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1000 questions Part 2!!Category: (general)
Wednesday, 23 March 2016
03:34:26 PM (GMT)
I'm gonna try to get to at least 700 or 800. Friends 382. Who are your friends? I have a lot. 383. Your best friends? Elizabeth & Nick. 384. Who do you hang out with most? People from school. 385. Who do you treat the best? I treat them all the same. 386. Who treats you the best? ALL OF THEM 387. Do you even have friends? Yes. 388. If so, why are you taking this survey? funny. 389. Who's the funny one? Jaida 390. The smart one? Jaida & Kenzi 391. The depressed one? N/A 392. The punk? LMAAAAAAAAAO 393. The goth? Probably Mayo. lol. 394. The prep? All of my cheer sisters. Mostly Kailyn. 395. The jock? Gerardo & Xanthe 396. The outcast? N/A 397. The stupid one? Lex & Liz 398. The one who you think will kill someone one day? Me 399. The annoying one? Liz 400. The hyper one? Liz 401. The oblivious one? Laila. 402. The romantic? Gerardo 403. The pervert? Liz, Gerardo, Niara, Tunmi 404. The content one? Jaida or Kenzi 405. The liar? Khen 406. The cheapskate? idk. 407. The ominous one? N/A 408. The disrespectful one? Me and Tunmi 409. The abusive one? All of them 410. The hot one? Me (: jk. Gerardo, Xanthe. 411. The ugly one? N/A 412. The one that hates you? Gerardo 413. The one that hates you, but hangs out with you anyway? Gerardo lol 414. The back-up one? idk 415. The fighter? Tunmi 416. The lover? Me! And Kenzi 417. The hippie? me lol 418. The druggie? LMAO 419. The alcoholic? N/A 420. The one that's recovering? N/A 421. The one that's in jail? none... 422. The one that is most likely to be in jail? idk..? 423. The one that's going to be executed? The fuck. 424. The most likely to be murdered? Liz 425. The most likely to be committed to a mental hospital? Liz 426. The most likely to stay there forever? Idk.... 427. The normal one? none tbh 428. The conformist? idk? 429. The nonconformist? .... 430. The masochistic one? lol. idk. 431. The sadistic one? LMAO idk 432. The weird one? All of us! 433. The musical one? All of us. 434. The artistic one? Trish. 435. The perfect one? Me c; 436. The literary genius? …… 437. The fugitive? lmao 438. The juvenile delinquent? Erm.. 439. The Jewish one? none? 440. The Christian one? idk. none 441. The Buddhist one? Niara lmao 442. The Muslim one? none 443. The Hindu one? None 444. The Catholic one? idk. 445. The Wiccan one? lol idk 446. The atheist? Michael. 447. The agnostic? Me...? 448. The cutter? No 449. The anorexic one? None 450. The bulimic one? None 451. The skinny one? Gerardo 452. The thin one? Same as above….. 453. The fat one? none 454. The obese one? none 455. The Satanic one? Tracie. Have You Ever 456. Gone on a cruise? nope 457. Beaten someone up? hehe... no (: 458. Been beaten up? No 459. Bullied someone? no 460. Been bullied? no 461. Attempted suicide? nope 462. Attempted murder? No... 463. Nearly died? yes 464. Broken the law? Yes 465. Stolen something? Yes 466. Had an abortion? No 467. Known the president? No... 468. Had an affair with the president? no..? 469. Met a famous person? plenty! 470. Gotten drunk? nope 471. Gotten high? Nope 472. Had masochistic sex? No. 473. Had an affair? No 474. Been out of the country? Yes 475. Out of state? yeah 476. Out of your town? YES 477. Written a poem? for school 478. A story? same as above 479. A novel? no 480. A song? yes 481. Gotten published? no 482. Written a love poem? I don't think so 483. Story? You just asked that 484. Novel? See question 479 485. Song? yes? 486. Said that you hated the world? I can't remeber 487. Finished school? Nope 488. Flunked a grade? No 489. Flunked a test? no 490. Flunked a subject? No 491. Read a book for enjoyment? rarely 492. Bungee jumped? No. Never 493. Skydived? See above answer 494. Danced? Yeah! 495. Been to a dance? Yup 496. Scuba dived? No 497. Broken a bone? Yes! 498. Gotten a nose bleed? Ugh. Yes 499. Had an orgasm? Omg 500. Suffered from psychosis? lol. 501. Wished you could get away with something? yes 502. Thought of killing someone? tbh, yes. 503. Thought of killing yourself? no 504. Saved someone's life? yes 505. Saved your own? I guess? 506. Gone to the beach? Uhhh, duh? 507. Gone fishing? yes 508. Gone to an island? no 509. Died in a dream? no 510. Had a dream that came true? yes 511. Kissed someone in the rain? No 512. Gotten pregnant? Nope 513. Eaten calamari? Yeah... once. ew 514. Lobster? yes. 515. Helped anybody during the holidays? Yeah 516. Helped a stranger? Yup 517. Kissed a stranger? No 518. Hugged a stranger? Yes 519. Had sex with a stranger? No 520. Found a lost wallet? No 521. Felt bad about not returning it? no 522. Been in a car accident? Yes 523. Caused a car accident? No 524. Driven over 100 mph? no... 525. Been caught driving over 100 mph? see above answer 526. Bitten someone? Yes…. 527. Been bitten by someone? yes Can You… 528. Kiss your elbow? no 529. Touch your nose with your tongue? almost 530. Stick your fist in your mouth? lol. Ask nick lmaoo no. 531. Touch your toes? Of course 532. Give away money? yes 533. Marry a family member? No… 534. Hire an assassin? no? 535. Get ahold of drugs? ye 536. Alcohol? yup 537. Stay up all night? Yes 538. Stay up for 3 nights? I have done it before. 539. Finish this survey? YES!!!! 540. Swim? Yup 541. Draw well? eh 542. Sing well? yes 543. Write well? My English teacher doesn't think so. She keeps giving me B's!!!! 544. Eat a box of chocolates in an hour? Who can’t? 545. Eat an entire package of Oreos in a half an hour? I've done that. 546. Without milk? I hate milk. 547. Predict the future? Maybe… Would You Ever 548. Sacrifice everything for a friend? Depends on who. 549. A lover? Look up 550. Give your life for a friend? Depends. 551. A lover? look above 552. Give your life to save a stranger's? Depends. 553. Post yourself having sex up on the Internet? lol. no 554. Sell yourself? No 555. Have cyber sex? No. 556. Real sex? LMAO. 557. With who? None of your business 558. Lie to a friend? no 559. Lie to your parents? I do it all the time 560. Lie to a lover? no! 561. Steal from your parents? no 562. Hug them in public? Why not? 563. Blow up your house? definitely 564. Abuse someone? No 565. Use someone? No 566. Recommend this survey to a friend? probably not Would You Ever Be 567. A fireman? no 568. Policeman? no.. because I am a woman. 569. Serial killer? probably 570. Doctor? omg yes 571. Surgeon? yes 572. Prostitute? Nope 573. Playboy model? ew 574. Writer? no 575. Artist? no 576. Musician? no 577. Assassin? no 578. Ninja? yes 579. Soldier? No 580. President? NO 581. Darth Vader? yes 582. Pilot? No 583. Mortician? No 584. Forensic scientist? probably 585. Detective? ye 586. Lawyer? totally 587. Drug-dealer? no 588. Pirate? eh 589. Box-carrier? No 590. Store clerk? depends. I really like Target. 591. Banker? Never 592. Criminal? hehehe 593. Target? OMG YAY! 594. Professional wrestler? NO 595. Tennis player? ew. no 596. Rapper? no... 597. Country singer? no 598. Pop singer? no 599. Actor? Actress? 600. Plastic surgeon? yes Why….. 601. Is the sky blue? I don't care. 602. Is the world round? I don't care 603. Is the world unfair? How am I supposed to know? 604. Are most people selfish? I don't know 605. Impolite? idk 606. Disrespectful? don't know 607. Conforming? I don't know. Everyone is different. 608. Are there religions? Because they wanna be 609. Theories? dunno 610. Opinions? Because we are all different. 611. Are humans so intelligent? We're what? 612. Do we need air? to live? 613. Do we age? Do you really want to live forever? 614. Do we die? Same as above 615. Can't pigs fly? why do they need to fly? 616. Is there cheddar cheese in the world? That's a good question... 617. Swiss? I have no idea.. 618. American? Cheese? 619. Are you taking this? I don't even know When Was The Last Time 620. You brushed your teeth? Today 621. Took a shower? Today 622. Ate? Earlier 623. Drank? Last night 624. Drank an alcoholic beverage? Long time ago 625. Took a pill? Like last week. 626. Smoked? Never 627. You got your photograph taken? I don't know... 628. You got caught doing something bad? I don't know. 629. Had sex? Woah 630. Dyed your hair? Last year 631. Hurt someone physically? I can't remeber 632. Hurt someone emotionally? Yesterday 633. Did your homework? This morning 634. Hung out with your friends? Last week. 635. Got drunk? never 636. Got high? Never 637. Said: bye, text me? I don't tell people to text me. It just happens. 638. Took a survey? Today, and yesterday. 639. Won a contest? I don’t know 640. Went out on a date? It's been a while. 641. Had a strong sexual drive? lol Word Association (first thing that comes into your head) 642. Bed Me 643. Curtains House 644. Lights off 645. Music Ugh. 646. Candles Wax 647. Closet Clothes 648. Door Open 649. Window Pane 650. Onomotapoeia moooo 651. Dog Pooter 652. Cat Prim 653. Egypt Pyramid 654. Corey who? 655. Mirror Clean 656. Case Nut 657. Cage Nicholas Dark 659. Nutella Ew 660. Bird Poop 661. Bear Pink 662. Death Aw 663. Life Yay 664. White Black 665. Black White 666. Personality Cool 667. Pickle Peanut 668. Dilemna Is that spelled right? 669. Love It's a secret 670. Liberal APWH 671. Conservative Class 672. Ball Bounce 673. Moderate severe 674. Inept me Odd Questions 675. What color is the bottom of your tongue? Pink 676. Your foot? My skin color? 677. Do you have any medical problems concerning feet? No 678. Do you secretly fantasize about George W. Bush? no...? 679. Do you chew on your homework? No... Pooter does. 680. Pencils? no.. 681. Do you read the dictionary? no 682. Encyclopedia? No 683. Atlas? NO 684. Road map? nope 685. Do you memorize random facts? yes 686. Do you stalk anyone? lol no 687. Does anyone stalk you? I hope not 688. Do you cut the grass with a pair of scissors? no 689. Do you dust your lawn? No? 690. Do you collect dust? no 691. Why does lint accumulate in belly buttons? I don't know? 692. Have you ever thought of becoming a prostitute? lol no 693. Do you wish prostitution was legal? No 694. Do you use lotion on your feet? wtf? yes 695. Do you have problems with Canadians? NO? 696. Mexicans? no 697. Americans? yes 698. The French? no 699. The English? No 700. Have you ever played a kazoo? Yes 701. Have you ever shot someone? With a water gun? Yes 702. Something? same as above. 703. How many pairs of underwear do you own? A LOT! 704. Jeans? same as above 705. What ring size are you? idk? 706. Belt size? IDK 707. Have you ever gotten anything amputated? No 708. Do you have a calendar from 2001 hanging in your room? No 709. Do you eat a lot? No 710. Do you get excited over cameras? no 711. Do you have a strange obsession with pickles? uhmmm... no 712. Poison? No 713. Knives? No 714. Cheese? No 715. Penguins? No 716. Bald people? No 717. Scrawny African children? No! 718. Midgets? No 719. Pirates? No 720. Corny jokes? No 721. Are you a virgin? Yes 722. Are you a hermaphrodite? No... 723. Do you tie string to your teeth? lol. I have. 724. Do you bite yourself? Yes 725. Cut yourself? no 726. Do you get cold sores often? Never 727. Do you have a cold right now? No 728. Do you suffer from chronic migraines? I think. 729. Do you like to touch sharp objects? Yes 730. Do you have a twitching problem? No 731. Are you homicidal? no 732. What do you do on the computer? This 733. Anything your parents should know about? No 734. Are you happy with your life? Yeah 735. Is everybody else happy with your life? I care becauseeee? 736. Do you like 100% white grape juice? I guess? 737. Do you honestly believe that trees are, in fact, green? They are mostly brown.. right? 738. How big is the universe? big 739. What's the logic behind your answer? UHM... 740. How many hours of sleep do you get every night? 8? 741. What do you dream about? idk. 742. Anything your parents should know about? no? 743. Do you fall for Internet advertisements? No 744. Do you enjoy bungee jumping? I've never been… 745. Do you have AIM? No 746. MSN? no 747. YIM? what? 748. A Neopets account? no 749. A Vampirefreaks account? No 750. A Quizilla account? NO 751. A Bzoink account? WHAT? 752. Do you watch bugs crawl on the floor? no!!!! 753. Do you follow the bugs that crawl on the floor? no 754. Do you get attacked by ladybugs? All of the time omfg 755. Are you scared of everything that breathes? no 756. Doesn't breathe? no 757. Are you scared of anything at all? Yeah! 758. What? Bugs 759. Which cardinal direction do you like best? South 760. Are you aware that a cardinal direction is not a reference to a red bird? Yes 761. Do you have a life? yeah... 762. Do you have a microphone on your computer? Yes 763. A webcam? yes 764. A scanner? Yeah 765. A printer? Yeah 766. A cordless mouse? uhhh 767. Does your mouse light up? no 768. Are you scared of mice? no 769. What kind of computer do you have? I have more than one 770. Were you ever physically abused? No 771. Verbally? yeah? 772. Sexually? No 773. Do you wish you were a fish? no 774. A cat? no 775. A dog? no 776. Do you have a cell phone? Yes 777. What kind is it?? TF? A galaxy 778. Do you weasel out of things? erm 779. Do your teachers like you? I think so... 780. Do your parents like you? A bit 781. Do your siblings like you? sometimes 782. Does karma, if it exists, love you? I don’ think so 783. Did you have a tail when you were born? no? 784. Do you enjoy school? eh 785. Do you sleep under or over the covers? both 786. Do you sleep in a bed? Yeah 787. Do you catch yourself floating at times? no 788. Are you a packrat? lol 789. Do you know HTML or CSS? Yeah 790. Do you find yourself chewing on anything your fingers have touched? no 791. Do you shy away from social situations? No 792. Are you obsessed with shiny things? yes 793. Are you at least attracted to them? A lot 794. Do you know what you're going to get for the holidays? No 795. Do you smash guitars or any other type of instrument? If I smashed my guitar my mother would kill me. 796. Do you label other people? tbh, sometimes 797. Are you proud? Of? 798. Do you like scrambled eggs? Not really Finishing the rest tomorrow <3

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