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Seven Chapter 1 continued...

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"Wait! Kitty, you forgot your bag!" Linda screamed. Kitty had began to walk down to the
car. She spun round.
"I'm not going!" Kitty said.
"Aww, but you have to! It's gonna be you, me, Hunter, Alex, Kenny, Craig and Sam."
"You're going!" Linda said, she moved closer to Kitty's face. Kitty felt the warm breath
of her twin.
"I'm not." Kitty spat back. She left Linda alone and caught up with her mum who had put
Kitty's bag in the boot.
"Oh, sweetheart, you're going and that's that." Melanie kissed her two daughters, not
knowing that she would never see them again.

Kitty was being kicked by Linda.
"Ha, ha, you have to go now!" Linda smiled. Kitty faked a smile and wished that New York
was closer than a flight away. Hunter hung over Linda's seat. Kitty sat up and began to
"Hi, Hunter." She said, Hunter winked at her, who blushed even more.
"Hey, 6 hour flight. New York, you know. We ARE 16."
"Hunter! This is a supervised trip." Miss Magdolli said.
"Aww come on, Miss! One joke can't hurt." Hunter said, patting her on the back.
"Alex! I said NO video games. Turn it off and hand it to me."
"Miss. I'm bored."
"Then go to sleep or what ever." Miss Magdolli said, snatching the video game off of
"Miss. How long is it till we get there?" Craig Petterson asked. Linda turned round and
"Oh no." Kitty teased. "Craig Petterson. This will be interesting." Linda punched Kitty in
the arm. "Owww."
"Hunter, come here a minute." Linda whipsered something in his ear. Hunter smiled. "Hey
everybody. Kitty loves Hunter!" Kitty gasped.
"I don't!" She shreiked. Hunter leaned forward and kissed Kitty's cheek. "STOP!" Kitty
screamed. Lightning bolted on the road hitting a 4X4 on the tyres.
"Oh my god!" Sam shouted, everyone except Kitty got up and stared out the windows, the 4X4
had crashed with a couple more cars.
"We're doomed!" Linda shrieked. She shook Kitty, whose eyes had turned pure white, she was
steering the bus in random directions. Craig and Kenny screamed.
"We're gonna die!" Hunter yelled. Craig's book, which he'd been reading, had hit Kitty on
the head, causing her to lose focus and return to normal.
All nine began to scream and Miss Magdolli was forced out the window when the bus rolled
over... Killing the diver..But no on else. The bus and rolled over to an old and creepy
looking house, the seven remaining got out the bus one by one and stared at the house.
"It's not New York, but it'll do until someone comes to rescue us." Kenny said. Kenny
looked at Sam, who looked at Craig, who looked at Alex, who looked at Hunter, he looked at
Linda, she turned to look at Kitty. But Kitty's eyes where faced on the house.
"I'm gonna lose her." She repeated the words she saw and looked at Linda. "I'm gonna lose
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Hey I just wanna let you know, Chapter one is on Namone's page, kk?
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>D I love this

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thank u very much...
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I know this isn't Chapter 1 but I don't wanna start any new topics...

Chapter 2
First Victim

"Has anyone seen my bag?" Craig asked Everyone, Kitty and burst the door open and now the
seven remaining were getting ready for their stay over.
"No. I sure hope no-one lives here." Kitty whispered.
"Relax, Kitty, stop worrying for once in your life." Linda poked her in the sides and
laughed. Kitty dropped her bag and heard a crash.
"Shush." The room went silent.
"Kitty's losing it." Kenny shouted and everyone, except Kitty, laughed.
"Shut up it isn't funny. Everyone I have a confession."
"You're really a boy." Sam suggested. Again everyone laughed.
"Stupid, stupid boys. You're the ones who are gonna die first." Kitty said, she wasn't
feeling herself, someone had taken control and was making her say these things. The lights
switched off. Kitty could hear Linda's distinct scream. "Linda!" No reply. The lights
flickered on again and Sam's dead body laid on the floor. But it wasn't just that. His
head was dangling from a chandelier. Linda and Kitty screamed. On the walls, written in
Sam's blood, was : You Can't Defeat Me, You Can't Deny Me. And What I Want Is The
Linda and Kitty looked at each other in horror. Those two were the only girls on the
"Which one?" Craig joked, everyone stared at him."What?"
"Listen. To stay alive we have to, dare I say it, work together?" Linda said. Kitty
"That's right. We have to find out who's doing this and stop it before it get's worse."
Linda and Kitty laughed.
"This is no time for laughs! What the hell are you gonna do? Find that f****r in it's
lair?" Hunter was really freaked out. Kitty felt bad for him. Sam and Hunter were the best
of friends.
"Okay, you two are in charge, what do we do?" Alex's voice came above the rest, it was the
first time he'd spoken since they arrived in the house.
"We're not sure, but we'll get to the bottom of this. Get Sam's body out and stay in
twos." Linda waited as the boy acted as if it was a sick joke. "If you don't behave i'll
put you in twos. Okay. Craig and Alex. You two are incharge of food. Kenny and Hunter, you
two are incharge of finding help. Me and Kitty are gonna solve this problem." Linda
grabbed Hunter's hat and placed it on her own head.
"Let's go." Kitty and Linda walked up the creaking stairs as the four went their separate
ways... What waited for them was unknown..
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"Hello?" No reply. "Hello?" Kitty stared at Linda. "What?"
"You think that it will reply to you calling it?" Kitty rested her hands on her hips and
sighed. "We have to be sneaky." Kitty felt something brush past her legs, she shone a
tourch to the floor. Nothing.
"Super roll." Kitty hear Linda mutter as she rolled on the floor.
"What are you doing?"
"I'm doing super-rolls. And i'm getting good." Kitty laughed
"Come on." Kitty grabbed Linda's arm, she stood still.
"Er, Kitty, is that ment to be there?" Linda poited to a telescope and picture of what
seemed to be a blurred version of either Kitty or Linda.
"Linds, I do not know, why are you asking me?" Kitty said, she laid her hand on Linda's
shoulder. "Let's go." Linda followed Kitty, still looking at the room.

"Found anything?" Hunter asked the two as they walked down the stairs. Neither of them
nodded. "Typical, let a girl to a man's job." Kitty stared at Hunter in disbelief, and
she'd fancied him for two years!?
"Excuse me, but we are capable of doing this." Linda said, she stood infront of Hunter.
"Who are you? Count Dracula, how do we know that it wasn't one of us that killed Sam."
Linda paused and stared at Sam's head. "Can we get rid of that? Oh god! Why didn't I see
it before."
"See what?" Kitty asked Linda.
"Craig was closer to the lights and right next to Sam."
"You saying that Craig did it?" Alex asked her.
"No, i'm saying that, we are gulty till proven innocent."
"Innocent till proven guilty." Kitty corrected her.
"That too! Interrogation! Craig follow me!" Linda walked into a small room.

"What did you see?" Linda asked, Kitty stood behind her taking notes. Kitty stared at
"Nothing, no one could see anything!" Kitty said.
"He has night vision goggles don't you?" Linda asked Craig.
"Yeah, I was gonna use 'em to spy on you and Kitty when we got to New York." Linda and
Kitty looked at each other.
"Gross." They said, Craig shrugged. 
"Did you feel anything brush past your legs?" Kitty asked him.
"Arms?" Linda asked.
"Only in my dreams where you and Kitty feel me over." He winked.
"Okay! You are reall creeping me out. Shut up and get out." Kitty pointed to the door.
"Hunter." No one came. "Hunter? Not funny!" Kitty shouted, a blood-curdling scream came
from the kitchen as blood poured from under the door...
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