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Starting a Fanfic (Chapter 1: The News)Category: (general)
Sunday, 6 July 2014
05:10:09 AM (GMT)
Hey so I started writing a fan fiction piece and I only have a little bit done now.
It's for Ouran High School Host Club and it's basically going to ship Haruhi with
Kyoya and Tamaki. I was hoping it'd end up being a bit if a love triangle but I'm not
sure yet. It's all going to revolve around Haruhi moving out of the country and...of
course, away from the magnificent host club. I just thought I'd share just a tiny
sneak peak to see if I could get feedback (not that people read these anyway). I'm
also not 100% positive where I'm going to take it yet (i.e. will there be
lemony/limey things or whatever). I do know there will be a bot OOC-ness, but mostly
with Kyoya. I also don't have a title. All I did was start writing and this is what I
have so far:

Chapter 1: The News

	All of the host club members sat around the anxious looking Haruhi, whose eyes
looked even larger than normal due to her nervousness. The host club was closed for
the day and everyone was excited to see what everyone’s favorite “little girl”
would say; even Nekozawa peered into the brightly lit room for a few minutes, only to
creep back into the safety of the dimly lit black magic room.
	After everyone had been sitting there for about five minutes waiting for Haruhi to
work up the courage to get a single word out, Hikaru finally spoke up, saying,
“What are you so nervous about Haruhi? Just spit it out already!”
With that remark, Haruhi became obviously more nervous, which promptly caused Tamaki
to get up and wrap her unwillingly in his arms. He then said to Hikaru, “Give her
time! My little girl obviously has something important to say, so it’ll be worth
the wait.”
“Tamaki-senpai, I’d really appreciate if you could let me go. I think I’m ready
to talk to you guys now.” Haruhi said, releasing a small sigh at the end of her
last sentence. 
Tamaki reluctantly let her go and took back his place on the light pink couch beside
Kyoya. Haruhi drew in a deep breath and said in a barely audible voice, “I’m
moving away.”
	Looks of sadness passed over every single one of the handsome boys’ faces.
Honey’s normally cheerful disposition melted away and even Mori’s expressionless
face showed a hint of sadness through a small frown. The twins both looked as if they
were on the verge of tears and resorted to holding each other’s hands tightly so to
prevent each other from crying. Tamaki couldn’t stop himself from getting up to;
once again, hug the small girl to hide the pain he felt when the news left her lips.
Haruhi attempted to comfort the blond by actually hugging him back and rubbing small
circles into his back. After about a minute, Haruhi released herself from the hug and
gently guided the miserable host back to his spot on the couch once again.
	Kyoya’s reaction seemed the most dramatic, based upon his normal attitude. His
face became even paler than normal and he gripped the side of the couch so he
wouldn’t cry. The normally emotionless, robotic host looked as though he had
millions of feelings running through his mind at once. Though he had known the news
for over a month from talking to Ranka, he had a tough time hiding his emotions when
Haruhi finally broke down and told the club herself. 
Koaru and Hikaru, even in their depressed state managed to exclaim in unison, “You
can’t leave us Haruhi! Please tell us this is a joke!”
	Haruhi sat down in an empty, ornate host chair and explained that Ranka had been
invited to work in a prestigious bar/nightclub in America. He couldn’t see any
downsides to accepting the offer, so he did. He and Haruhi were scheduled to move to
New York in five weeks. 
	While Haruhi was still trying to get the rest of the hosts to understand and accept
the situation, Kyoya quietly slipped away from everyone and went into the closest
empty room he could find. No one stopped him because they just assumed he already
knew about Haruhi’s plans or was going to do extensive research on where she and
Ranka would be moving and such. But this isn’t what Kyoya was doing. He found a
small, empty closet a few doors down from the old music room the club was in. When he
closed the door behind him, he collapsed onto the floor, using the wall to keep him
upright. He began impulsively counting the items in the storage area, attempting to
keep his mind off of his downward spiral. When the logicality of numbers and counting
failed to distract his mind, he had no idea what to do with himself. He brought his
knees into his chest and sat there for what seemed like hours.


	After the rest of the hosts had left for the evening, Tamaki decided to go looking
for Kyoya. He knew he hadn’t left, considering that he didn’t take his bag with
him when he snuck out of the club room. The blond left the music room and went down
the hall, peering in all the rooms as they passed. Eventually he came upon a small
cleaning closet. When he opened it he was met by the disheveled-looking raven haired
boy. The normally clean and polished Kyoya was replaced by a confused, untidy boy
whose heart had just been broken for the first time. Tamaki’s eyes began to tear up
at the sight of him like this and, eventually, their glassy eyes met each other. A
silent understanding passed between both of them at that moment. They both understood
that they needed to confess their love for Haruhi, even if it meant she had to choose
between the both of them. The pain of the love of their life leaving them, ignorant
of either Tamaki’s or Kyoya’s feelings towards her would be much worse than her
simply rejecting one or both of them. At least in that scenario she knew about their
	Once Kyoya regained his composure, Tamaki held out a strong hand to help his best
friend up off the ground. As those two, seemingly opposite friends walked outside to
their limos, they both felt the two same emotions: Love for Haruhi and bitterness
towards each other because of their love for her.

That's the end of chapter 1! I would really appreciate feedback if anyone decides to
actually read this. Maybe I'll put more chapters up later  Thanks
Last edited: 14 July 2014

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