely look in the context
of his speeches. Last statement: I am definitely not scared of change. I welcome change
but not at the expense of another Great Depression of our country.

19 January 2009, 03:55 PM   #14
Joined: 19 Jan 2009
Posts: 6
If the rest of the country wanted four more years of crackhead Bush they would of voted
McCain. Do you want to know why I don't like Bush? Take a good look at the country right
now. If we didn't put so much of our money toward the war, maybe our economy wouldn't be
so bad. And maybe just maybe I wouldn't be fearing another great depression. I think most
of us knew where Bush was heading us. And most people can't stop for one minute to listen
to this stuff. I'm pretty annoyed on this subject right now. If your gonna say Obama won't
make a good president please tell me why. And if your gonna call him a terrorist, then
your messed-up opinion won't matter to me. Because he is not a freakin terrorist. And that
probably just means you are mad McCain didn't win. Do any of you honestly think we could
take another 4 years of this? Sometimes change IS good. And I think right now is the
perfect time for it.

19 January 2009, 05:54 PM    #15
The Director
Joined: 3 Jun 2007
Posts: 120
its just been so long and so many deep and important and personal things have happened to
me over the past 8 kicked out of my religion and rejected it as it is, got
married, had a child, got divorced, the deaths of my father, sister, brother,
grandmother...and of course whats happened in the world externally..

im not into all of the "hype" but there's just something about an end of an Era.....for me
personally, these Bush years haven't been the best so like many people I use a change in
Presidency as a "marker" of sorts and for me it feels like i am turning a corner in life.
I will be happy to put behind these Bush years and am hopeful of the future....

added to what i feel personally, as a person of color who has experienced a small modicrum
of racism in this country, the history of this moment only compounds my sense of
hopefulness and expectation.

yet there is an anxiety that i feel about the future also, not just about its uncertainty,
but about its transience. i get this feeling especially every time i see Mr. Obama
speaking in public, in the back of my mind I expect shots to ring out as if it is a movie
we know the ending to already and we are just waiting for that moment when the evil forces
in our world reassert themselves. it is a feeling i can't shake and it is disturbing.

So on one hand hopeful and the other anxious, i witness a change in the guard at the gate
of freedom for the 6th time in my life, with perhaps this being the 1st time in my life
that i've ever really cared or had anything truly significant to mark.

"here's to it!"

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