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Friday, 4 July 2014
01:29:40 AM (GMT)
So today is my first day on the job at Waffle House. I already hated it. This girl
who was supposed to train me and teach me how things are run here totally just left
after telling me, "You're gonna have to figure it out on your own, I'm on break."
Then she went outside to her car or something. So, I was wandering around in the back
of the Waffle House trying to find anyone who could tell me what my job actually was,
when I met this smoking hot red-haired girl. She had a huge, shapely ass, a tiny
waist, and cute, perky breasts. On her breasts was a pin that said her name was
Amanda. I went up to her for help. 
"Hi, um I'm the new girl, and I was wondering if you could just tell me what to do.
Like if there's anything I can do to help.. the girl who was supposed to train me-"
"Was she a fucking blonde with huge bitch-tits?" she interrupted. Wow she had a
sailor's mouth!
"Yeah", I chuckled. "I take it you're not very fond of her?" I asked.
"Yeah that's Lucia. Well... I- I mean it's complicated between us," she stuttered. "I
was actually gonna go talk to her now."
I thought for a second and asked, "Can I just come with? I honestly have nothing
better to do."
She grinned a mischievous smile and replied, "Yeah sure. Just...keep an open mind."
And she winked at me.
I followed her and thought about what she meant by that gesture. I watched her wavy
red hair swing as she walked. My eyes lowered down to her tiny waist, I lowered again
to gawk at her banging ass in those tight yoga pants. I was watching her hips sway as
she walked when she turned around and told me to stay at the door. We were now at the
door in the back of the restaurant where there employees parked their cars. She
added, "If you don't hear angry screams in about 1-2 minutes, you can come outside
and talk with us." And she smiled again.
I smiled back and replied "Okay."
I waited for awhile, and opened the door a crack, and I didn't hear any yelling. So I
went to look out and I saw the red-haired girl and the blonde with...well, huge tits
making out in a silver escalade. It was getting hot. Both girls were in the back seat
with their shirts and bras off and Amanda was sucking on Lucia's nipples, and it
looked like she was taking very attentive care on each nipple. Tweaking it, and
licking, and nibbling it. I could hear Lucia's moans, her head was back as she was
clutching on the headrest of the front passenger seat. I was getting so fucking hot
just watching them going at it, and then suddenly, Lucia looked up, and Amanda looked
up too with a grin. She motioned for me to come join them. I couldn't fucking wait. I
got in the backseat of the car with surprisingly enough room for all of us. They
immediately pounced on me. Lucia was grabbing my breasts while Amanda was undoing the
buttons on my shorts, and she tore them off. She started licking the juices through
the underwear, I was soaking through my panties. Then Lucia took my shirt and bra off
and started to playing with my tits while we made out. Amanda was licking me clean,
and then she took my panties off and licked my wet cunt up and down my slit. I
started to moan inside Lucia's mouth and put my hand down her pants and shoved two
fingers inside her with ease.

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