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My first sex videoCategory: Sex
Wednesday, 26 March 2014
09:26:03 AM (GMT)
Ok it's is how it all started one day I was at this shop with my mate when this
chick bumps into me and her ass was showing because her pants got ripped I was the
only that sore it and I sore her ass hole it looked nice and then I screamed out hay
your ass is showing so she said thanks for telling me that then I followed her and
then she said to me what do u want cutey and I said bravely i would like to see your
ass again so she said straight away come follow me quickly we landed at her house it
was massive I did not no why she could afford that but I didn't care because i was
horny then she disappeared i couldn't find her so i walked around her house and then
I landed in her room and I sore dildos and and condoms and all other kinds of sex
toys then I heard her say something I looked behind she was wearing this very horny
costume and she was holding a wipe then she locked her door and I was so horny so she
came running at me and we started to put each others tounges in each others mouth and
then I started to suck on her neck real hard and made red and purple marks all on her
neck  then I started to take of her costume then I grabbed her two big tits squished
them together and I started to tittie fuck her then i bit her tit so hard it started
to bleed so i went to the other tit and I pretended to be babe and started sucking on
her tit so hard and started to get lots of milk up in my mouth it was nice I then
grabbed her head and I made her suck my big monster cock she couldn't handle it she
started to cry and all my cum went everywhere on her face I then put my cock in her
pussy and started to fuck her real hard after 30 minutes I took my cock out and she
scrame so load she was moaning and a river of her cum just started pouring out and
she started to cry again and her whole bed was wet even her floor I then put a chain
around her neck really tight and I made her crawl on the floor and lick all the cum
after that I done hardcore anal and her ass started bleeding then I started fisting
her ass really hard it was nice then we done doggies style then we feel asleep the
next i sore her she was waking me up and she was all bruised her ass was all purple
and her mouth was all cut and bruised and her tit had a bandage on it and her make up
was everywhere on her face it was fun then her boyfriend came home he was about to
smash me but then he said him and his girlfreind were porn stars then we had
threesome and him and her fucked me so hard I couldn't walk for two days and my dick
was bent and I had cum stains everywhere and I was chained up but it was fun I Also
got analed so hard by that guy it was fun hahahaha lol same time next week

Drakepeterson_187 says:   26 March 2014   810639  
That was so good I'm not joking I loved it xoxoxo xox does anyone
wanna talk to me on Skype
‹Bitchy_Witch› says:   26 March 2014   628885  
I... what? This was... kinda hot.
‹*Misguided Ghost*› says:   26 March 2014   310607  
Lmfao oh my god. Do you understand what a fucking retard you are? 
I can't. Go kill yourself, faggot.
omnipotent whispers:   26 March 2014   373400  
holding a wipe
yeah, wipes turn me on too, man.
Abibliophobia says:   27 March 2014   603442  
I love the use of punctuation
‹~LeDoobie~› says:   28 March 2014   893528  
Phantom says :   28 March 2014   928267  
Rotten Tomatoes rates this "video" four don't even get a
quarter of a single tomato.

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