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Writing Class Lessons

Welcome to Writing class! I am Ms. Scarlet. elouai's doll maker 3 This is where your lessons will be posted. Be sure to check the Writing Class Home Page for announcements and notices. Any extra credit will be posted here at the bottom of the weeks lesson. There will be an archive page linked to the Writing Class Home Page and this page. The work will be announced on Monday and is expected to be returned on the following Friday. Any late work will have ten points deducted for every day that it is not returned. Work may be turned in early for extra credit points, five for each day early. Thanks, and welcome to my class! Links Writing Class Home Page Kupika's Boarding School Writing Class Archives Classes have been temporarily post-poned. We are remodeling my house so my computer isn't hooked up. Thanks! Scarlet Haligan
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  discoinfernosam17 — Page created: 7 July 2007  |  Last modified: 27 July 2007
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taylorland says:   8 July 2007   635662  
Hi Ms. Scarlet. I guess I am your first student. 
I am a really good writer so I can't wait to start the first lesson. 
My name is Taylor and I have won every writing contest that I have ever entered. And
I don't mean to show off.
discoinfernosam17 says:   9 July 2007   112454  
Welcome! Do the homework and we'll see what your made of!
hannahmontana43 says:   9 July 2007   734125  
i like writting about love so this is my assignment
love is when two people look into each other's eyes and for a moment time stops and
two people know that that person is the one they shoud be with
discoinfernosam17 says:   16 July 2007   446291  
Please send your assignment in a letter. Thanks!
Disaster says:   16 July 2007   126754  
Hello Ms. Scarlet.
I'm happy to join your class, I plan to be an published author someday.
 I'll get right to work on the first assignment. 
-Posts sticky note to forehead reading SEND IN LETTER-
 Sorry, sorry, I forget easily.
taylorland says:   17 July 2007   928999  
Um Hannahmontana43 If i remember this correctly Ms. Scarlet said that she needed it
to be sent into her in a letter. Now I don't want you to get a bad grade or stay in
for detention so just send it in because it will probably make Ms. Scarlet's life

*sits down in desk and takes out notebook and pencil* Ms. Scarlet could you update
the lessons a lot more. Because I have always been done mostly first in your writing
class and I don't want to waste time. I want to get straight to the point. So please
start posting more lessons.
discoinfernosam17 says:   17 July 2007   174615  
I'll try. We are remodeling, so I have to use my neighbor's computer. -.-
taylorland says:   18 July 2007   787594  
Oh well good luck with the remodeling.
Give us another lesson.
discoinfernosam17 says:   18 July 2007   525725  
Thanks! I'll see what I can do. Some people haven't turned in their work, though, so
I'm trying to give them a little time.
taylorland says:   19 July 2007   682637  
discoinfernosam17 says:   20 July 2007   469963  
I said that I would be posting one lesson each week, since not everyone can get on
everyday of the week, and that is what I am sticking to. If you don't like my rules,
don't take my class. I give them the option of turning it in late, so yes, I have
heard of it.
taylorland says:   20 July 2007   543156  
Its already been a week. You started this last week so maybe you should go with
different rules because half of the people on here barely come on. So ughh don't get
smart with me.
discoinfernosam17 says:   20 July 2007   225239  
I know that it has been a week. I post the lessons on Monaday. My point exactly. Not
everyone is on every day so I give them a week to do it. Some people have lives
outside of Kupika. And if you get smart with me, I think I have every right to get
smart with you.
Disaster says:   23 July 2007   613533  
Wow, that was a heated conversation. Nya, like Ms. S said, not everyone is on all the
time. I'm not one that much. By the way Ms. S, did you get the first assignment I
sent you? My computer was messing up that day and I'm not sure if it sent.
discoinfernosam17 says:   27 July 2007   621899  
Um, the free syle? I don't think so.
taylorland says:   13 October 2007   314238  
I'm back. And Disaster, boy do I have something to say to you. What is Nya, since
this is writing class, you have to say things right? And Butt out of our business and
since your so smart why don't you just type her whole name instead of Ms. S. Yeah
that's what I thought.
Ringpop_Miley says:   1 January 2008   469273  
Taylorland, don't be so mean.
Hi I'm Miley Cyrus. Can I take this class.
Ringpop_Miley says :   1 January 2008   495524  
Hey ya'll whats up. I dont like to talk correctly so I speak my way.
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