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where in the world is colby?!?!

21 October 2007, 03:23 PM   #1
Guest Poster
where diz you be you red-tard..(haha rvb related)...omg if you'tr not gonna be here, tell
me first...damn!

ok, so i came up with this idea...scine colby isn't on *cough cough*..we should to a
"where in the world is colby"...write where you think colby is, what he's doing, and why
in hell he didn't tell me first..*COUGH COUGH*

21 October 2007, 05:44 PM    #2
Guest Poster
Dear kupika friends,

     latly i hav'nt been on because i have been capured by salami ninjas, who are
demanding that i build them a pwnadgely kick-ass rocket ship that will take them to the
moon, so that they may finish their salami conquest, i would tell you my location but at
thhe moment its stcitly confidental...there showering me with subliminal messages that rot
my mind so that i lose the ability to spellll....shit, they're calling me...

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